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Strzok-Page Texts [2016-07-31 JouTBox ‘Don't you have their numbers in your phone? \23:28:52, Sun _ 2016-07-31 INBOX’ ‘Sigh. Ves. But I need to go check... |23:30:01, sun_| 2016-07-31 [INBOX Plus | don't want the DD's office texting my people direct. Ima 23:30:32, Sun — control freak. :D 2016-07-31 [INBOX [Other way around |23:31;03, Sun j2016-07-31 [OUTBOX [Oh please. 1 will find that out right quick. Thisis all about whether |23:31:11, Sun you want to make it easy on yourself. 2016-07-31 [OUTBOX Ha. Thanks. }23:31:17, Sun __| [2016-07-31 [OUTBOX 2, Sun This makes me very 7 fp langry.\n\nDonald Trump\u2019s Confrontation With Muslim ISoldier\u2019s Parents Emerges es Unexpected Flash Point a ntto:/dnvai.s/2 [2016-07-31 [INBOX ‘Yeah I'm furious about it. Interwebs are on fire. * J23:41:10, Sun [2016-08-01 OUTBOX mean seriously. What in the hells this guy talking about? (01:38:23, Mon |\n\nDonald Trump Gives Questionable Explanation of Events in [Ukraine http://nytims/2arMCywW loursox 'How Paul Manafort Wielded Power in Ukraine Before Advising : Donald Trump 2016-08-01 [OUTBOX {am just waiting for my calendar to open s01 can check Andy's 16:11:37, Mon schedule and then Ican go. - __| (2016-08-01, INBOX ‘Did Andy mention if he talked t¢ Don't ask if he didn't, just! 20:07:55,Mon | icurious. 2016-08-01 [OUTBOX IHe didn’t reach him. He said he would try again. 20:11:03, Mon oo 2016-08-01 JOUTBOX Ha. That's fine. I'm walking down to andy now. 120:38:03, Mon - _ 2016-08-01 OUTBOX [Ho boy. Don't tell moffa, but andy is cancelling their brief. And he 121:01:13, Mon — |wants it first. - 2016-08-01 INBOX |Worried about it? 12:06:27, Mon _ 2016-08-01 INBOX || think that's smart. Bill may need a little saving from himself... 22:06:44, Mon [2016-08-01 OUTBOX [also, Andy spoke to] IWVaS out, he has @ POC for you 21:56:10, Mon lover there when youneed it. 2016-08-01 [OUTBOX [Brief for tomorrow is just for DD now. It's better that way, | think. 12:07:25, Mon_} 12016-08-02 OUTBOX Hi! Good meeting: }12:04:11, Tue 39 Oy-PROD-0000205 Strzok-Page Texts 2016-08-02 INBOX * 12:04:29, Tue . 12016-08-02 INBOX 12:04:43, Tue 2016-08-02 |OUTBOX Sipe A pec Whoa. 12:08:22, Tue _|. _ 2016-08-02 [OUTBOX [Make sure you can lawfully protect what you sign. Just thinking 12:06:10, Tue labout congress, foia, etc. - [2036-08-02 [OUTBOX I'm sure it's fine, | just don't know how protection of intel-type |42:07:06, Tue |stuff works in that context. _ | [2016-08-02 |OUTBOX lYou probably know better than me. 32:07:24, Tue . _ 2016-08-02 |INBOX Oh. You're Gering this to review. | TOLD you that you should have 12:07:43, Tue _|come. 3) |2016-08-02 INBOX Getting, not Gering, Just sent to your fbinet email. \n\nAnd hi. |12:19:34, Tue \U0001f636\U0001f636\U0001f636 [2016-08-02 OUTBOX IK. | probably won't be in until about 9. Could you send to and 12:20:22, Tue trisha too? }2016-08-02 INBOX }\u0500\u03b3\u02011 did. \n\nBut if you were here, you could be 12:41:54, Tue _ reading it now as we wa \2016-08-02 OUTBOX i know, :(\n\nI just called trisha to make sure she looks at it soon. 12:42:47, Tue |she is acting Jim so probably still in morning meetings. 12016-08-02 INBOX: |@ +@Ochooh ooh. also told at their mentoring 12:45:39, Tue session, “one day | can see you on my staff."\n\nAnd “ive cracked | |the code. Come to me and I'l tell y 12016-08-02 INBOX |@ + @ou how to get where you want to go."