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FOG HORN July 2019

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Streamlight ProTac® 90

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Streamlight ProTac ® 90 2019

Streamlight ProTac® 90 lithium); however, light output will be less with

the AA battery.
By: Sal Palma
CR123A lithium:

 High: 300 lumens with a runtime of 1.75

 Low: 40 lumens, runtime 14 hours.
 Strobe: runtime 2.5 hours.

AA alkaline:

 High: 125 lumens runtime 2.75 hours.

Gone are the days of the old military issue MX-  Low: 40 lumens runtime 8.25 hours.
991/U right angle flashlight. The old D-cell  Strobe: runtime 3.5 hours.
clunkers with incandescent bulbs served us
AA lithium:
well, but we all have a useable lifespan and it
was time for the MX-991/U to go and be  High: 125 lumens runtime 5.5 hours.
replaced by the more capable and compact LED  Low: 40 lumens runtime 8.25 hours.
EDC lights, like Streamlight’s new ProTac®90  Strobe: runtime 8 hours.
right angle flashlight.

Right angle flashlights have a distinct advantage

over the more traditional straight body lights in
that they can be easily mounted on the torso,
or load bearing kit, to illuminate an area in front
of the wearer; freeing the hands for a task. As a
working flashlight only one thing beats a right
angle light and that is a right angle light with
articulating head.

Streamlight’s ProTac®90 is a dual fuel,

programmable illumination tool. The light
employs Streamlight’s TEN-TAP® to select
between three different programs. As the name
implies, the user taps the push-button tail
switch ten times and holding on the tenth tap The ProcTac®90 features an aluminum body
to select between high/strobe/low, high only, that is O-ring sealed to an IPX7 rating (1m for 30
or low/high. minutes). The light is also 2 meter impact
The ProTac®90 runs on a lithium CR123A resistance tested so it will survive day-to-day
battery or AA alkaline battery (as well as a AA rigors.

Copyright 2019, Towbirds Flying Publications. All Rights Reserved.

Streamlight ProTac 90 2019
Manufacturer Specifications:

 High Lumens 300

 Run Time on High 1.75 hours
 Run Time on Low 14.00 hours
 Beam Distance147 meters
 Max Candela 5,400
 Battery Type AA Lithium, AA Alkaline,
CR123A Lithium
 Battery Quantity 1
 Length 3.78 inches (9.60 centimeters)
Streamlight did not skimp of the pocket clip, it’s  Weight 2.80 ounces (79.38 grams)
robust and removable if you so desire. You can  Colors Black
mount the ProTac90 securely on a PALS panel,  Operating Instructions
shirt pocket or belt mounted using the included
nylon holster.

The ProTac®90 is an easy to use, compact and

high performance EDC tactical flashlight. On
high, its 300 lumens and piercing 147 meter
beam will light up the night. Its robustness will
withstand anything you can reasonably throw at
it and the 3.78 inches of overall length will not
get in your way no matter how it’s carried.
Streamlight’s ProTac90 will serve you well as
both a tactical and task light. And, you can pick
one up for $40 - $50, you can’t beat that.


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