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])..POLI I
セgエ [ヲエ ヲゥエNャ エ [ェ@ nm Njエ[ッHョゥセ@ I POLITICAL SCIENCE AND ftRI;Q

A'lff«1 7fiPl : ift:r セ@ セᄋZRUP@

Time Allowed : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 260

セ@ Kエ ᄋ lゥセ@ ft4iil·'4 セ@
FVW セN@ ff., rpffiiMFffitiH 1n'liiiF セ@
TlR' 4lri' iiliR'I!• 'It :
11111 セ@ (8) 1/R t iliJ セ@ セ@ i セ@ f WfiT fP;;fi ,1ft( セ@ セ@ i rri·f J
セGJᄋjャCヲpイ G エ@
J1tir セ@ Jlk s セ@
1 1 rrw m<lff !Rif 4" セ@ セ@ セ M -e \ヲゥャ MゥA セ@ !R"f セ@ /ifi;;ff mm セ@ -;jff{ セ@ 1
セ@ Ri1/tfrTT4i ai<;; セ@ ffl1it m m( II
JTRf <1; セ@
:niJ Jlifii1Jd ;rm:;rp[ # fmi iifR· セ@ セ@ JiiB .J11W; Nw-fB' -q f%rn 7pJJ t J!lr R' mr;;llJ( JR セ@
セ@ w:f-Wf-Trff HセNCヲI@ jfffrw t" セMー[A@ if1.' セ@ 'Pf1'f rtf セ@ セ@ セ@ I セ@ 1f]tTpf i- セ@ セ@
A:Eft セ@ if ffflii JJf[ セ@ W" セNゥfヲ[@ ffl fitc# I
1IRf ゥエセ@ #PiT, iffl fitf.ifl2 セ イ@ 'liT セ@ fii;w セ@ セ@ J
セ@ i- "J'ffif <1ft 1TflRr ゥ「BGエjセu@ r6f セ@ J セ@ セ@ "ifl!/ セ[@ r#·Wif WLm'f flit ·ftVRr 'Itt セ@ セ ᄋ@ セ@ 3'ffl" Jiw: セ@ 1fWT
it , jir M セSヲH@ セ@ zl1#1ffl Eitp J.m fl1 w セ」ゥエ@ ·Pfl! セ@ e セ@ :;;n;fl セ M L@

Questio-n Pa·p er Specific lnst.ructio-ns

P'l.etute· read (!;ach ofthe fo.llOu.Jing inst.nutiOJI.B earefiilly before 。エ・ューゥイセNァ@ アオ・セjLゥッョウ@ :
l'here are EIGHT questions divided in TWO SllCT:IONS and printed botk in HINDI and in
Co.ndidate has to aitempt FlVE questiom in all.
qセNウャエッョ@ no. I at'l.d 5 an compulsory and out of the rem.tlining. any THREE t1i"e to be attem;pted
」セゥョァ@ .at hast ONB q'tll!stion. from each section.
TM. rwmber of ma,.k,s car:r'Wd by a quesiioll / pa;.rt i8 indicated cwczinst fl..
Answers mwU be wiitU!.n. in. the mMli wn aut.home:d in, Ad.mi.ssiun. Ce!'ti.fitnte which ュ[オウセ@ be セm@
staled doorly on the c-over of this qオ・ウエゥッョM 」 オュ セ Maャオキ・イ@ (QCAJ Bookret· in the space provided. No·
marks will be gipen- for an! written. i11 a. mf!ldi'1lm other セィ。ョ@ tlu N 。イLセエィゥコ・、@ one.
Word li.mJ.t in questkm:s, where.r.>-er speclfl!eti, stwu.ld In! ad}urred to.
aセエ・ューウ@ of questions shall be counted in .sequential order. U11less stru.cA off. 。エセュー@ of a: question
shall be cow..teci even if atkmpted partly. Any page or portion of tM page left; bla.nk in the
Question, Boo.k let mast be c.karly 'Struck off.

