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”Son wake up! Aren’t you going to school today?”

“Mom, it’s only 5 in the morning.”
“Son, you must learn how to be punctual, you’ll gonna need it someday.”
“'kay mom. Give me 5 minutes.” he said.

(Alarm clock rings!!!)

“Moooom…!!!" As he wakes up and turns off the alarm. "That dream again."

...I don’t know why I always have that dream. Well, I don’t even know how does it feels
like to have a mother, waking you up too early in the morning, preparing food for you, doing the
laundry, whose worried when you went home late. Yeah! That’s what you'll always dream when
you grew up in an orphanage. What is it that my parents have to abandon me, aren’t I planned?
(While brushing teeth) soon enough I’m going to find out who they are and ask them why they
have to do such immoral thing, abandoning such a cutie like me. (Stopped and stares at the
mirror) do I look like my mom or my dad? Pssshh, whatever!
By the way, I am currently working as Psychology teacher in an institution, I’m teaching
senior high students, though my dream is to become a surgeon, to probably, cure people’s
disease from the inside, making one’s heart that stopped, and back to its beating as well as
connecting every nerve or part of the body that had been detached. But as I continue to study
humanity, I realized that every disease starts in our mind. Yes, our brain made it. When someone
we really loved broke our hearts, it is not literally they crushed our heart by their bare hand, but
it is the words that they said that stuck in our mind. Every word that we heard or seen, had been
stored in our brain, whether we like it or not our brains will keep it. One word may light-up
someone else's day and one word may destroy it. But still, it will depend on how we care to
accept it. That’s why I chose this field, to help those people revitalize their mind that was bugged
by negativities. So enough with that introduction, I’m here at the institution already. (Entered the

“GOOD MORNING SIR PAUL!!!” his student greets him lively. “Wow, you guys are
very enthusiastic and early as well.”

Girl Student: Sir were not early, you’re just late. (Smirk)

Paul: Oww! Thanks for that compliment Ms. Elmira D’shaft. 10 pts…

Elmira: …YES!!! Thank you sir!

Paul: deduction to our quiz later (wink)

(Elmira frowned)
Paul: So, our topic for today is about how our brains do its work when we’re asleep. Does
anyone of you have done their advance study?

(The student at the back raised his hand)

“Yes Mister?

“Phoenix Sir.”

“Oh! Yes, Mr. Red Van Phoenix, tell us your research.

“It's from the book that my mother gave me before she passed away. I remember, there's a phrase
there that states, and since we were born our brain did not stop working. In fact, when we’re
asleep, our brain’s more active than usual, let’s say, recovering what we have forgotten and
storing what we have gained within the day is what our brains been doing for the rest of our

(All of a sudden, Paul has stopped moving.)

(He woke up lying on the bed at the clinic)
“What happened to me?” he asked.

“You passed out in the middle of the class, Sir.” School nurse said.

“Ahhhrg. My head hurts... but I guess, I guess I can continue my lessons now.”

(The nurse suddenly opens the curtain.)

“Ha…how long did I lay here ma'am?”

“Since you don’t know how to read the time, (pointed at the clock) I’ll tell you. The guard
brought you here around 9:30AM and now it’s past 6PM, so about 9 hours Sir!” while putting
back the equipment to its designated place.

“I was about to be grateful, but your crankiness killed it so I’m sorry if I caused you trouble
taking care of me for 9 hours and thank you for that as well.” He said and leaves the clinic.

"Hhhmmmp! *what an a**hole! He didn’t even ask if I’m okay. Or even offer me a ride or
coffee or walk way home! What would I expect from a guy? They’re all the same!*"

*When she’s about to open the door, it opens slowly.*

“Perhaps... you let me to treat you something tonight or… I could give you a lift if you like. So
that we’re even” Paul kindly asked the nurse.
“Are you sure!? I was residing at the Mindth Ore Island; do you think you could kick your pedal
off that far?” Raise her right eyebrow.

