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Minister's Musings As some of you may know I am going on a sabbatical in August. My “contract” with the church states that I get one 3-month sabbatical every 5 years, This is my first sabbatical I've taken in 14+ years of ministry with you. There are various reasons I haven't taken a sabbatical before now. T Suppose the biggest reason is T couldn't stand to leave the family for 3 months and travel the world as a mentor of mine did a few years ago. The church has also been very generous to allow me to drive bus and help with fire department things, so I considered some of that time away a sabbatical. T've thought long and hard about how to explain a sabbatical, and if my memory serves, I think I've written about sabbatical before. If I'm repeating myself in my musings, then it certainly is time for some soul refreshing! I suppose soul refreshment is the best way to explain a sabbatical. In the simplest terms it’s a paid vacation that doesn’t count ‘against your vacation time, Not a bad gig if you can get it! I typed out and deleted a paragraph or two about 5 times where I tried to explain why pastor's need sabbaticals. Each time I finish the paragraphs I reread them and think they sound arrogant. So, I will spare you reading my attempts at explaining why sabbaticals are a good idea. Suffice it to say I am extremely grateful to be afford this 1-month sabbatical In August. I don't have ary grand plans for a walkabout and soul searching. I'm not going to visit @ spiritual guru in the Himalayas and find the meaning of life. What I am going to do is take a break from sermon writing, worship planning, and just curch work in general. I’m going to spend a weekend in Kansas City with each boy and hopefully squeeze some time away with the misses too. Basically, T'm going to use the time to refresh, refocus and be ready to begin my 15 year with y'all recharged and ready to go. So please planto attend worship in Auqust because we'll have some wonderful pulpit supoly pastors filling in. Also, be willing to think of ways you can be involved in our church life. The more we have rowing the boat the faster and farther we can go spreading the message of God's love. PS-anyone want to write a musing for the August newsletter? Board Meeting: May 11, 2019, Present: Pastor Brian Wohlhuter, Jerry Murley, Charlie Leaders, Carrol Olsen, Amanda Murley, Phylisha Wolfe, Bonnie Dolen, Tracey Roane, and Dana Martens. Pastor's Report: -Sunday School i nished and new members were inducted last week. Vacation Bible School is August Ath-Bth from 6-7:30. Help is needed, please let Pastor Brian know interested. On Thursday during VBS, "Zoo Te You" from the Omaha Zoo fs coming out to do a fun program forthe kids. -Pastor Brian willbe gone lane Sth and June 30th, Next board meeting is June 16th Pastor Brian attended CCAM meeting on May 10th. Funeral Services for May: Eloise Haight onthe 18th and then Mary Kahler’sis the 25th, -Next wedding is May 31st, but its out atthe Glass Chapel Two baptisms coming up en June 23rd. ‘Treasurer's Report: Report was approved: 1st ty Carroll Olsen and 2nd by Tracey Roane. Insurance and annuity bill taven't been received yet so they wl ikely be on next month's expenses. Mission Fund: 17.8 seniors applied for schelarships. After awarding scholarships, balance is about $450.00. Bake sale was good and made $250, ‘They will also be helping aryone interested going to church camp with a portion of their tuition, Trustee's Report: Carroll Olsen did some worc on the downspouts to keep them from getting flattened and ran Carroll also recommended red paint for the two posts on the east entrance that are fading and asked if anyone had any that he could borrow. Holben's rented basement ‘or Conners graduation party. Crossroads came out and cleaned last Friday. Deacon's Fund: (One person asked for gas, tut no recelpt so didn't reimburse ‘Memorial Fur No changes. Youth Report: ‘Vacation Bible School in August as discussed previously.