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The purpose of the assignment is to promote critical and creative thinking skills inlearners. Learners
will be exposed to various ways of problems solving that can be applied in daily life. Besides,
learnerswill also learn how to support their ideas and views with relevant sources.


Discuss any model/theory/strategy that can be used to solve the problem/make a decision. You
need to refer to at least 3 resources.


You are required to prepare a report based on the case study below.

Helen, a 19-year-old college student is deeply in love with Johnny who is 10 years older than her.
Johnny works as an IT technician in the same college. They plan to get married next year. However,
Helen’s parents do not approve of this relationship as they feel she is too young to be married.
Moreover, as the eldest child in the family of 7, Helen’s parents expect her to support the family
when she starts working later. If you were Helen, what would you do?

Write a report consist of the followings:

1. Identify the issue (s)/problem(s) of the case.
2. Conduct an analysis of the problem above.
3. Solve the problem by applying the model/theory/strategy that you have discussed above to
your process of problem-solving.

The learner is required to:

 Support your writings with at least 3 reading resources (article, trusted websites, module,
etc), cite in the report, and list them down at the end of your report.
[60 marks

Excellent/ Above Missing Item /

Fair/Sederhana Low/Lemah Max
Weight/ Cemerlang average/MelebihiPurata Tidak lengkap
Criteria/Kriteria Marks
Pemberat 4 3 2 1 0
Introduction. A clear and detailed A clear and somewhat An adequately clear but A vague and brief No introduction.
description of the detailed description of the brief description of the description of the
background of the background of the background of the background of the
assignment and 2 assignment and at least 1 assignment and objective is assignment and objective
1.5 objectives are clearly objective is identified. there but unclear. is unclear. 6

Discussion on the The discussion is thorough The discussion clearly is The discussion is presented The discussion is No discussion.
model/theory/ and very clearly done. done. Examples are included but examples are not included but somehow
strategy of Examples are included to to illustrate the model/ relevant. not clear and misleading. .
problem illustrate the model/ theory/strategy. .
solving/decision 3.0 theory/strategy. 12

Optimisation Able to retrieve Able to retrieve information Able to retrieve Able to retrieve Not able to retrieve
(Lifelong information from from many references. information from sufficient information from information.
learning). maximum references. reference. minimal references.
2.0 8
Issue/Problem Able to identify the Ableto identify the problem Able to identify the Able to partiallyidentify Not able toexplain
Identification. problem/issue and /issue and explain the problem/issue but unable the problem / issue with aproblem / issue,
providean explanation problem clearly. to explain the problem. vague explanation. even with
ofthe problem very clearly assistance.
1.0 and accurately.. 4

Problem Analysis. Able to organise Able to organise and analyse Able to organiseand Poor/vague inorganizing `Not able toorganise
andanalyse gathered information or analysegathered andanalysing andanalyse
gatheredinformation or data, clearly describe the informationor data, but gatheredinformation or gatheredinformation
Analisis Masalah. data, clearly describe some factors that contribute does not clearly describe dataand finds difficultyin or dataand fails to
thefactors thatcontribute to the problem/issue or the factors that contribute explaining thefactors define the factors
to theproblem/issue explain the possible roots of to the problem/issue or that neithercontribute to that contribute to
orexplain the root of the the problem. clearly explain the root of theproblem/issue the problem/issue or
1.5 problem. the problem. norexplains the root of explain the root of 6
the problem. the problem.

Application of the Able to apply new idea or Able to apply newidea or Able to relate existing idea Limited ability to apply Not able to applyany
model/theory/ knowledge to a given knowledgeto a given or knowledge to a given new idea or knowledge. new idea or
strategy. problem and able to problem. problem. knowledge to given
propose alternative problem.
3.0 12
List of References Exceed the required Fulfil the required number Partially fulfil the required Minimally fulfil the Fail to fulfil the
(Lifelong number of references. of references. number of references. required number of required number of
learning). . references. references.
2.0 8

Conclusion. The conclusion ties up the The conclusion ties up the A conclusion is included The conclusion is very No conclusion
introduction and content in introduction and content. A but information does not vague and somehow provided.
a well-described manner. A report is well summarized. tie up introduction and irrelevant.
1 report is summarized well. A personal reflection of the content. New input is 4
A personal reflection is assignment is included. given.
explained in detail.

Total 15 60