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CF Varona
Tondo Manila
Mobile: 09276682459
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Gold Medalist
Chef’s on Parade Philippines

Grand Prize
Kulinarya sa Sugbu ( Sinulog Festival )

Silver Awardee
Chef of the Year Sacramento. CA

Have 15 years of experience in making delicious healthy dishes in star hotels and leading
restaurants. Expert in making food at reduced cost without compromising on quality and
taste. Have got training from chefs of various star hotels and so expertise in quality
procedures and regulations to be followed while making food. Also specialized in preparing
menu for the day, with good combinations to attract customers. Can handle high pressure
environments and make dishes of good taste and health for large volumes in stipulated time
efficiently. Also efficiently managing a team of chefs and cooks and conducted training for
them to handle tasks efficiently and make good delicious dishes.


Recognized throughout career for being a visionary chef & corporate trainer leveraging in
depth knowledge of the marketplace and the competitor landscape to significantly increase
revenue & operational efficiency.
Solid organizational communications and team building skills. Adept at conveying menu
concepts in a simple and compelling manner. Expert in Culinary Art trends, such as food
preparation, menu development, catering & inventory purchasing control.

Personal Chef Michael .Jackson 2003-2006

Personel chef kobe Bryant 2005

Assistant Chef June 2003-October 2007

Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas
2000 Wynn Rd, Las Vegas, NV

 Responsible in total kitchen operation for Casinos Coffee Shop 24/7 operation.

 Responsible for training and enhancing the skills of kitchen personnel. Providing an
extraordinary Menu for international VIP guests, High Rollers and clients.

 Star of The Month (Wynn Hotel Las Vegas)

Corporate .Chef/ Product Development Mngr. 2007-2009

2883 Surveyor RD. Pomona City, CA

 Responsible in over all food and menu creation for store level and commissary
for ten oriental quick casual restaurants, three Asian casual dinning restaurants,
ourteen Asian Supermarkets and four food kiosk. Costing, pricing, product
testing, chef training, supervision, pictorial, evaluation of existing and new
products in terms of acceptability, store execution, and product movement.
 Certified Professional Food Manager-Passed (U.S.A.)
 American Institute of Food Managers- Completed food safety course

Chef Instructor
Bistro Academy
Kamagong Street, Makati

 Responsible for teaching quality culinary education and extensive hands on

training on the following courses:

a. Catering Management Course

b. Advance Catering Management Course
c. Specialty Cuisine
(French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, German, American, Korean, Japanese,
d. Fish Mongerie
e. Meat Fabrication
f. Chicken Fabrication
Executive & R&D Chef- Urban Chef (2013-2016)
Executive Chef – Megulicious (2016-2018)
Executive Chef Consultant –On (2018 to present)


- Meat Processing Master (CDO)

- Low Cost Chef Consultant Expert (Urban Chef)
- New Kiosk Concept Consultant (Binalot, Panda Tummy, Siomai Master etc.)
- New Restaurant Concept Consultant (6999 Grill, TGI Fridays, Chickboy,
- Le Jardin, Big Mouth )
- Salu Restaurant
- Chef Akang

As Chef and restaurant consultant, I also received good television and print
exposure in Manila.I was also involve in several events planning and catering for celebrities,
high rollers, government officials, foreign dignitaries and presidents including President Bill
Clinton, Prince of Brunei, former president of the Philippines Fidel V. Ramos, current
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Michael Jackson, Coby Bryant, Britney
Spears, Chef Wolfgang Puck and other fine celebrities. I attended a four years Bachelor
Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippines and continued to hone my
craft at the The International Culinary Schools, The Art Institute, in
Orange County, CA .I am also a certified Professional Food Manager in U.S.A. I also have a
passion in Interior Designing were I do during my free time. Mastering the art of fine
cooking, I took tenures as , chef de cuisine, executive chef and corporate chef at the finest
hotels and restaurants in the Philippines, Los Angeles CA, Sacramento, CA and Las Vegas

Birthday: December 18, 1969

College: FEU – 1989- 1990
Sta. Isabel College- 1991- Religious Education
1991- 2000 CSAP Collegium Sociatatis, Angeli Pacis- Religious Priesthood

- HACCP Sanitation Program
- Serv Safe
- Culinary Series
- US Meat & Food Service Management
- Mabuhay Host Training
- Menu Planning
- Upselling in Profits
- Introduction Food Service
- Performance Management
- Cost Control
- Coach Seminar
- Iso 22000