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Allcargo Logistics & Industrial Parks


Build your world in ours.

The Avvashya House, CST Road, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400098. India.
Tel: 022 6681 1770, 022 6679 8110 | Fax: 022 6679 8195

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The Lasting Legacy

& INDUSTRIAL PARKS Allcargo Logistics is India's largest Integrated
Logistics Solutions provider with the group
25 Years Our Comprehensive
Range of Services having a presence in Projects and Engineering
of Experience solutions, Coastal Shipping, CFS-ICDs,
NVOCC, and Contract Logistics.

The Allcargo group is a pioneer and global

leader in Integrated Logistics Solutions with
presence in over 160 countries. It has a
in pan-India network of self-owned, operated
Offices Countries e-COMMERCE and developed CFS & ICDs. The group with
CFS-ICD LOGISTICS 25 years of experience in India's logistics
landscape, fully understands the unique
dynamics of India's connectivity
and infrastructure.
SHIPPING As a listed entity, Allcargo adheres to integrity
and transparency in all its endeavours and is
committed to environment friendliness and a
larger corporate responsibility.
Entering a New Era
The Arsenal
Delhi NCR
Total Area: 185 acres
Built-up Area: 4 mn sq.ft. Presence
15 million sq.ft. by 2020
Allcargo Logistics and
Industrial Parks Ahmedabad Nagpur
Total Area: 50 acres Total Area: 60 acres
Built-up Area: 1.2 mn sq.ft. Built-up Area: 1.3 mn sq.ft.

Allcargo Logistics and Industrial parks is a part of

14 locations across India Allcargo, the leader in Integrated Logistics Services. JNPT
Total Area: 100 acres
We offer state-of-the-art warehousing and industrial Built-up Area: 1.5 mn sq.ft.
real-estate solutions.
Total Area: 100 acres
With 14 strategically located parks across India already
Existing land Built-up Area: 2.3 mn sq.ft.
under various stages of development, we aim to take
bank of 450 acres Indore Kolkata
our nationwide warehousing footprint to 15 million sq. ft.
Total Area: 14 acres Total Area: 50 acres
by 2020. The purpose is to help clients overcome their
Built-up Area: 3 lacs sq.ft. Built-up Area: 1.3 mn sq.ft.
warehousing challenges and make the most of our
well-planned and easily accessible parks. Our lineage
and strengths in asset management and development

Each park spread execution sets us apart. We are well poised to enable
our clients minimize their logistics overheads. Hyderabad
across 50-100 acres
Pune Total Area: 30 acres
Built-up Area: 6 lacs sq.ft.
Total Area: 50 acres
Built-up Area: 1 mn sq.ft. Chennai
Total Area: 100 acres
Built-up Area: 2.3 mn sq.ft.
Strong connectivity
to industrial hubs and Total Area: 105 acres
Built-up Area: 2.3 mn sq.ft.
transport routes

Already acquired sites Proposed sites

Leveraging Location:
Soukya, Bengaluru

Site Description
• Located at one of the most developed logistics clusters
Land area: 105 acres
• Size to facilitate comprehensive demand
Location coordinates: 12.988271, 77.881723
• Designed for maximum throughput
Warehouse Space: 2.3 mn sq.ft • State-of-the-art amenities

Type of land: Commercial and Industrial

Main access: Soukya to Malur Road

Leveraging Location:
Delhi, NCR

Site Description • Located at one of the most

developed logistics clusters
Land area: 185 acres
• Size to facilitate comprehensive demand
Location coordinates: 28.478639, 76.808500
• Designed for maximum throughput
Warehouse Space: 4 mn sq.ft.
• State-of-the-art amenities
Type of land: Warehouse, PFT and ICD

Access road to the site: State Highway Jhajjar to Gurugram no. 15A

Main access: Abutting State highway and access through 20m road
Leveraging Location:
Nagulapalli, Hyderabad

Site Description
• Located at one of the most developed logistics clusters
Land area: 30 acres
• Size to facilitate comprehensive demand
Location coordinates: 17.464833, 78.221556 • Designed for maximum throughput

Warehouse Space: 6 lacs sq.ft • State-of-the-art amenities

Type of land: Industrial

Main access: 30 m wide

Benchmarking the Best
Corporate Social Facilitating Longevity

R.C.C. Roads 24x7 Electricity 24x7 Water Storm Water Fire Fighting Public Loading & Weighbridge Street lights Fuel station Dormitory
Tank Supply Drainage System transport unloading

24x7 security Sewage Truck terminals CCTV Cameras Wi-Fi Zone Street Furniture Canteen Admin Building Ample parking & Medical center Common toilet
desk treatment plants landscape
Adherence to Quality
Building Structure • Height: 12 m clear at the eaves level

• Bay Spacing
• End: Between 7.5 m to 7.75 m multiples
• Intermediate: Between 15 m to 15.5 m multiples

• Span: 24 m to 27.5 m

• Loading Parameters: As per the applicable MBMA

Standards and deflection criteria as per India Standards

• Collateral Load: 25 Kg/Sq.m.

• Roofing: bare Galvalume standing seam with

thickness 0.50 mm TCT

• Roof natural lighting of 4% with polycarbonate sheet

• 4 m wide cantilever canopy on docking side with the

clear height of 5 m from the apron level

Docking: • Loading and Unloading area:

• Between 25 to 28 m for one side
• Between 42 to 47 m for back to back loading area

• 16.5 m apron with paver block done

• Dock Height: 1.2 m with RCC Wall

• Internal Docking

• Provision of Dock Pits: 1 for every 30,000 sq.ft.

• Drive in Door Size: 4 m*5.5 m

Flooring: • Distributed load of 7 tonne per sq.m.

• FM 2 Floor Tolerances

Ventilation System: • 4-6 Air Changes / Hour

• Ridge Monitor at the roof level/louvers

Electrical Works: • 3 phase power supply

Fire Fighting System: • Fire extinguishers for the common areas

• Fire hose stations

• Sprinkler system
Propelling Relationships
Partnerships that Scale


- Indian Green ISO:9001
MIRCS - RICS Compliant
Building Council

Environment Rainwater Harvesting Use of LED

Technology Sewage Treatment Plant Use of Flyash in Concrete

Solar Energy
Corporate Social

Our environment more than As a part of our commitment

deserves our deepest commitment, towards the environment,
and we lavish as much commitment Allcargo Greens is our new initiative
and expertise towards safeguarding for environment sustainability aimed
our environment, as we do for at reducing waste and adopting
our business. renewable sources of energy
wherever possible.
We specialise in movement and as
a commitment towards the Nipun, our skill development centre
environment, we believe our talent, near JNPT trains unemployed youth
expertise and the resources in and imparts skills related to
movement can be wonderfully used logistics, enabling them to find jobs
to bring in great transformations and lead a better life.
and enrichment in the lives of
people, so we can move the safety We believe that giving back to
of our environment to a new level. the community that we operate in,
is the noblest form of moving we
can do.