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Palesa Mafego


Honourable Lindiwe Zulu, Minister responsible for The Small Business Development Official launched The South Africa’s Global
Entrepreneurship Week . The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) celebrates entrepreneurs who are innovative and creatives as well
as job creators. start-ups that launch and bring ideas to life, drive and impact economic growth and expand human well being.
For one week in November, The initiative is supported by doz accelerator support network entrepreneurs and the ability of
MOSOTHO MILLIONAIRE (GEW) inspires people every- ens of world leaders and a net- and policymakers. A combined our societies to work together and
RAND BUSINESS where, local, national and glob- work of more than 15,000 part- total of around 4000 – 5000 create great value. Through broad
ally with activities designed to ner organizations. Over 20million delegates are expected to at- support from the government of
help them explore their potential people participate in GEW activi- tend the week-long celebration. South Africa and the rest of the Af-
as self-starters and innovators. ties globally. GEN Africa encourag rican continent, as well as private
es various ecosystem partners Programme for the week: sector leaders, we hope to shape
These activities range from large- to host events in their com mu- a community of promising entre-
scale competitions and events to nities and cities and seek part- •Monday 12 Novem- preneurs and connect them to the
intimate network gatherings, which nerships from big and small busi- ber – Launch and Policy day resources they need to succeed”.
connect participants to potential nesses to support their activities. •Tuesday 13 November – Manu-
collaborators, mentors and even facturing and Agro-processing day The Minister will also participate in
investors - introducing them to new The Department of Small Business •Wednesday 14 November – Tech day other GEW events in various cities
possibilities and exciting opportu- Development (DSBD) in partnership •Thursday 15 November – Youth and townships across the country.
nities. GEW is more than just an with GEN Africa and various other and Social Entrepreneurship day The GEW South Africa will also see
awareness campaign, it is a platform private and public sector partners, •Friday 16 November – Funding day pitching sessions of over 300 tech
for connection and collaboration, will launch the 2018 GEW activities Minister Zulu said that “In the first start-ups, in which 100 will be select-
engaging all players in the entrepre- on Monday 12th November 2018 at 11 years of celebrating Global En- ed for residency at the 22 on Sloane
neurship spectrum and strengthen- the 22 on Sloane start-up campus. trepreneurship Week, we learned start-up campus in January 2019.
BOOK REVIEW ing ecosystems around the world. The event aims to attract start-ups, a great deal about the potential of
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It truly gives me the greatest plea- nity, considering their needs and publication in and around Ekurhu- Closing this year with a bang, get-
sure to introduce to you our baby, nature of its infrastructure. On leni and ultimately our ambition is ting ready for the new year, 2019
The Biz Bulletin newspaper (broad- the other hand of community de- to see our broadsheet enjoyed na- here we come! This is our inau-
sheet). This is an entrepreneurial velopment and growth provides tionally. The publication seeks to gural publication and we would
broadsheet for you our township access to relevant and practical provide township entrepreneurs love to hear from you, comment
hustler, a dreamer and the hope- usable resources and information. with relevant and compelling busi- about the publication what you
ful lover of entrepreneurship. The BizBulletin broadsheet will thrive ness content and a glimpse on the like and what you would love to
At the core of any community is to become a helpful resource our issues impacting and influencing see in the future. Please sign up
its development and that growth township entrepreneurs will trust for the economy, as well as to know to receive the electronic version
lies in the economic capacity for information and guide to their en- what is happening in relation to of the publication on your smart
productivity and efficiency in pro- trepreneurial growth and develop- entrepreneurial events, support, gadgets.
portion to the size of the commu ment. BizBulletin will be a monthly motivation and development.

FUEL HIKE, OUR NEW REALITY. havioural change, we have to do-

things in a certain way to achieve
our goals and fuel hike should
not herald the end of a dream.
1. Review and revise your
personal as well as business fuel
costs you’re your monthly budget.
2. Be aware of how much
will the new fuel price cost per lit-
ter and review how much will this
reduce your kilometres per litter.
3. Plan trips and routs be-
forehand and make sure to avoid
traffic and rush hour congestions.