“Ehh!? That’s 127 km away from here and we have to cross the sea to reach that place.”

“I’m just kidding. You can leave now, I’m okay.”

“So, that's how you look like when you smile?” tapped her shoulder.

(Paul stared at the nurse and the nurse gazed on Paul’s hand)
“Oh!!! Oops… Sorry, he he I got caught up. Haha"


(They went to the nearest restaurant to a have dinner before going home)
“Uhh… I guess it’s the right time for me to ask your name?”


“…here’s your order sir.” Waiter said.

“Ohh... Thank you mister John” (smiled)

“Just call me if you need anything else ma’am/sir. Have a nice dine.”

“'kay, thank you.”

“So…” suddenly his stomach growls..

"Gosh! Is that your..? Haha"

“Hehe, so shall we eat?”

“Haha of course. *Oh my! Don’t smile to me like that please* Thank you for this.”

*From the other side of the table, two men were talking not so loud, but still can be heard what
the two were talking about*
“Bro! Would you believe this?” Hand over the newspaper.

“What is this?”

“The old institution near here had received a bomb threat again, just earlier today!"
(Paul got alarmed)

“Really? Wait a sec! Since when did you have interest in that old institution?”

“Huh? I mean look at that broadcasting company. They’re very accurate when it comes to news
and headlines... someday I will be part of that company.”

“What’s the matter?” The nurse who’s not yet telling her name asked Paul.

“Uhh… Nothing *was it Deja vous? I’m pretty sure it happened before or rather I heard it.*.” As
he continue to eat.

“It's true that our school received a bomb threat, fortunately the timer isn’t set, so we’re…” the
nurse stopped talking when she saw Paul...


“Hey! Are you alright Sir? What’s wrong? Would you want me to bring you to the hospital?”
The nurse asked.

“N… no I’m okay, he he. It was just my migraine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah (smiled) also, I don’t want to cause you anymore trouble.”

*After their dinner, Paul accompanied her back home.*

“Uhhmm, so… I think we’re even now?” He said.

“Huh!? So, all this time... that’s what you’re thinking? Paying the debt?”

“No, I mean…”

“Yes, of course, that’s what you mean!” she went inside the house uneasy.

“Eh!? *What’s wrong with her? Is she bipolar? Haaays, ladies really are unpredictable.*”

*The next day*

“What the heck I’m doing here at the clinic. I’m not that type of person who will apologize to
someone, on something that I didn’t really do. I’m wasting too much time here, maybe I should
leave… no…” he suddenly saw her approaching...

*Love by The Moffats played

With your love
And it turns me on like wind
Sun goes down and the moon comes up
Sweet sweet love like no other
Man has been touch
By the simple
Process of

“OH! Sir. Paul what brought you here?” The nurse asked him.

“Ah, uhmm…I’m…here to (point somewhere)… I’m here to ask your name! A..and to say sorry
for what happened last night, you know...”
(The nurse looked at her right chest, where her name pinned.)

“Ohhhh… haha you’re not wearing that yesterday when we’re together right?"

“Nope, I’m wearing this the whole time. Is that what you came here for, to ask my name?”

“Sort of, but I just really want to apologize for what I’ve said last night. You see, I didn’t mean
anything to that, in fact I had a great time spent with you and that was the first time I experienced
something like that as well, so if you’re still mad at me, I guess I have to keep my distance from
now on...”

“…what are you talking about?”

“Eh!? Haha nothing, I’m just... (The bell rings) 'kay I gotta go; I have class at 3rd floor. See you

“*He’s too cuuuuuute/but! I mustn’t fall in love with him. No. Not again.*”

“*I could’ve been ashamed for what happened, but what is it that I’m feeling. It was mixed! It
feels like we’ve known each other for a very long time and not just that, maybe we’re close, like
lovers. Haha, why am I talking to myself like this, damn you're becoming crazy Paul.*”
“Good morning class, how’s your day?” Paul greeted cheerfully as he entered the room.

“Good morning sir?” the students responded.

