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Your Name: Nurul Widyawati IR email:

Address: Jl. Imam Bonjol Gang Turi No 250 Kaliwates city/state/zip: Jember/East Java/68133
Participant name: Zidni Zydan
Country of placement: United States of America
Month, year of departure: August,2016 month/year returned: June, 2017.
Where questions can easily be answered with a “yes” or a “no”, simply check the applicable . Most
questions are not of the “either-or” variety, we therefore ask you to mark a sliding scale. Please indicate
your feeling either to the left, near the , or to the right, near the , or anywhere in between, for instance:

More important than your ratings, however, are your comments. We have left room for them after each
question. Please use it, and if insufficient please use additional sheets of paper.

1. Expectations
1.1 What did you expect your
son/daughter would gain from the experience when you approved his or her participation in
an AFS program?
We believe that our son had a new and meaningful experience, culture and knowledge that he got
from AFS program.

1.2 In reality, what do you see

as the most important things he or she has gained from the experience?
We see that our son has wide or extensive knowledge that can be shared with his friends, relatives
and society which also could motivate others. Besides, our son can solve problems that related to
himself or even society easier, thoughtfully and critically. We also could see that our son have a
wide link/access even inside the country and overseas because of his friends that spread around
the world through the AFS program.

503/1303 -2-

3. From Application to Departure

3.1 How did you find out
about AFS (check all applicable boxes):
Participated previously in AFS as a host family
A member of the family previously went away on an AFS program
From a friend/acquaintance
Through the school
At work
Through press, radio, TV
Through internet and social media
Know AFS from when we were teenagers
Other (please specify below):
3.2 What made you choose
AFS for your child’s experience abroad?
We just heard the information about AFS and we believe that this program is justifiable and would
have a huge positive impact towards my son.

3.3 Did your child apply with

other organization(s) offering similar programs? yes no
If so, which one(s):

3.4 What were your

expectations for services from AFS during the weeks/months before departure?

Very well giving some information periodically, so we could know the program and event that my
son will be joined.

How well have these expectations been met?

Please comment:

503/1303 -3-

3.6 :
0 Did your daughter/son
participate in
preparatory activities, locally or in your region? yes no
How helpful were these events in your opinion?
1 Did you attend any such
events yourself? yes no
If so, how would you rate this/these meeting(s)?
2 How helpful were the
preparatory materials
provided by AFS (by mail, on the website, as handouts, etc.)?
Overall, how well did we do our part in preparing you
for your experience as an AFS family?

Please comment:
AFS team are really cooperative for giving the information, before the departure to the host country,
when my son in the program, and before going back to own country, so we could know the
information through email, Facebook or Whats app
Please share what activities/information turned out to be most useful during your AFS experience:
We could build a connection and relationship (silaturahim) with host family and could share the
experience and the story, moreover until now, we still communicate each other through social
media in order to keep our good kinship.

3.7 Did your daughter/son

receive placement information (about the host family, school,
or community project/organization) sufficiently ahead of her/his departure? yes

Approximately how many weeks before departure s/he receive them (please choose from the list)?
4 weeks or more
3 weeks
2 weeks
1 week
less than 1 week

Please comment:

503/1303 -4-

5. Support during the Program

5.1 During your
son/daughter’s absence, was it
easy to reach AFS here in this country? yes no
How satisfied were you with our support services?
How satisfied were you with information and updates provided?
Please comment:

5.2 Overall, how satisfied

were you with support
provided by AFS in your daughter/son’s host country?

If less than satisfied, which of your expectations for support from AFS were not met during your
daughter’s/your son’s experience?

Please share your suggestions for improvement:

If your feedback refers to a specific AFS volunteer/staff, please share their names:

503/1303 -5-

7. Overall satisfaction
7.1 Considering everything,
how satisfied are you
with your/your son/daughter’s AFS experience?
What are the most important benefits AFS added to your experience?
Our son’s knowledge and experience could increase which make him more mature and could be
applied in his life for his future.

What could AFS have done differently to improve your experience?

Give us chance to be host family

7.2 How do you evaluate the

cost in relation to the benefit of an AFS experience?
Please comment:

503/1303 -6-

9. Involvement with AFS

9.1 Are you interested in
volunteering with AFS in the future and how: di isi nno satu
supporting host families and hosted participants
screening participants for an AFS experience abroad
as host family for another AFS participant
as temporary family in an emergency or during a family change
helping to organize/conduct meetings
with fundraising or donations
other (please specify below):
9.2 Based on your
experience, how do you feel about
recommending AFS to others you think might be interested?
Please comment:
We always share our son’s experience and AFS program to our relatives and our students.

Please provide the contact information of anyone you would like us to approach:

Name: Imam
Last Name: Mahfuudi
Phone number 081233727447