2018 South African

4. If you have two cars
drive the lighter one when
you are running errands.
5. Review your insurance and
see if you can negotiate for a lesser
insurance premium and this might
mean getting new quote from other
insurance providers. We are chasing
maximum benefit and to save a bit.
6. Try to park your car on a
shade to manage the cooling of the
car. And make sure the windows are
Ten tips to survive THE FUEL HIKE closed where driving in high speed.
Findings for the word of the year managed by Pan South African Lan-
are research based, conducted guage Board (PanSALB) in associ-
The Department of Minerals and should. Just like that, ‘BAM’ we 7. Travelling long distance, by observing South African media ation media research companies
Energy adjusts fuel prices every are tossed yet into another fuel if you can, get people who are go- Newsclips. Factual statistics col- This year’s word was revealed live
month, whether to increase or hike, diesel and illuminating para- ing in the same direction or place lected from credible media sources on ENCA on the 16 of October in
decrease fuel cost in South Africa. phing has gone up increasing and travel together and let them con- such as print, broadcast and online celebration of world Dictionary Day.
These adjustments are prompt- bit of a relief for petrol users. This tribute on fuel and tolling cost, it media. The words were tracked The winning word beat Commis-
ed by various international in- is a dilemma since most business is important to manage the load. from 1 January to 15 October 2018, sion of inquiry and Thuma mina.
cluding local factors. Some of the use diesel, with that in mind this 8. Whenever you can take
major factors that impact and could influence an increase on walk or a taxi where it is cheaper to
continues to affect such adjust- product affecting and customers. do so, the time to show off is over.
ments is the fact that South Af- Over the past eight months fuel 9. Keep your car clean es-
rica imports crude oil as well as cost has resin to almost R4,00 pecially the interior, a bad smell
purchase finished products at the surely we are living in tough times equal open window which will could
dollar rated price tag and this in- or tough times ahead. For the slow you down. Aerodynamics.
cludes shipping costs and tariffs. township entrepreneur it is go- 10. Make sure your car is
ing to be an uphill battle that re- serviced well and regularly, make
South African’s are trying to ad- quires a tactical approach to ease sure your tyres are well inflated.
just and make sense on the re- the inevitable impact of fuel hike. Successful entrepreneurs are known
cent all-time high fuel hike in the Let us look at some basic thing we for saving. I guarantee you it is not
beginning of October this year. can do to minimise and to man- easy to change your behaviour, if you
And while we are still gasping for age the impact. Here are some work on changing your behaviour Tsohang Youth Project host the 10th Annual General Meeting the impor-
air in disbelief reality hits as we tips, ten things you can do to ease you will needs to be dedicated and tance of comliance. Congradulations newly co-opted member to join the
go to pumps and the petrol gage the impact from your pocket. This highly discipline. Only then you Executive. Mr Aaron Mashaba, Precious Sitholeand congratulations to Mr
struggles to climb as we know it calls for a creative mind and be will see the results. Happy saving. Themba Gogela for being the new Chairperson of the Organisation

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Township entrepreneurs are in for a Included in the book are practical it organisations and Cooperatives.
A B O O K F O R TOW N S H I P treat. It is common knowledge that activities, helpful articles and tools Comments about the book:

