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Problem Statement

● After an increase in customer complaints, ​FairAir needs to raise awareness about the new
changes and procedures within the company.

Situational Analysis
● Formal Research Methods
○ Online Survey
■ Survey administered online and included individuals who have and have
not flown with FairAir before. It will gather information on the reputation
of FairAir from an outsider's perspective. It will also gain insight on those
who have flown with us before and what aspect they like and what could
be improved on.
● Informal Research Methods
○ Content Analysis
■ Conduct an in-depth analysis looking at what others have said about us.
Social media, radio, television and print media will all be evaluated.
○ Social Media Audit
■ In-depth analysis of how FairAir is utilizing its social media to promote
and represent the FairAir brand. Researched the number of followers, likes
and interaction with the brand via social media. Platforms explored will be
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
○ Interview with FairAir’s President
■ Interviewed the president to find out what issues FairAir has been dealing
with, what changes have been made and FairAir’s hopes for the future.
○ Focus Group with Previous Passengers
■ Talked with groups of individuals who have flown with FairAir before to
find out what they liked, didn’t like, changes they would like to see
happen, etc. Also spoke with those who have never flown with FairAir to
gauge the current reputation and attitude toward the brand.
○ Observation of Flight
■ Attend a flight to examine the changes made to the FairAir brand. Also
conduct intercept interviews with those on the flight to gauge attitude and
○ Historical Research
■ Will look at records of company data, Airline Quality Ratings and ticket
sales to examine trends and company history.
● Key Findings
■ Based on the survey, 67 percent of individuals have heard of FairAir.
● Of those, 93 percent have heard negative reviews on the company.
● Only 25 percent know of recent changes made.
● Fifty six percent of say the low prices are worth the negative
■ The leading negative issues mentioned in customer complaints were “bad
customer service, ​poor check-in processes, dirty restrooms and rude flight
■ Seventy two percent of online comments about the company are negative.
■ On average, the Facebook page receives 15 comments and 4 shares per
post. 37 percent of followers interact with the brand on a weekly basis
● Many followers want to see deals and exclusive offers on
■ Eight hundred and fifty pages follow FairAir on Instagram. On average,
the page has 17 comments per post.
● Prefer to see more visual travel posts than advertisements.
■ Seventy six percent of those who have flown with FairAir before
experienced some sort of negative service including poor baggage
handling, rude staff, issues with cleanliness, etc.
■ Seventy one percent of those who have flown with the company before
would be willing to give the company a second chance if they can see a
■ College students are the largest demographic searching for affordable
flights to the Florida/Caribbean region.
● Sales to this area increase by 45 percent in correspondence to
school breaks (spring, summer).
■ Young adults are the next highest demographic searching for flights based
on affordability rather than luxury.
■ Most individuals flying with the FairAir brand live within a 50 mile radius
of an Airport where FairAir flies.
● Primary: College students age 18-24 with a desire to travel to Florida and the Caribbean
who live within a 50-mile radius of an airport where FairAir flies.
○ This demographic is likely to fly with FairAir due to its low prices and may be
more forgiving and willing to accept the changes FairAir has made.
● Secondary: Young adults age 18-35 of a lower middle class socioeconomic status who
have flown with FairAir before.
○ This demographic needs to be addressed in order to notify them of changes and
gain back loyalty that has potentially been lost.
● Intervening: The media
● Special: The Airline Quality Rating Committee. This committee studies and rates airlines
using data based on ​mishandled baggage, consumer complaints, on-time performance and
involuntary denied boardings.

● Raise positive awareness and loyalty to the FairAir brand.

● Raise awareness of FairAir among college students age 18-24 from 67 percent to 85
percent in one year.
● Raise awareness of changes made from 25 percent to 75 percent in college students age
18-24 and young adults age 25-35 in a year.
● Encourage 40 percent of those who have flown with FairAir before to book a second
flight with us within one year.
● Have three positive stories covered in the media in one year.
● Increase Airline Quality Rating from number 32 to being ranked in the top 15 in one
● Decrease negative online comments from college students and young adults from 72
percent down to 20 percent in one year.
● Establish a more positive and familiar online presence.
● Increase consumer knowledge about recent changes made within the FairAir company.
● Partner with travel companies and hotels to help get the FairAir name out to consumers.
● Be featured in positive stories about travel experience to encourage others to use FairAir.
● Partner with college campuses to directly inform our target audience.