\n\nWhat an 12:48:06, Tue | |ASTOUNDING douche (2016-08-02 INBOX Dude hurry up and get in. | worry ogc is making happy to glad 13:36:19, Tue changes which are nice to have but not legally necessary and which! \will derail this thing. - ~ — a |2016-08-02 |OUTBOX I'm here, Reading it now |13:37:09, Tue 2016-08-02 INBOX interesting fact. Guy we're about to interview was 14: 10, Tue j — 2016-08-02 _ [OUTBOX lYeah, that's floral OA calling you a bunch of d¥cks right now. 26:56:19, Tue [2016-08-02 |iNBOX [Tell him to suck it! Enjoy your presentation about background 17:00:39, Tue investigations! 2016-08-02 JOUTBOX |We're all in the same place then. Ttyl. louTBox Have moffa andere. Stand by. 117:50:13, Tue [2016-08-02 INBOX [You knew THIS was inevitable... 17:56:53, Tue — 2016-08-02 [INBOX Oh good lord. Did you see Laufman's email? | [18:17:32, Tue 40 D04-PROD-0000208 Straok-Page Texts 2016-08-02 |OUTBOX | did have to fleld an awkward “so who arg you? And what are you 18:36:59, Tue \doing on this case” kind of question fror Jon did me a solid land answered for me. :) }2036-08-02 [OUTBOX hie 19:27:22, Tue a)... [2016-08-02 | INBOX |And you HAVE had to deal with Kida and ‘Dawe I thought 19:55:44, Tue jLwas out all this week 2016-08-02 INBOX, \Hi. emailed me, so im hoping that might mean you're 21:53:59, Tue | _ Idone...\U0O01f636 5 i . [2016-08-02 INBOX [@ 00 @And hey. |just had an extraordinary flash of anger that our 2: 37, Tue llong-stated desire to Do! to get us comments by Thursday in order Ito have a meeting on Frida 7 2016-08-02 INBOX |@ 00 @y was trumped by anc being absent. You 22:45:01, Tue Iknow what? I'm absent now. I'll be back on Wed. So, Dol, stick to ithe original time frame we've had [2016-08-02 _|INBOX [@ 00 @so Pete can be present. | guess Kfdji and upeing |22:45:02, Tue Ithere Is SO much more important. Crank crank crank. \n\nAre we still having a meeting on Fri? ee 2016-08-02 [INBOX |@ 8 @ And Just heard from Jon. Thanks so s0 much for having the 23:03:21, Tue discipline to wait another 24 hours to have the first meeting about Ithe case with Dol. | reall 2016-08-02 [INBOX \@ 8 @y appreciate it. 23:25:44, Tue . __| [2016-08-02 |OUTBOX ljesus. There’s a lot to read here. Let ma cal heck in with andy,| 123:30:47, Tue _ land | will call you. . 2016-08-03 INBOX: |}@ P @Yeah well I'm going to go write some recollections from the 00:57:16, wed interviews this afternoon. The fact that I'm thinking of things that | ust mentioned right n _ _ 7 INBOX }@ P @ow that | didn't immediately remem! akes mi | Ineed to get them jotted down. INBOX lOoh. Remind me about the scif and the embassy history. [2016-08-03 [INBOX JAnd | want to tell you now, \UO001"636 — 100:58:10, Wed [2016-08-03 INBOX |The first part needs to be on another system, though. Or in person, 10:58:33, Wed o£) 2016-08-03 INBOX lOooh, And remind me euCtee Vio 101:07:28, Wed |\vo002628 | 2016-08-03 [OUTBOX [Think so, Not sure. For sure his RNC experience is going to be a (01:08:44, Wed _ izero, don't know enough to tell more. [2016-08-03 |INBOX [A zero in terms of not the same characters? 101:09:26, Wed - 12016-08-03 |INBOX |Also, Ihm preamble is fine. | cannot believe how long it took 01:10:12, Wed _| . |\uo00if612 }2016-08-03 jOUTBOX Just don’t think it's going to be useful. Think interactions are going 01:10:25, wed Ito be more with his security folks. (Bc he has private, ex-Bu ones in laddition to the Service), a os-PROD-0000207