township entrepreneurs the most such as basic financial manage- A comment from business devel-
challenged on how start, manage ment, to inspire you to start better opmental mind, “This is not only
and running productive as well as or become better than you are now. a great contribution to the ev-
er-growing township economy,
BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL KASI BUSINESS, compliant business and leading it
to profitability. It is this observation
At the core is to help you run a com-
pliant business. What I like most is but a legacy project that’ll contin-
THE RISE OF A TOWNSHIP ENTREPRENEUR that inspired Isaac Mavuso to write that you don’t have to apply these ue to speak beyond the lifetime
the book and three years later, a elements in a chronological order; of the author.” - Pearl Maphu-
practical aid for township business you can start with the one that is mulo, Managing Director at The
packaged as Building a Success- important to you and your business. Business Development Agency
ful Kasi Business and a call for the
rise of a township entrepreneur. The book is written by Isaac Ma-
vuso who is a dynamic Facilitator l
The book discusses the ten el- Speaker l Coach and the founder
ements aimed at empowering and publisher of The Facilitator On-
entrepreneurs to understand line Magazine, and The BizBulletin
the concept of entrepreneur- Newspaper for kasi entrepreneurs.
ship and running a business. The He is 2017 South African Man of
book includes basic tools and to The Year Award finalist for the en- “A new book by a rewound speak-
inspire a mind-set fit to run and trepreneurship category. Served as er and facilitator, unveils how to
manage a compliant business. ward committee for the business start and build the best township
THE ELEMENTS portfolio in ward 49.He is dedicated enterprise” Mapepeza Media
1. Self-awareness 2. Have a vision 3. to empowering novices and aspiring “Get his self-help book on building a
Plan & Be organised 4.Sales/ Selling Kasi business as well as social entre- successful kasi business it comes with
5. Money Matters 6. Delight Cus- preneurs. Isaac has more than ten nots and motivation.” Sindy Mabe
tomers 7. Personal Development years facilitating, speaking and con- The book was featured on Kaya
8. Strive for compliance 9. Get a sulting experience, a practical strat- FM on the 16 October 2018 on
mentor 10. Growing your Business egist for Kasi Businesses, Non-Prof the show with Tuli Magubane

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Vilakazi Street in Soweto


Giving township entrepreneurs access to market and customers retail at your doorstep
consideration. We also share op-
In South Africa, our economic chal- portunities on Twitter, Facebook
lenges must be met with creative and Instagram, ohhh do follow
resolve. It is a duty of every man the The BoxShop on social media.
and woman in every community Q] The BoxShop is an en-
to contribute in their own special terprise development pro-
way, and this is exactly what The gram, how does it work?
BoxShop South Africa has done. A] Successful candidates will
beinducted and learn about
Two years ago, an idea was born product presentation.During
an initiative taken, introducing a the session all the entre
lifestyle retail store in the town- preneurs will make presentations
ship, for township entrepreneurs to and do one on one business analysis
have some access to market. This process and subsequently product
year, 2018 marks 2 years since the Marvin Manaswe, The head and Supplier Development presentation to ensure the quality of
launch of the first Box Shop SA the their products. They are supported
flagship store based in the most specialist for The BoxShop, Technoserv South Africa.
throughraining and assigned a coach
iconic street in the world Vilaka- creative flair to build strong busi- to help them navigate the business
is present across three retail plat-
zi Street in Orlando West, Soweto. nesses’ and brands, which will el- vision and support while pursuing it.
forms a Physical Retailer, a Pop-up
store as well as an online store. The evate proudly South African prod- Q] Unsuccessful applicants
The initiative was founded with a ucts, giving customer easy access what happens to them?
BoxShop procures products from
primary objective to solve one of to exclusive products and the best A] Everyone wins at The BoxShop
more than 80 local township brands.
entrepreneur’s greatest challenges value for money. The BizBulletin (We train them and equip with
All are small black owned start-ups
in south Africa and the world over had a conversation with Marvin them with skills to be supplier ready
as well as Cut Make and Trim man-
which is access to market. Many of Manaswe, The head and Suppli- and an opportunity to apply later.
ufactures primarily in Gauteng.
the Small to Medium Enterprises er Development specialist for The Q] Who manages the Boxshop?
fail just because they don’t have BoxShop, Technoserv South Africa. A] A team of great individu-
The Box Shop SA recently opened
access to market. Such undertak- Q] From where does The BoxShop als with a range of diverse skills
a second store at Shanty Town Life-
ing can only be realised through draw its entrepreneur/ Suppliers. (supplier Development, Product
style Centre in Midrand, where local
strategic partnerships. The Box- A] We draw our entrepreneurs Development, Operations, Mar-
brands from different sectors house
shop SA come alive from a part- from the townships within Gauteng keting and Project Management.
their products. The BoxShop’s
nership led by Technoserve as an Q] Who can apply for the opportu- In conclusion, The Box Shop In-
dream is to open at least 10 stores
implementing partner as well as nity to supply The BoxShop who can cubation Programme offers
across the Gauteng by 2021.The Box-
Game as a technical partner and apply what are the requirements? Business Development Support
Shop brand retail offering reflects a
the funding from Citi Foundation. A] Anyone can apply, provided they •To enable youth businesses to be-
strong sense of brand and township
diversity. Mostly the focus is on ap- are an operating and registered come suppliers into the retail sector,
The BoxShop initiative is driven by business. To apply entrepreneurs empowering their ability to supply
parel, coffee and food, deco and
a strong desire to disrupt the South can advise on the interest by send high quality, on time, and in line with
homeware products. All the brand
African retail environment by adopt- a profile and business registration mainstream retail sector needs.
offerings are local entrepreneurs
ing non-conventional retail strate- documents to info@theboxshop. •To run a sustainable test market
who share passion for fashion and
gies and approaches like the Omni Once we have received your for youth businesses in a struc-
taste for quality. Based on The Box
Channel Retail. This approach needs communication, within a week we tured and professional facility.
Shop fun damental model of being a
to adopt multiple distribution chan will send you our application form. •To inspire and to link local en-
social retail enterprising brands and
nels into the model. It ensures that- The form must be completed in a trepreneurs to become suppliers
the belief in entrepreneur’s ability
consumers are met at their door week and returned to our office for to markets outside the Box Shop
to use their initiative as well as their
step. Currently The BoxShop brand

