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STATUS OF On-going, New and Maintenance works as on 24-3-2018

a) On-going works
Expenditure Latest Present status
Estimated Built up in Lakhs expenditure
amount area in 9-2-2018 as on 24-3-
S.No Name of the work
Rs in square 2018 in
Lakhs feet Lakhs

 The work was

taken up by
Mehar Infra and
537.64 711.18 the work is in
Construction of Boy’s Hostel – block
1 2268 162490 progress. Slab
1, 2 and Amenities block
was cast for an
area of 136490
square feet.

The work is in progress.

2 325 405.60
Construction of Central Library 550 46730

The work was taken up and

Construction of Concrete drain along is in progress and
3 the periphery of the existing cricket 7.08 1.4683 7.70 programed to be completed
ground by March , 2018

Grand total 2829.98 2,09,220 864.1083 1124.48

b) Proposed works
Latest status
Estimated amount Built up area in
S.No Name of the work
Rs in Lakhs square feet
Detailed estimates
and drawings are
received and
1 Construction of 1st floor over the execution will be
72.30 6570
existing canteen taken up after
identification of the

Foundation stone was

laid on 26-8-2017.
Detailed estimate was
Construction of R & D building received from the
2 on the south side of Mechanical 598 33,480 consultant and efforts
block ( G+2) are being made to
identify the executing

Providing additional The work shall be

3 accommodation in the existing 19 1000 taken up
Canara bank departmentally from
1-4-2018 and
programed to be
completed with in
four months.

4 Modification of Existing servant

10 1000
Grand total 699.30 42,050

c) Maintenance works
Latest status
Estimated amount Built up area in
S.No Name of the work
Rs in Lakhs square feet
Replacement of AC sheets The work shall be
with new AC sheets in respect taken up depending
of workshops – 6 nos up on the Academic
1 area of each work shop- 5720 17.00 34,320 schedule.
square feet

total area: 34,320

The work shall be

Girls hostel – inside painting taken up during the
2 10.00 58,200
work for block A and B ensuing summer

Providing water facilities to It is proposed to dig

3 ECE block with a dedicated 1.00 a bore exclusively
bore for ECE block.

Grand total 28.00

Dean C I

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