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a shor t f ilm directed by Liam Hooper

Welcome to the Passion Protocol by Unfortunately, left over biological This must be treated once certain
Inti-Mate®. With physical contact processes can, in some cases, cause impulse levels are detected.
being highly dangerous and illegal, man to desire close physical contact This procedure maintains your
please ensure you comply with the with an external body’s casing. Health, Efficiency and Happiness.
following instructions precisely.
This is an Inti-Mate® requirement.

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Starting the Inti-Mate program, Annabel and Coral
experience the power of human touch for the first time.

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Annabel has spent her whole life in concept of enjoying another person’s After an unexpected kiss, Annabel
isolation, along with every other company, but only for the allowed time. nervously allows Coral to touch her until
person in this society governed by Cautiously, the women ease their way the fear evaporates completely and they
an oppressive law forbidding human into the idea of touching one another. share a passionate kiss, undress each
contact. Murmurs of a mysterious Coral has experienced this before and is other and make love. They don’t want
biological war from the past seem to be clearly more comfortable and this moment to end and to go back to
to blame. excited while Annabel worries about the their separate lives; why can’t they stay?
outcome, fearing the sensation and risk
To access a new tier of living perks, of the fabled decontamination procedure. It isn’t until a sound indicates they’ve
Annabel must first complete The outlasted their allotted time together
Passion Protocol - a government program Eventually they acclimatise to that Annabel realises what they’ve done;
responsible for wellbeing. Another young touching and the awkward barrier is the rules are broken. She attempts to
woman, Coral, vivacious and dreamy, broken; conversation flows and they hurry Coral out before it becomes clear
steps through the door into Annabel’s begin to enjoy each other, sharing it’s too late; the door is locked and the
living space, having been assigned as stories about the ridiculousness of their decontamination procedure begins.
partners. situation. Annabel opens up and reveals
the relatable human character Faced with whatever happens next,
Guided by a dated orientation video beneath their society’s conditioning; she Annabel is glad they at least experienced
and a vague understanding of human begins to feel herself. human touch and emotion together.
interaction, Annabel attempts the

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Indoctrinated by the government’s narrative Coral yearns for something other. She wants
of their world; Annabel is obedient. She’s to push the boundaries and find out what lies
particular and by-the-book; a creature of habit beyond. This is her perfect opportunity. She’s
who’s confident in what she knows. For Annabel, very switched on, despite first exuding a
The Passion Protocol is about completing a task wide-eyed excitability. A loose cannon who
and she initially hides any nerves with a cold follows her imagination. This is dented when
demeanour. Her ark rounds off fully with her she panics, thinking she’s pushed it too far
realising how hollow life has been and shifting until the character comes full circle and unites
her perspective on their purpose; acting as a with Annabel when she realises she was always
beacon of hope for Coral. right to question and to wonder.

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I believe in love above all; especially today is relevant in 2019 with a high mainstream
when we have so little towards one another. awareness of genders and sexual orientations.
We hear so little about love and compassion, I worked with female writers because the script
with the media focusing on hate and crime, demands a clear-cut female perspective. I also
we forget the power love has to brighten a day approached two female producers as I knew
or make someone smile. By cutting love out they would keep this in check throughout.
and showing how it manifests regardless, The
Passion Protocol is a social commentary about The Passion Protocol will develop into a TV
a world we don’t want to find ourselves in. drama in order to fully reveal what happens
next to our characters beyond this short,
This story has a beating heart with a contained while exploring their world in more depth and
production around it. It’s minimal and doesn’t reaching a further resolution to their story.
distract from the relationship and emotions. It
allows the complexities of the characters to I want to reach young adults who know
be fleshed out and the subtle nuances of the they have an uncertain future with today’s
performances to shine under the spotlight. This climate and to emphasise that whatever
will creatively push me to direct my best work happens, love can always exist in even the most
by focusing on the acting, telling the story and desperate times. I want it to resonate with
crafting the atmosphere in a single location. viewers who know that when it’s there it can’t
be avoided, no matter what the rules are.
Two female leads suggests Inti-Mate doesn’t
pair for reproduction or even consider gender
as sexual preference is redundant here. This
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abstinence, trepidation, isolation ambivalence, affinity, exploration unity, thrill, fear

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Liam Hooper After making his first films aged Hum Hum Specialising in Music Videos, Short
Director ten, Liam has directed a variety of films Films Production and Documentaries; Hum Hum
spanning multiple genres including Production is a duo formed of Jeanne Scahaise &
fantasy, horror, sci-fi and drama. At The BRIT School of Carol Van Hemelrijck. They have worked with a range
Performing Arts, Liam learned the importance of a strong of talented artists and their work has been featured on
team. He continues to direct for clients including Sony various online magazines. Their short films have been
and Warner Music, each with a focus on escaping reality. showcased internationally and also broadcast online.

Milly Wild Milly began in set design and studied Carol Van Carol studied in Belgium at the Institut
Writer creative writing and English literature. Hemelrijck des Arts de Diffusion before moving to
This provided her the time and space to Writer London. Also a director, she has both
explore different forms of writing and grasp a written shorts and adapted novels.
more complete understanding of story. Milly has She is currently developing her first feature whilst writing
written a short film for the BFI Film Academy and concepts for Music Videos. She’s always working on new
music videos for the collaborative punk group Sh!t S!ck. ideas and dreaming up new stories.

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We guarantee you and your Inti-Mate® partner a safe and
pleasant experience during this necessary procedure.


Please enjoy your copy of The Passion Protocol screenplay.

- Liam Hooper

Title: The Passion Protocol

Director: Liam Hooper
Producer: Jeanne Scahaise
Writers: Milly Wild, Carol Van Hemelrijck
Prod Co: Hum Hum Production
Duration: 10mins
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi

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