Feasibility Report on Poultry form

Prepared By: Muhammad yousuf Prepared For: DR. Sardar Ahmed Ansary Class: MBA 4(B evening) Subject: Project management Date: 08-11-10

In Pakistan. In this report i will analyze some options but our focus will be location of “tarnoul”. The report will also contain analysis of more or less all related aspects of this business. The firm will be registered as single proprietorship. The business is about Chick production. This involves many questions such as how much investment should be made by the owner. The owner will register the firm with the Federal body and also with the Provincial and Local Government body if needed. Rising of poultry in Pakistan has virtually proven a profitable enterprise as it is the best source of cheap. Poultry culture in South Asian countries is expanding rapidly and the rate of growth of commercial layer and broiler (meat producing) farms is phenomenal to meet the ever increasing demand for proteins through poultry meet and eggs. Firm’s Name: The proposed name of the firm is “Shahzab Poultry form”. which are the best locations for the business. Islamabad hotel. Firm’s Location: The business will be own land with main Kashmir high-way and M-I Motorway near to a Peshawar road. The target customers are Savour foods. Firm’s Sponsor: . main marriage halls. whether the cost is less than benefits and whether the proposal will fulfill the criteria and the project is feasible or not. palatable and nutritious food protein This feasibility study aims to outline issues associated with feasibility regarding opening of a new “poultry form” for the people of Twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Egg production and chickens production. chicken market.PROJECT SUMMARY Introduction: The poultry farming has now become one of the most dynamic associated parts of agriculture throughout the world. nearby neighborhood and general public of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. poultry industry had made considerable contribution to food production and plays a vital role in the economy of the country.

Electronic Equipment Amount(Rs) Automatic Feed Machine 300000 Generator 100000 Water cans 5000 . Chickens 2. Material: The supplier will provide all the material on the credit and cash basis. Rising of poultry in Pakistan has virtually proven a profitable enterprise as it is the best source of cheap. machinery and poultry farm equipments. such as hatcheries. feed ingredients such as soybean.The firm has single owner whose name is “Liaqat Ali”. services. I will discuss the products. Long-term Objective Chicken and Egg business is one of the most in demand businesses here in Pakistan. which we produce in our poultry forms. meal. furniture & fixtures. The following are major product packages to produce major revenue 1. Chicks Equipment & Machinery The proposed project is going to have following equipment for Shop use. eggs and chicks. poultry industry had made considerable contribution to food production and plays a vital role in the economy of the country. Products Our main products are chickens. The poultry farming has now become one of the most dynamic associated parts of agriculture throughout the world. cages. As an initial step I want to analyze feasibility of one poultry form but in future our vision is to open a “CHAIN OF Poultry forms” in same business but in different areas inside Pakistan. equipment & machinery. In Pakistan. Eggs 3. TECHNICAL ASPECTS In this section. If the cost is above that limit he will get loan from HBL Pakistan. Form location & size and building & facilities of my business including their requirements with estimated costs. maize. He will self-sponsor the business if estimated cost is blow or up to seven million Rupees (70 Lac). brooders. They provide parent and parent flocks. palatable and nutritious food protein. and sorghum for use in poultry feeds.

But I have proposed the location of main road outside Tarnol because through survey I have found that there is an opportunity of good poultry business. The location is near to market. Sheds 3. Office 2. 1. Description Amount(RS) Contruction Cost 2900000 wiring 50000 Plumbing 15000 . Chak shazad and Rawat. because there are no other famous poultry forms. road. Store room 4. This project has following rooms. transport etc. supply. Washroom Building & Facilities The proposed project building & facilities will have following one time cost. I have also attached “Form Layout” & “Form Location Map” at the end (Ideally) The proposed form will be on three shades with total capacity of forty thousand chicks. Office Equipment Brand Description Amount(RS) Cabinets Boss 5 units 10000 Chairs Boss 10 units 5000 Doors Boss 2 units 5000 Showcases Boss 5 units 10000 Tables Boss 5 units 10000 Miscellaneous (Locks) 10000 Mess Items 20000 Total (OE) 70000 Form Location & Size: I had following three locations in my mind Tarnol. having total size 30*30 feet with estimated cost of 3 million.Feed Pads Lights Computerized canda computer Vehicle Total 3000 4000 600000 18000 1200000 2230000 Furniture & Fixtures The proposed project is going to have following furniture & fixtures for Shop use.