"Uhmm!? He he. This isn't the right room, is it? Sorry."

*Uhhh... what's happening to me, I’m losing focus.*” While walking at the hall.

“Sir!” one of his student calls him from different direction.


“Where are you going? Do we have class today?”

“Yeah! Haha of course we do, it’s just I think I forgot something in the office, but it’s not that
important though.”

“Good morning class! Open your book on page 111… our topic for today is about Rapid Eye
Movement, or simply REM sleep. It was the stage 4 of our brain activity when we were sleeping.
Here, we will experience the deepest stage of our night. Someone who’s at this stage will be hard
to wake up; it is also the part that most of the people’s nightmares occur. REM is quite familiar,
isn’t it? If we open the printer or the Xerox machine while using it, we can see the scanner going
back-and-forth fast to scan every detail that they’re copying or printing. That is what’s
happening when we were asleep, our brain generates the picture, setting, story etc. and our eye
scans it to form, what we so called, Dream.”

“Sir, I have a question.”

“Yes Ms. Serenity.”

“You mentioned a while ago about nightmare, what is it anyway? Because, last night I
experienced some strange dream like someone’s after my life and it was so scary. I can’t help it
but to cry.”

“I believe that’s not a nightmare. That’s a night terror. Night terror and nightmare were different.
For nightmare, it wasn’t always a bad dream like there’s a zombie horde or something. So when
are we going to tell if it’s nightmare or night terror? Just remember one thing; nightmare is
repetition or continuous flow of your dream. If you experienced the same dream from yesterday,
that’s a nightmare; whether good dream or bad dream.”
“That’s a very helpful info sir. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. And by the way, it’s not necessary to tell others that you were crying or you
cried over something, because some might take advantage of it.” He smiled when he approached

“I-I’m sorry sir!”

“It’s okay; just make sure to change whenever you say sorry. so that you’re not keeping yourself
for granted.”

“Siiiir!” guy in the middle excitingly shouted.

“Oh! Yes Mr. Necko? You’re very enthusiastic as always ha.”

“I have a question too, sir hehe!”

“’kay give it a shot, what it is this time?”

“What happens when we die in our dream?”

(Paul was in trance.)

{“Sir, have you ever experience dying in your dream?
“No, I haven’t. But, according to our old folklore, when you die in your dream, you will never
see the sun rising in front of your eyes again. Still, there is...”}
(He snapped out in trance when Elmira touches his hand; he stares at her and takes a couple of
second before he speaks and it is unusually slow.)

“According to our old folklore, when we died in our dream, we will never see the sun rising in
front of our eyes again. Still, there is…”

(Suddenly someone knocks on the door.)

“Excuse me Sir Paul, the President of the school wanted to talk to you A-S-A-P.”
(She is from the School President’s office.)

(At the President’s office)

*It was just the two of us here in the office. I wonder what she’s up to, calling me in the middle
of my class.*
School Pres, Yun: I heard that you are the best Psychology teacher here in our school. So, I guess
I can count on you in this matter.

“It depends on the matter Ms. President, but sure I’ll give it a try”

“I will be straight to the point and I want you to keep it for just the two of us. I keep on dreaming
of this certain man that I know for a long time. I was so sweet to him in my dream but personally
I don’t like him, he’s a good looking and kind though, but I don’t know why I always dreamed of
us like that always. Creepy isn’t it? What do think I should do to stop dreaming like that?”

*Seriously? She interrupted my class just to ask this kind of question?*

“Hmmm… I don’t see anything wrong with your dream Ms. President…”

“Oh! Wait; just call me, Yun okay?”

“Uhm, could I at least call you, Ms. Yun?”

“Okay, whatever you like. You may continue”

“Dream may be trivial, mysterious or cryptic but the truth is, it was transparent.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“How we act in our dream, is what represents our soul or our souls’ persona. It tells us who we
really are, what we really need and feel regardless of what it might be.”

“So! Are you saying that I am really in love with that man? How are you so certain of that?”

