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Bid Number: GEM/2019/B/275842

Dated: 02-07-2019

Bid Document
Bid Details
Bid End Date/Time 12-07-2019 15:00:00
Bid Life Cycle (From Publish Date) 90 (Days)
Bid Offer Validity (From End Date) 60 (Days)
Ministry/State Name Ministry Of Defence
Department Name Department Of Defence
Organisation Name N/a
Office Name College Of Military Engineering Pune
Total Quantity 2
Item Category Potable water purification system
MSE Exemption For Years Of Experience Yes
And Turnover
Startup Exemption For Years Of Experience Yes
And Turnover
Bid to RA enabled No

Potable Water Purification System ( 2 pieces )

Technical Specifications

* As per GeM Category Specification

Specification Specification Name Values Bid Requirement

(Allowed Values)
STANDARDS Conformity to Indian IS 14724 (latest) for *
Standrad for System water purification
system with Ultraviolet
Number of float 1 1-5
EQUIPMENT TYPE & Type Electrically Operated Electrically Operated
FEATURES Reverse Osmosis based Reverse Osmosis based
water purifier water purifier, Gravity
operated water purifier,
Water Purifier electro-
deionization Based

Ultraviolet (UV) Yes Yes, No
Ultra Voilet (UV) Lamp 11 *
power consumption
INPUT PARAMETERS Input Water TDS 1000 1000, 2000, 3000,
4000, 5000
OUTPUT PARAMETERS Recovery at 27 25-35 25-35, 30-40, 90-100,
degree Centigrade 70-80, 50-60
Output Water of RO IS 10500(latest) *
system Conforming to
Indian Standard
Output water 50 10, 25, 50, 100, 250,
capacity 500, 750, 150
Arsenic and Floride No Yes, No
removal capability
Misc, warranty etc Thin-film composite Yes Yes, No, NA
High Pressure Pump No *
Raw water/Chemical Yes Yes, No
Raw water/Chemical
Cleaning PUMP
Pre Filter Vessels: Yes Yes, No
Micron Filter Yes Yes, No
Membrane Housing No Yes, No, NA
Auto cut Yes Yes, No
No of candles (Nos) 3 1-5
Installation Type Wall mounted Table top, Wall
mounted, Floor
mounted, Floor
mounted & enclosed
Warranty period ( 1 2, 3, 1 Or higher
for free replacement
of machine
Warranty Period (for 1 2, 3, 1 Or higher
scope including free
of cost candle and
activated carbon
onsite replacement
twice a year)
Antiscalant- where Yes Yes, No, NA
silica is up to 100
ppm/where Mica is
up to 100 ppm
Chloride & Flouride No Yes with Pump, Yes
removal facility without pump, No

Test Report Availability of type test - *
report(Design Evalution
Reports) as per
IS:14724 and IS 10500
Test certificate No and - *
Name and Address of - *
laboratory which
conducted Test:
* Bold specifications are the golden parameters.
* Bidders may note that In respect of non-golden Parameters, the specifications 'Values' chosen by
Buyer will generally be preferred over 'Bid requirement ( allowed Values) by the Buyer.

Consignees/Reporting Officer and Quantity

S.No. Consignee/Reporti Address Quantity Delivery Days

ng Officer
1 Vikram Nehra 411031,College of Military 2 60
Engineering, Dapodi, Old
Mumbai Pune Highway Road

EMD Detail

Required No

ePBG Detail

Required No

Bid splitting not applied.

Buyer Specific Additional Terms and Conditions

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Additional Terms and conditions.

2. Procurement under this bid is reserved for purchase from : Micro and Small
Enterprises whose credentials are validated online through Udyog Aadhaar for that product

3. Special Terms and Conditions as defined by world bank at click here will also be applicable

4. Scope of supply (Bid price to include all cost components) : Supply Installation
Testing and Commissioning of Goods

This Bid is also governed by the General Terms and Conditions

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