Key Messages
● FairAir has made big changes to improve cleanliness, process efficiency and overall
● Affordably priced flights can still be high quality.
● FairAir is a reliable, quality and affordable flight solution for college students and young
● Flying can still be an enjoyable part of your vacation.
● FairAir exclusively to Florida and the Caribbean.
● Magazine Ad​: We will place an advertisement in publications including Travel & Leisure and
Budget Travel. They will be one page, full color ads on display bimonthly for one year.
● Direct Mail Piece​: A postcard will be sent out once every six months to college students and young
adults within 50 miles of an airport promoting our brand, informing potential consumers of
promotions and changes made to the brand.
● Social Media Testimonials:​ Positive stories and experiences with the FairAir brand will be shared
on all social media platforms every Friday. Promotions and Exclusive offers will also be featured
across platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The hashtag #FlywithFairAir will be
used throughout.
● Airline Quality Rating:​ FairAir will work with The Airline Quality Rating Committee which will
allow them to rerate FairAir every four months to show continual improvement. The results will
then be shared publicly for anyone who desires the information. A link to these will also be
included in the direct mail piece.
● Open House Event:​ FairAir will host an open house at participating airports that allows potential
consumers to come in to meet flight attendants and pilots and walk through the planes. This will
establish a relationship of trust and let consumers see the changes we have made. Merchandise,
such as branded luggage tags, headphones, PopSockets and travel journals, will be handed out. The
events will be promoted on social media and in local print and digital media.
● Partnership with Hampton Inn:​ Partner with this hotel chain in order to advertise in hotel lobbies
and rooms and utilize its brand through trip giveaways. In order to compensate for advertising,
Hampton employees will be given a 20 percent discount on all FairAir flights.
● Trip Giveaway:​ Monthly, FairAir will give away a travel package which will include a FairAir
round-trip flight to a different chosen destination each month and three free nights staying in a
Hampton Inn. Special giveaways will happen, such as a spring break trip for college students.
● College Campus Trip Planning Seminars:​ Travel representatives, flight attendants and pilots will
travel to college campuses to hold trip planning seminars while also giving information about the
FairAir brand and giving them a chance to meet some of the FairAir employees. Merchandise,
such as branded luggage tags, headphones, PopSockets and travel journals, will be handed out. The
event will be promoted throughout campus on print media and on FairAir’s social media platforms.
● Media Kit:​ A media kit will be distributed via email to television and radio stations including
contact information, a press release, positive testimonials, AQR scores and more.
● Bloggers:​ Offer exclusive discounts to the three biggest travel bloggers in order to turn their
negative view of the brand to positive one encouraging feedback about their experience online.
Timeline: January-December 2019
● January
○ Print advertisements will begin being be printed
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ Partnership with Hampton Inn begins
○ AQR Evaluation
○ Trip giveaway
○ Send out media kit
● February
○ Direct mail piece #1 will be sent out
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ Trip giveaway
● March
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ College campus seminars
○ FairAir open house event
○ Trip giveaway
● April
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ Trip giveaway
○ College campus seminars
● May
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ College campus seminars
○ Trip giveaway
● June
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ Trip giveaway
○ AQR evaluation
○ Trip giveaway
● July
○ Direct mail piece #2 will be sent out
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ FairAir open house event
○ Trip giveaway
● August
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ Trip giveaway
● September
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ College campus seminars
○ Trip giveaway
● October
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ Trip giveaway
○ College campus seminars
● November
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ College campus seminars
○ AQR evaluation
○ Trip giveaway
● December
○ Weekly social media testimonials
○ Trip giveaway
○ Partnership will Hampton Inn will be evaluated.
○ Effectiveness of the campaign and its various aspects will be evaluated.

Budget: $2,225,000
Item Quantity Price Per Unit Price

Branded Headphones 500 $1.43 $715

PopSockets 500 $4.49 $2,245

Luggage Tags 500 $2.82 $1,410

Travel Journals 500 $1.81 $905

Magazine Ads 1 Full page color Travel & Leisure:

page ad per $169,900 x 12
publication Budget Travel: $2,189,730
$ 25,155 x 6

Direct Mail Piece 80,000 $0.20 $16,000

Trip Giveaways 12 $850 $10,200

Travel to college 12 $300 $3,600


Media Kit 30 $0.49 $14.70

TOTAL: $2,224,819.70
Evaluation of Tactics

● Magazine Ad​: To evaluate the effectiveness of the magazine ads, we will send out
another survey at the end of the year to gauge brand recognition and awareness of
changes. If awareness among college kids and young adults is raised to 85 percent, it will
be considered successful.
● Direct Mail Piece​: We will evaluate the number of people who have received the mail
piece. We will also use a survey to gauge brand awareness.
● Social Media Testimonials:​ We will evaluate effectiveness based on number of likes,
shares and followers gained. If we can increase social media activity by 35 percent, it will
be considered a success.
● Airline Quality Rating:​ We will evaluate effectiveness based on if FairAir was ranked in
the top 15 to be considered successful.
● Open House Event:​ We will evaluate effectiveness based on the number of people who
attend the event. We will also look into how many of the people who attended took
further action with the brand (follow FairAir on social media, book a flight, etc.).
● Partnership with Hampton Inn:​ A post survey will be sent out to recent Hampton guests
to evaluate the effectiveness of FairAir advertising in the space.
● Trip Giveaway: ​Surveys will be sent out to those who won the trips in an effort to see if it
is an effective way to gain trust and turn a negative opinion to a positive one. It will also
tell us if individuals will be willing to fly with FairAir again.
● College Campus Trip Planning Seminars:​ Effectiveness will be evaluated by attendance
of college students to these seminars. A survey will be administered to see the overall
opinion and awareness of the FairAir brand. If further action (booking a flight, reaching
out for more information, follow on social media etc.) is taken by 60 percent of those that
attend, this tactic will be considered a success.
- Water will be printed with metallic paper.
- Trees will be embossed with a bumpy texture
for a more eye catching effect.