93 million tones on the basis of human population of 140 million. It very near to the Poultry market very easility accessable to the Poultry products buyers and it is out side the city population because some Government constraints on poultry form to build out side the city. 17 million layers (5%) and 5 million breeding (2%) stock annually. Because it is being an easy and relatively cheap method of raising dietary standard of the people. That why the tarnol is best location for Poultry production. Applicant must be 1. Modern poultry farming has a special importance for countries such as Pakistan. 160 million broilers (50%). The shortages of animal protein in Pakistan is estimated at 0. Hardworking 2. The average consumption of animal protein is a meager 17g as against the recommended daily requirement of 28g. labor requirements and legal requirements with their estimated costs. This shortage of protein can well be managed with increase in the production of poultry meat at a reasonable cost.Decoration Total 35000 3000000 Market Analysis The proposed location of Tornol is on top with respect of the poultry form business. Hiring Requirements For the given thirteen posts required. SOCIAL & REGIONAL ASPECTS In this section. Residence of Rawalpindi / Islamabad Labor Requirements Estimated Annual Cost for Salaries and Wages of 4 labors are as following Description Monthly Salary Annual Salary Supervisor 12000 144000 Project manager 20000 240000 Electrition 10000 120000 . Demand/Supply Analysis: The present total poultry population is estimated to be 319 million. These figures speak of the potential that has been established in the country to increase production of eggs and poultry meat thereby reducing further the gap of availability of animal protein foods. out of which 137 million is rural (44%). It is situated at the place which best suited for the poultry form business. Minimum 20 years old 3. I will discuss the hiring requirements.

I will discuss the convenience and structure of the management. Business Tax Registration (NTN Number) 2. Route from suppler to store is good one 5. electrition.Storekeeper Workers salary Doctor salary Total salaries and wages 7000 30000 20000 99000 84000 360000 240000 1188000 Legal Requirements Firm must complete following legal requirements 1. All management activities are under his control. He will have 12 staff members under his authority. Bank draft encashment is 24 Hour Available 2. Firm Name Registration 3. Registration with Computer Bureau Estimated Registration Cost will be as following Requirement Fee NTN Registration 5000 Firm Name Registration 20000 Computer Bureau Registration 10000 Total Registration Fee 35000 Rs MANAGERIAL ASPECTS In this section. Management Convenience All the three location under observation are convenient with respect to 1. . all of them are for specific purposes like supervisor. Labor is also easily available 3. storekeeper and workers. Monitoring is easy 4. Supply vehicle can reach store easily Management Structure Management structure of the form is very simple because there is only one Manager that is also the boss as well as owner of the company.

1. annual expenditures and product & service pricing. monthly expenditures. But some alternatives are also listed if there is a need of capital. Self financing by Owners’ equity 2. Bank financing by HBL on 15% annual interest rate.5 million expenditure averages fourth days the pure profit to owner is approximately 1. I will discuss the cost of starting the business. Estimated Benefit The owner expects one million profits for fourth days that purpose with average profit margin of 20%. Form must have average fourth days sales revenue of 7. monthly expenditures and annual expenditures Sources of Capital The owner of the company has enough money of 7 Million Rupees (70 lac) to open and support the business.5 million so after excluding 2. Description Amount(RS) Cleaning Bill 10000 .2 million. ECONOMICAL ASPECTS In this section. I will discuss the cost of starting the business. One Time Cost The proposed project is going to have following one time starting cost.FINANCIAL ASPECTS In this section. Description Amount(RS) Equipment & Machinery Cost 2230000 Furniture & Fixture Cost 70000 Building & Facilities Cost 3000000 Registration Cost 50000 Total (OTC) 5350000 Monthly Cost The proposed project is going to have following monthly estimated expenditures.

Air/Water Pollution With regard to Air pollution proposed area has no pollution because here this area is less rowdy so this good for our business and country. The under ground water is less polluted because is out of the city and is good for our business. Description Amount Business Tax 5000 Membership Fee 5000 Shop License Fee 5000 Total (OTC) 15000 Rs Pricing I will try to use economical price policy for sale with average 20% profit margin. I will discuss the environmental issues of the Poultry form.5 Km. There is also no famous poultry forms within 1 km of proposed location distance from competitor nearby is 1. ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS In this section. Law and order situation in the area from last few years is also very stable.Electricity Bill Internet Bill Phone Bill Stationary Bill Water Bill Salary Payment (13 Persons) Feed Total(OTC) 100000 4000 4000 2000 100000 99000 2181000 2500000 Yearly Cost The proposed project is going to have following yearly estimated expenditures. Commercial feasibility As we know Tarnol is less populated area and it is good for our business because some Government restriction on the poultry forms. Sensitivity of Area . Distance from Supplier is also approximately 1 km. It has commercial importance of its own.

This is a risk that would have to be taken into consideration.The proposed location is also not near to any sensitive facility like bridge. The design team would factor this in and make all the changes so we hope that this problems will be solve in near future. plant. The major hurdle in the proposed location are that the area is out of the city and some problems of gas connections and water are taking into the consideration to the higher authorities to solve this one for the betterment of the project. By choosing this location we would expand the market by appealing to new target very quickly. grid station. CONCLUSION The most feasible solution with the highest estimated success rate and profit return is the location of Tarnol. and river etc. .

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