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B A N K ED I T AT 2 3

Dreams are possible, Mosotho Moshoane is the living proof running a

million-rand business at 23.
South Africa can be a land of milk and the results seven figure bal-
and honey, but only for those who ance in the business account. His
envision it for themselves and are next is to pursue the million-rand
determined to pursue their goals. balance into his personal account.

Mosotho Moshoane (23) runs a When asked what drives him? “The
million-rand business, the Pretoria feeling of achieving and that feel-
born entrepreneur is the found- ing never gets old,” says Mosotho,
er and CEO of a google certified “keep an accomplishment report
Marketing company Beatrootpine and review your accomplishments
with foot print in Botswana. His every week” he added. He believes
success has not been a smooth when you feel good you make the
sail his had to deal with lack of right decisions. He’s advice to aspir-
support form his close circles and ing millionaires is “set small goals
some feeding doubt from a gen- and hit mini destination, chase
uine concern while others really the feeling of accomplishment.”
don’t want to see one progress.
On the 3rd of December 2018
The young man is an author of an he will be launching yet another
inspirational book 15 Pages and book Business is a Language co-au-
a thought-provoking motivation- thored with Bonolo Seakamela.
al speaker. At 21 he set himself The event will be held at Platto in
a goal to be a millionaire at 24, a Midrand Carlswald, from 17:30 till
goal he reached at 23 for the busi- 21:00. Entry fee is R200 and tickets
ness, talk about vision plus action are available at Pick n Pay Stores.

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2019 IS AROUND achieving your goals even head-
er to sustain the success. Yet you
THE CONNER, ARE could loose all you have built in
just a minutes. It is our responsi-
YOU READY FOR bility to act and behave in a cor-
THE NEW YEAR. dial manner. Well we can learn
and choose to grow, work on your
WHAT IS YOUR issues and seek help if you need.


