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Belair-Manor July 2019 Therapeutic Recreation Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

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*1:1 Calendars Distribution* 4 5
*Activities Subject to Change 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda *Happy Independence* 10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec
without Notice* 10:30am Meet and Greet 10:30am Getting to know 10:30am One to one with Karen 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 11:00am Horse Racing-Rotunda
*Mail Delivery* Karen-Rec you-Karen 1:1-units 11:00am Parachute Soccer- R 10:30am Morning Stretch-Rec 10:30am Manicures
Monday - Saturday 11:00am TV Price is Right-Rec 11:00am Price is right-Rec 2:00pm Happy 4th of July hour -R 11:00am Price is right-Rec 1:30pm Bingo-DR Social-Rec
*Store Hours* 2:00pm Cardo Game -Rec 2:00pm Cooking-Rec 3:00pm Movie Matinee-Rec 1:1 Sensory visits-unit
3:00pm Getting to know you 2:30pm Word Game-Rec 2:00pm Fire Cracker Bingo- 2:45pm-4:15pm 1:30pm Bingo -DR
Fridays 2:45pm-4:15pm *Family Visits*
with Karen-Rec 6:00pm Bingo -Carol-Rec DR *Little Store Hours*
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10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:30am Entertainment 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00Mass on TV-Rotunda 10:30am Mass on TV-Rec
10:30am Music and
11:00am Crafty 10:30am Communion-Rec with Tom Sansone-R 10:30am Name that tune-Rec 10:30am Parachute Soccer- 10:30am Active Games-Rec
Memories-Kathy- R
Sundays-Rec 10:30am Morning Stretch 1:30pm Oil Painting with 11:00am Volleyball Game-Rec Rotunda 11:00am games on the units-Rec
music-Rotunda Brian-Library 2:00pm Happy Hour 11:00am Spelling Challenge-
1:30pm Bingo-DR 2:00pm Bingo with 1:30pm Bingo-DR
11:00am Education series -*How 2:30pm Cardo Game-Rec Margarita Time-Rotunda Rotunda
Does Hospice work*-Rec 6:00pm Bingo with Carol Elizabeth 3:30pm I love Lucy-Rec 1:30am Bingo Hour-DR *Family Visits*
*Independent Activities.* 3:30pmComedy Show-Rec *Independent Activities*
2:00pm Bowling Challenge-Rec 2:45pm-4:15pm
*Family Visits* 3:00pm Comedy Show-Rec *Little Store Hours*

14 15 16 17 18 19 20
10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass in TV 10:00am Mass on TV-R 10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda 10:00am Mass on TV-R 10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda
10:30am Active Games Darts- 10:30am Communion 10:30am Musical Ball-R 10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda 10:30am Movement is
rec 10:30am Active Games-Rec 2:00pm Entertainment- Jim 10:30am Balloon Volleyball-R 10:30am Entertainment
Medicine-R 11:00am Active Games-
11:00am Games on Units -Rec 11:00am Mind games & Spelling Sheehan-Rotunda 2:00pm Cooking Group-Rec by John P. -Rotunda
1:30pm Bingo-DR Parachute soccer -Rotunda
1:30pm Bingo-DR Challenge-Rec 2:30pm Hang Man-Rec 2:00pm Carnival Games &
2:00pm Movie Matinee-Rec 6:00pm Bingo with Carol 7:00pm Choir Performance Ice Cream Social-Rotunda 2:45pm-4:15pm 1:30pm Bingo-DR
*Families Visits*
*Independent Activities* 2:30pm Manicures social-Rec 3:15pm Classic Movie-Rec *Little Store Hours* *Family Visits*
*Independent Activities*

21 22 23 24 25 26 27
10:00am Mass on TV –Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec
10:30am Crafty 10:30am Communion-Rec 10:30am Exercise-Rec 10:30am Resident Council 10:30am Music and Memories 10:30am Sing along to the 50s
Sundays-Rec 10:30am Cooking Club-Rec 11:00pm Sensory 1:1-unit Meeting –Rec with Kathy-Rec And 60’s Tunes 10:30-Manicures Social-Rec
1:30pm Bingo-DR 11:00am Hang Man-Rec 2:00pm Horse Racing-R 11:00am Food Committee-Rec 11:00am Basketball Game-Rec
2:00pm July Birthday 2:15pm Angels Church-R
*Family Visits* 2:00pm Bowling -Rec 6:00pm Bingo - Carol-DR 2:00pm Ice Cream Soda Celebrations 1:30pm Bingo -DR *Family Visits*
3:00pm I love Lucy comedy- Social-Rotunda *Independent Activities*
*Pet Therapy with Sue & Entertainment by Cindy-R 3:00pm-4:15pm
Bella* Little Store Hours

28 30 31 ! Happy ! ! Picnic Time! Director:

10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda Sue Lepage, BA, TRD
! Independence Day!
10:30am Piano Recital-Robert-R *Calendar Prep-Staff* *Calendar Prep.-Staff* 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec
1:30pm Bingo-DR 10:30am Parachute Soccer-
10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV –Rec *Happy Birthday to all
*Family Visits* Rotunda-Rotunda
10:30am Lets Make a deal-Rec 10:30am Exercise to Music- 11:00am Price is Right-Rec
Celebrating in July*-Love the
*Independent Activities* 11:00am Price is right-Rec Rec Staff at Belair Manor.
2:00pm Word Search and
2:00pmBowling-Rec 11:00am Price is Right-Rec 2:30pm Math Challenge-Rec
3:00pm Movie Matinee-Rec 2:00pm Cardo game-Rec