“I don’t know Ms. Yun but if you are always dreaming like that, well, I guess there is something
that you really wanted to have in your life right now. As for me, every night I am dreaming I
have parents. Waking me up in the morning, telling me that the food is ready, that I have to
stretch a little in the morning and be punctual because I have to go to school. When I got home,
someone will welcome me and will ask me if I have some homework and I have to do it before I
play. Also, was there in every occasion… stuff like that…stuff like that is what my heart longs
for. Well I-I think that was how an orphan would always dream of.”
~The next day at the Park~

“Hi, are you often here?” the school nurse suddenly sat next to Paul as he sitting back staring at
the lake. “Most of the time; yes, this was my favorite spot here because it is the place where the
sky touches the ground.” He answered unconsciously.

“You are really an interesting person.” (Smirk)

“Am I...?”

“Hey!? What happen to you?” Paul seems like been petrified after looking at her so she touches
his face.

*What is this warm feeling that dips into my face? it’s kinda familiar though…* as he opens his
eyes. “Huh?” and suddenly looked back into the lake.

“What’s happening to you? Are you okay? Are you sick?”

“I’m okay.”

“Then why do look so upset?”

“Upset? I’m not. I feel so happy to be honest and I don’t know why I always have this feeling
when you’re near me. So I was thinking that you are someone that’s so dear to me before.”

“Huh!? What are you talking about? Y-You don’t even know me.”

“Maybe you, you know me.”

“That’s absurd seriously haha. We just met the other day and you were saying that I know you or
you know me before.”

“Hahaha! I got ya.”

“I hate youuuu.”

“Would you like to have some ice cream?”

“No thanks, I’m good.” (As she’s walking away…)

“…it’s my treat.”

“Oh! Really? Let’s go hehe.”

“haha, okay I will bring you the most deliiiiiicious ice cream of this city.”

“Just make sure! Or else I won’t talk to you again.”

“Here we go.” (grin)

“This is it?”

“Yes… come on; just try it first before you complain.”

“Hhhmmm… not that bad, ‘kay you win. I never thought that there will be vendors of something
delicious around here.”

“Haha it just happen that I’m good at memorizing places. Also, I always have this feeling that I
have been here for a long time.”

“… Aren’t you?”

“Well, I’ve been here for more than a month already so I guess I’m not a newcomer anymore…
hey, are you alright? You seem so silent all of the sudden.”

“I’m okay (smiled) I’m going home now. Thank you for this and for the time as well. Take care”

“Ah would you mind if I… uh what’s on the rush? haayys, ladies.”

While walking home along the highway, he passed through a church and all of a

“Hey! Paul… Wait… Pauuul…”

Paul turns back and saw a girl walking fast towards while calling his name.

“Hooh… Haha I thought I wouldn’t catch you up. You always walks this fast, aren’t you?”

“Uhm…? Sorry?”
“Huh? Sorry for what? Wait!? Didn’t you recognize me?”

“Sorry, it… it is the first time I saw you. Are you a Senior High Teacher as well?”

“No, it’s… it’s me, Marie, your childhood friend.”

“Are you from the orphanage as well? Wow, I guess I really have gotten old not to remember a

“What are you talking about? Orphanage what? Did something terrible happen to you after your
mother passed away? I’m sorry if I leave…”

“…I think you are referring of someone else. I’ve spent 24 years of my existence, living in an
orphanage and 24 years, of not knowing who my parents are. I didn’t even have a picture of
them, unluckily; even their names have not carved into my head.”

“I am certain it was you. Uhm… you… you have this map like birthmark on your left thigh! Yes,
I remember you showed me that before.”

“You’re not a mind reader aren’t you? What else do you know?”

“Uhmm… Yes! You have burn on your left arm!”

“H—how did you know?”

“Hayys, do I have to repeat myself? We are childhood friend. You got that burn way back when
we were young; you and Mike were playing near the water heater when you accidentally push
the heater and were poured in to your arm. Do you think I will just talk to a random person and
tell every detail about him? I don’t know what happened to you but I am telling the truth, I don’t
have time to tell lies.”