IS YOUR PLAN Entrepreneurs are achievers by na-
ture, and they are building form
FOR THE YEAR. one success to the next. Dedica-
tion, drive and focused mind will
remain the back bone of your
Success is very much an success. Below let’s look at what
intended consequence you need to do now to be able
of a deliberate action to claim 2019 as your year. Let’s
to achieve or reach a de� also remember we are not all go-
sired objective. We don’t ing to succeed at the same time
fall Onto success, we and from the same experiences.
journey into it, period…
Some will be call it lucky while some
LET’S TAKE A DETOUR: While you are will seem flooded by a string of
working on your business consider rejection failures and more. Nev-
your attitude. Entrepreneurs must er allow your self to be discourage
understand there is a fine line be- keep going look at each day a blank
tween confidence and arrogance. I page and every action or non-ac-
believe entrepreneurs must be hun- tion is a writing daily. What would
gry. Hungry not desperate. it is this you like your story to reflect? It’s
hunger when channelled well that a choice you need to make daily.
will secure your spot at Delight-Ville Below is a I am an achiever goal
of success and see you in the circles driven me, as you plan and con-
of influence as a force of inspiration. sider your year ahead these are
some of the things to thinks about.
It is very important to exercise re-
straint particularly when you are The are three things to focus on
not as confident because arro- the first being what is the vision
gance could look like confidence embedded on it is your why you
in your eyes. From where others do what you do? The Second one
are sitting that confidence could is The Plan how are you planning
look be viewed as disrespectful. to achieve you goal to empower
In your entrepreneurial journey you why. And lastly you need to
you will appreciate how tough it is taka action Massive action in that.

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Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs Graduation in October 2018 entrepreneurs celebrated their 1st Steven Reed concludes a Business training for members of local
year, 13 graduated and 2nd year to Alumni status &Lowe Furniture & Decor from Jhb won media from around Gauteng
the 2018 Achiever Award

Minister os Small Business Development Mrs Lindiwe Zulu and her

team along with MC Sindy Mabe and Prof. Dr . Ambassador Tap
Grrenfield Primary School in Partnership with Bokamoso Foundation organise a Cancer Awareness Edgars at the National SMME Policy Colloquim 2018 at the Birch-
Campaign empowering parents and learners a touching event wood Hotel in Borksburg

Retailers Development Graduation at ABInBev head office in Santon Technoserv facilitators catch up and unwind

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Palesa Mafego quits her fulltime job to

focus on a primary school boy child
ests and aspirations as an individ-
ual in a community and at school.

• Provide financial sup-

port to learners in need.

• Create awareness on
the prevalence of drugs and
the dangers of illicit substances
and how to lead a drug free life.

• Educate boys to un-

derstand their bodies and sexu-
ality to curb teenage pregnan-
cy and risk of HIV infections.

• Educate learners on life-

skills to inspire a positive living
and to identify traps that could
lead them to living a negative life.

• Empower the boy child

along with their parent or guardian.

Tulips Male Child primary focus is

on grade sevens. Her organisation
Tulips prepares boys for the tran-
sition from primary school going
to high school with a vision. High
school is not easy and even more
challenging nowadays with rise
and prevalence of social ills Tu-
lips gives support to the boys and
H er mother ’ s dying wish was a re q uest f or she also prepares parents to get
ready for a high school teenager.
her to ta k e care o f two boys her brothers Most interesting, while the world
Palesa Mafego quit her fulltime job gave her a verse that kept her go- Palesa. Today she holds a quali- After leaving her Job and the only only wants to reward the “A” stu-
to follow her heart and to fulfil her ing over the years, “Trust in the fication in office administration source of income she had. Palesa dents leaving out the so-called
long-time dream, inspired by her LORD with all your heart. Nev- and she is an adult education facil- went on to register a Non-Prof- trouble-some one’s, and those
mother’s words “take care of my er rely on what you think you itator as well as a qualified coach. it Organisation Tulips Male Child are the ones she dedicates her life
boys.” A mother dying plea to her know. Re-member the LORD in (TMC) to pursue her community for. A handful she has committed
daughter. Palesa or shall I say pastor every-thing you do, and he will Palesa worked for companies like development passion in empow- to secure them a tertiary spot all
Palesa “I called to empower, support show you the right way.” Prov 3:5-6 Nashua, Panasonic, Africa cables, ering primary school boy child. she asks to perform academically.
and to develop a boy child” she said. Fuchs, Renault, CBI and Legal-Wise.
It was her mother’s words that In her life she has felt the wrath of OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT This faithful lover of the lord shared
Pastor Palesa was born in Lesotho kept her going when at times she life, this young woman has been • To guide learners to realise “I have seen the hand of God in
and bread and buttered in Katle- felt as if she was moving against down and out losing everything. the importance on decisions they my life. life is tough, but God is
hong Ekurhuleni in Gauteng. She the current. At age 21 she had to Her tenacity to live and the words of make and to see opportunities to tougher and ever so faithful.” Pale-
went to Sonqoba Primary School drop out of an IT class at tertia- her dying mother became her moral start and build a successful career. sa Mafego, what an inspiration
and completed her matric at Eden ry to care for her brothers. “It was compass. She learnt earlier on in life • To provide counselling to her life is a testimony a demon-
Park in Alberton. She is no strang though having to do part time jobs that when you are down and out. You help the boys cope academical- stration of resilience, strength
Before her mother passed she and to do part time schooling” says only have one way to go and it is up. ly and identify professional inter and power of a visionary woman.