W'U'! A

QL f-I"''R=I ftldl sui• セ@ 'iftl セ@ M* 1'1;*1 150 セゥヲ@

セヲャョ@ :
Answer the foDowing questions in about 150 ·w ords each :

(a) ァセGZヲ ォGャセ@ (1\Jt'wi"dfl i; Tゥェセ、@ セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ 」qセアZ@ I gt1"1 1<"Jl(fl tiGfi!fd セ@

セgi\ャヲNQ@ iii UG14'l4 セィオキ@ SqiJセヲ@ セ@ セ@ セ ᄋ@ f1¥1'$U$.\.t I
Describe the changing nature of Compa_radve Polities. Bdefly ·explain
the Political Economy approach to the study of Comp-arative Politics. 10

(b > 21tfi セョウZ。@ ii ·( nl エ セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ il, ヲ」ャH「ュセォQ@ e'ltJI if lf.ilf セ@ ャゥcZQセ@ セ@

セ@ q;r qt1f;J GDQセqN@ I

Describe the changing nature of the State in the 、・vセャッーゥョァ@ societies in

エィセ@ context ·Of inclusive growth in the 21st century. 10

(c) ヲ」ャ。エ[セゥ・@ セ@ セ@ U"''.;ftfaitl ・セBョヲャエ。 j@ セ@ セ@ -it アセャBG@ l&iaoft セ@ QヲエゥG]ィ セ@ t ? セ@ セ@ tR Jtt gu; セQXエオゥ@ セ@ ュセ@ セ@ ttilfattt 1

How bi,g a role does identity play in determining political p.articipation

in the devolopi:ng countries ? Discuss y·o ur answer with .suitable·
illustrations. 10

(d) セ@ セ@ $ ヲゥエセDQWjアAサg@ 3fK セ@ Fi i \BHセ@ $ セ@ if; セ@ セ@

セ@ セ@ セ@ itlllf'fl( I

Bring out the maJor diffemncos between the Classical Realism of Hans. and the Neorealism ofKe·n netb Waltz. 10

(e) セ@ セ@
@セ 。Zエセr L@ セ@ セ@ Gゥヲセ@ :rorf セ@ Hセ@ セI@ it; セ@ セ@ ゥヲェGセ@
セ@ ? t1l4ii61 ("fttt セ@ 1
(l'itoflM if, セ@ 51ittffl41tU 1;ll セ@ c€1N't1QO セ@
'\Vhat:r according to Jos&ph Nye:t are the major som-.r es of .a countrY's soft.
power "! Diocuss its relevance in the セ 」ッョエ・ューイ。ケ@ world politics. 10

Q2. (a) -me. <MiifiRt "ifil ゥrMBセGL@ ·f inq $ セ@ m TQセ セ セ セ@ .. ᄋ セ@ \i\tl -qt セ@ セ@
aMlt:=H セ@ セ@ 1R セ@ "'MQI I
Discuss the sig:ni:ficanee of on-Aligned Movement as a unique
contribution of the Non vィ セウエ・ュ@ a world to World Folitics. 20

(b) セ@ セ@ "atli<liftr ttci'S!1flf" (JOt'tfli!iir セI@ altt セ@ セ@ セ@ セLN@ Hセ[ヲャ@ セI@

ゥヲ[セ@ | i Zjエッヲセ@ lR: セ@ セ@ qf(on&iJ 'R セゥヲA@ 1
dゥセ」オウ@ the consequences .o f Trump's "'America First,. and xゥセウ[@ "Chinese
Dream" on World Politics. 15

(c) セ@ セ@ セ@ GiAhャセ@ セ@ セ@ if* ゥᄃャセBG@ f.pp;r H Qサ N セ@ Z セNI@ セ@ セ@ セ@

31('liiCfflfQ4i セ@ "IWi t, セ@ セ@ QXャエ⦅セ@ セ@ f @セ @セ Nョエゥヲセ ャ セ@ セ@ セ@
..Some feel MultinationaJ Corporations (MNCs) are a vital new road to
·economic growth, whereas others foo] they perpetuate
u_oderdevelopment.,.. Discuss. 15