“I’m… I’m sorry; it’s not that I don’t believe you. I just can’t imagine that… that someone like
you will show up and… and now, I am terribly confused… will you tell me more about myself?”

“I don’t know if this could help you get back your memories but I will try. First you have lovely
parents named, Maria el Sardian and Red Van Phoenix, living at Mindth Ore. Your father was an
honorable Marine and your mother was the one who’s taking care of you. You have a best friend
who was always at your side every time anywhere. Both of you love to watch the sunset at the
park and that’s where I met you. I was playing alone then both of you came and started talking to
me. We entered pre-school and junior high together; in fact we are rivals in class since then
because you and I were always on top 1. In junior high… you, you even confess your love
towards me.”

“so, what happened?”

“We moved into another country because of my dad’s work and that causes me to transfer to
another school. Years later I get back to Mindth Ore for a short vacation. Then, that time I found
out that your mother was in the hospital for a week, experiencing some kind of trauma because
your father died on a peace talk mission.”

“that was a pretty rough situation I guess.”

“Yes, but I admire you more that time because you can still manage to smile. If I was in that
situation, it’d be hard for me to talk to someone else; even if you’re my friend… your mother
was very beautiful and kind. I remember before, you keep on telling me that your mother was
always waking you up too early in the morning and forcing you to watch the news. You seem to
be so very close to each other, unlike me and my mom befo…”

“…I must go now.”

“Huh? Wait…”

“…your story was so realistic and I enjoyed listening to it. Till next time. I’m sorry.” *Argh…
it’s so confusing. There is some of her story that keeps popping out of my mind before, also,
what’s up with my tears? I can’t control it. She seems to be telling the truth but maybe she really
had mistaken me of someone. It’s all coincidence! Yes, it was just a coincidence. There’s no way
I am what she was talking about, I spent most of my days living under the orphan tent and I have
seen a lot of children found their new family. I have been forsaken but I’m not holding any more
grudge from my real parents, I’m sure they have a significant reason why they have to abandon
me. I got used to it since then, accepting what has been served and walk without knowing what
lies ahead.*

*I am hundred percent sure that that was him. He may change a bit physically but I am certain of
it, he is Paul Van Phoenix… wait a sec! Maybe Mike and Mira know everything… but I wonder
where they are. Oh gosh! What am I gonna do now.*

(A woman passes)

*I think I have seen that girl before… Yeah! It’s her.*

“Miss… yes you.”

“May I help you ma’am?”

“If I am not mistaken, you are a nurse right?”

“How did you know? Have I seen you before?”

“No not me. but this guy, Paul Van Phoenix. He was your patient years ago at Mindth Ore
Central Hospital.”

“How are you related to him?”

“I am his childhood friend. I saw him earlier today but he seems to be a different person. Y--You
took care of him for a long time when he was in the hospital right? Does he have amnesia?
Perhaps you could tell me a little story about what happened to him? Please?”

“I think you have mistaken, I’m sorry...” (about to leave)

“Miss, wait! Please!? I know you can help me bring back his memories if ever he really lost it.”

“I can’t help you with that I didn’t even know your guy.”

“You did… you got close to him before and maybe up until now. Are you keeping him away
from his friends? Or even from his relatives?”

"That’s too much with your non-sense accusation…”

“…Paul Van Phoenix. That’s his name and I know you knew him.”