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This can be a tricky thing since it is
not as straight forward as you could
hope. You will need a combination
of things, your passion or hun-
ger to grow and unwavering ded-
ication, problem solving skills and
your tenacity in action. Your action
YOUR BUSINESS must be focused to the following:
In business there will always be hike increase are nothing to what is Let me ask this question, as a small planning and strategies to enable
•Know your business and be clear
tough times ahead and how you coming, Should the country fail to business since the breaking of you to stay afloat as you strengthen
on the state of affair of your business
deal with them will determine curb corruption and to create more news on VAT and Octobers fuel in- your business to a profitable future.
•Research: what do you know about
whether you will go under or live jobs. This will change a lot things, crease what have you done apart At this point many business strate
your business and the industry
to tell the story. A lot of SMME’s especially in the way in which small from complaining about the price gies and plans including yours if
•Identify key industry players
especially kasi (township) business- business run their daily business op- increase? Believe you me only a you have one, are long due for
from the biggest and smallest.
es think they are the only ones ex- erations, cash flow will be impacted. few thought of going to the draw- serious indepth review to ad-
•Be clear who is you custom-
periencing challenges; well I invite ing board to establish what these just the financials projections.
er and what interest them.
you to watch business news daily Remember such increases tend to increases will mean and how they
•Finally review your prod-
and you will learn two things: the have a far-reaching consequence will impact on their businesses Tough time means access-
uct and service also identifies
first one is the challenge of start- as they have a butterfly effect. including their personal lives, to ing loans will be a challenge
how you can improve on it?
ing a business and the second one For some businesses though this make informed decisions that are and high repayment plans will
is keeping afloat and profitable. may well be the very devastat- well thought rather than emotional be the business of the day.
To get to greater heights you can-
ing blow that will sink the ship. and rushed and reactive decisions. This calls for you to revisit the busi-
not do thing as they are or were
These challenges cut across and Apart from increases and other The decision may not necessarily ness vision and the objectives to see
done you need to redefine state-
are experienced by all small, me- challenges that you could think be about you and increasing your if they are still relevant to the initial
ments such as business as usual by
dium and big business. This is an of; at the at the core of business prices or buying less quality and a goals considering these changes
being on top of your business. The
uphill battle that really needs a failingis poor planning. Thousands quick fix that will compromise your and other influencing factors such
best thing is to know how to get
sharp confident and dedicated of busi nesses never take time to re- business in the future. If you want as customer behaviour and buying
help, building and nurturing rela-
mind. The FNB and GIBS Report ally plan. They live on day-to-day’s to survive you need to go back, patterns in such economic times.
tionships. Turn your cell phone to a
highlights; Start-up fail nine in ten eventualities without control of begin to take stock of what’s hap-
useful resource a management tool
over a two year of operation. The their destiny, and such behaviour pening and how to deal with such HOW to stay on top of
and a mobile research resource.
recent VAT and continued fuel fuelsthe inevitable failure therefore. proactively and to employ proper your business?

P u b l i s h e d b y : I s a a c M a v u s o i n f o @ b b u l l e t i n . c o . z a w w w. b b u l e t t i n . c o . z a / L ay o u t D e s i g n b y : J e m i t o K h o z a

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