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Position Title: Prep Cook Date:

Department: Prep Cook Accountable To: Kitchen Manager

Primary Objective of Position

To learn and become validated in one or all of the following prep area stations.

Essential Functions

 Learns and becomes validated in one or al of the following stations:

 Vegetable Prep Cook; prepares quality fresh salads and vegetables for entrees and
sandwich items
 Cold Sauce Cook: prepares meat marinades and salad dressings
 Hot Sauce Cook: prepares soups and sauces
 Seafood Prep Cook: handles and portions items accurately and safely

 Sets up station and locates necessary utensils and equipment for food preparation.

 Keeps updated on recipe changes and produces assigned items exactly according to recipes.

 Prepares items exactly according to recipe every time; using measuring devices and scales to
control food costs.

 Discusses production priorities with manager and line cooks.

 Cleans and sanitizes station throughout the shift.

 Labels, day dots, rotates and stores all items produced. Obtains manager signature on all
products made.

 Ensures equipment is operated and maintained consistently and properly.

 Keeps immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters
of significance and takes prompt corrective action where necessary or suggests alternative
courses of action which may be taken.

 Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with
established company policies to achieve the overall objectives of the position.

 Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other company employees to foster and
promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate, which will be conducive to
maximum employee morale, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

 At all times provides a favorable image of Bigg’s to promote its aims and objectives and
foster and enhance recognition and acceptance of all of its areas and endeavors.

Nonessential Functions

 Assists other kitchen members with prep work and cleaning responsibilities.

 Performs other duties and responsibilities as required or requested.

 Performs assigned beautification duties daily


Must be able to perform multiple tasks, while maintaining required standards of operation, in
daily activities. Must also be able to perform duties that ensure guest satisfaction. Must produce
items exactly according to recipe to ensure guest satisfaction and control food costs. Must
follow food handling and sanitation procedures to control food costs and ensure guest and
employee safety and morale.

Qualification Standards

 Lifts and carries sacks and cases of up to 70 lbs., up to 20 times per shift: places these items
on high shelves and in walk-in freezers
 Frequent bending and stooping
 Works indoors 75%; outdoors 25%
 Works frequently in a hot and damp environment
 Hazards include, but are not limited to, cuts from broken glass and metal cans; burns,
slipping and tripping
 Stands and uses hands all of 6-8 hour shift
 Must be able to hear kitchen or manager requests in the midst of loud background noise

If you need any accommodations from the company to enable you to perform essential job
functions, please let us know.

I have reviewed this job description and am able to perform the essential functions of the job
under the described conditions.

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Signature Date


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