“*Sigh* did you really think I am keeping him away from you or his relatives? If you were
thinking that I did nothing for him, then you have really been mistaken. Five years… five years
since he began to enter my life and didn’t come out. I wish I didn’t meet him, he was so selfish!
He only thinks about of himself. He didn’t even think about me, the one who stays beside him
when nobody does. Five years ago, he’s asleep for seven days and when he wakes up, there are
no friends or relatives or even you on his side. I explained to him what happened and he asked
me why he was still alive. It has been so rough for him that he needs to be diagnosed for months
to be fully recovered. So I stayed on his side, and yes up until now. Do you want to know why he
can’t remember you? Don’t worry… you’re not the only one. It’s just last year that he decided to
remove all of his memories. Why? It is because he’s been suffering from an illness that all of his
bad memories were just keep on flashing into his head. The doctor thinks that it was the side
effect of the drugs that keeps him alive for sleeping for a week. But he has it in him for years and
years. It’s really hard for him and for me as well because we’re living under the same roof that
time and I can’t help him feel better every time he has experiencing it over and over. Till one
day, we come to see the doctor and offer us one time solution. It’s… it is, to remove all of his
memories. At first he refused, he didn’t want to remove all of his precious memories including
me. But that was our only option; I really him to feel better and didn’t want to see anymore
suffering, even if it means erasure of me in him because love can do everything even if it hurts."

“in the end… it is still useless even how many times I tell him his story. I have no idea how
much pain it causes for both of you and I admire your tenacity over it though. Just how can you
resist such thing?”

“I don’t.’

“W—what do you mean?”

“I don’t resist, I’m accepting it instead. For me, as long as he is here, as long as I can see him
smiling, as long as I’m seeing him living for another day and doesn’t know what drives his’s,
I’m okay with it. He said once, just the time before he took the medicine, that he had this dream,
a dream that someday in the near future we will make another memory, a lot that we can adore
every single part of it… And that’s why I’m still holding on.”

“I see, you really love him so much. I’m sorry for what I have said a while ago.”

“We can’t bring it back so let’s just forget about it. It’s okay.”

“I want to thank you for not leaving his side all this time, I am certain that you will continue to
look after him and take good care even in this situation. Hhmm… so, if you need anything, just
feel free to contact me, after all you’re like a family to me right now.”

“Okay sure, it is good to know that there is still someone who is concerned”

“Thank you… by the way, I forgot to ask your name. Mine is Marie.”

“Ohw… sorry I forgot to tell mine either… it is Jamaica, just call me ‘Mai.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mai. Till next time, see you.”

“Yah, it’s a pleasure to meet you Marie. Take care, God bless.”

*It’s been a week since our last conversation at the park. We even see each other in school but he
seems to be avoiding me.*


*What’s happening to you Paul? Did you really forget about me? Haaays.*


“Ohw! Yes Doc. Lyra?”

“You were in trance. Is it him again?”

“*Sigh* yes doc. It seems like he’s avoiding me.”

“That’s not good. I think you must approach him now.”

“But how am I going to do that?”

“Hello? Do I really have to teach you? Talk to him just like what you both have before. If he
remembers anything, well that’s a good sign; if not, then, that’s good either.”

“It’s sunny”/”It’s sunny” (stares at the window)

“Sir, are we going to check this paper now?” the student asked.

“Uhm, yes, of course, did you already exchange your papers?”

””Yes sir!””

“Okay, number one ‘B…”

Jamaica was watching Paul from the outside of the classroom.

*He seems to be fine. Is it really the end for us, or it was already ended for you a long time ago?
Maybe, I can’t let go of what we have before, I got so weak when I force you to take the
medicine that will erase all of your memory. I know you know there’s another way but I still
insist. I am so stupid… I guess we better off this way, somewhere, somehow, I will forget you, I
just need to wake up from this dream that I am really not into you.*
“Doc, I have made up my decision. I’m going to go back at Central Hospital of Mindth Ore for

“Are you sure about that? Then what about him? Do you really intend to leave him here alone?”

“He has his own life now, own decisions and choices. He could do whatever he wanted to do
without me, love whoever he wanted to love and live whatever droves him. Because, it’s
because… right now, there’ll be no one who will force him to do what he don’t wanted to do.”

“Is that what you really think you are!?”

“I guess so… after all the years we’ve been through, it’s always my decision who takes over. Not
a single contradictory will be heard from him. He’s so understanding but I know he’s not, I know
he’s getting hurt every time his request was denied.”