Q3., (a) セ@ セ@ if 'li%i.1aail efiT Wl8T セ@ セ@ セ@ l]Um セ@ セ@ UQセᆪT@ 132'5 セ@

オ・ヲゥャGセ@ウ セ ᄋ@ セ@ Dエセ@ I
Discuss the relevance of UN Soonrity Council Resolution 1825 on the
security of women. in conflict zones. 20

(b ) セ@ 31N Hijli n セ@ 1ifl a1 エQオeサャセ@ アGヲNェセエッョ@ u::Jt:ft fa 'l{ セ@ セ@ セ M ヲ」ゥャア@ 1Gl CfiJ
セrゥウイエ@ !1114<:16 a1tt ャT」エゥセヲ@ セ@ 11;1\ セ@ BStrMセ@ 。セQヲエゥ@ セ@ セ@
セ@ @セ ? セ@ "ilf'trn セ@
"3m cA aqiffi Sセ Q@ @.(0(1 セ@ セ@ セエゥャ@ セ@cfaf-itQ\ I
Would you agree that the on-going 、 セ「。エ・ウ@ on lnternationaJ
environmental politics 'c ontinue to· be marred by a new orth-South
ideologicall divide over historical responsibility and developmental
mode] ? illustrate your answer with -Suit-able examples. l'o·

(c) Bセ@ セ@ i '@1 セ@ セ ャ ャT Q H@ セ@ ヲhセゥQ Q@ セ@ (m) セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@

if 3U:iq)cll'm t I'" WJa;r q?t セ Z@ セ@ セ@ セ ᄋ@ セ@ セ@ QヲャMセ@ セ@ セ@ '\ll"l':ft
its inception tb6 South Asinn. Association for Regional
Cooperation (SAARC} has failed to delive_r on its promises.H What
initiatives .should be taken to reinvigoratte t he organization ? 15

Q-L (al セ@ @セ '111:. セ@ セ ᄋ@ アイ・[NヲエオュセQ@ セ@ セ@ i "'t(a1-q1t B@セ c€t QRUTl enJ
t'll!ll d) :q;w filifi アゥェセ@ 4ilflll( I
CritieaUy ·examine the notion of ••&ian Vslues" in the 」ッョエM・セ@ of エィセ@
ッョMァゥセ@ debates on human ri__gbts. 20

(b) fti)ft-41{ ZウQ Q セ L セア@ セ@ ヲエゥNッ[Gi G セNqアゥBャ ャ@ セ@ GbQ uアセ ャ。ヲエ@ 1:R セ M Mュ@ ュ。ョセ\@ ftim
6Ul·t::1"'1 it; セ@tf\ セ@ 4i'IIGI Q, I
Discuss セィ・@ implications of the Trump-Kim Singapore Summit on the
prospects of d6nudeari.sation of the Korean Peninsula. 15

(c)- aietd$ セ@ t 3l'Ufll?l '$ UTᆬセエヲゥZェ[イ@ »'llll'll '$i セエAゥャヲ Gゥャエヲセ@ q(ltftUll セャ。ッZ@ I
Critical]y Bxamine the Functionalist approach to t-he study of
hltemational Relations. 1 !i
'(1"0'1: B.

. I
Q5.. N4tf<dGrn Sl't'dai JIVi=r 7Cfi1' セ@ (114,,'1.1411 150 セGゥヲ@ セJrエイョャH@ :
Answer tbe following questions in about 150 wo

(a) CRT 31N セ@ セ@ it セ@ ij -1% m«f eft セ@ セ@ セゥャエ@ ZーヲMGSャ i wセ@

セ。wju ゥ ャ@ セ@ -e;m セ@ セ@ \ill セ@ t ? :efaMK セ@ o;flRif"ct セ@
Do yon agree with the view tha the Indian Foreign Polley is
increasing1y being shapQd by the N@olibe,r aJ ouUook? Elaborate. 10

ョI セ ^@

Bセ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ 1lmf セ@ qm セ@ セ@ セMアヲオ[@ Gセ@ <«Zm etif'E«l
t iB セ@ ・cャセH@ I
"India is oftan said to have strategic culture."' Discuss. 10

(c) セ@ セ@ ゥャHBVQセ@ ャCゥ [ セッョG、ヲ@ セ@ "Q{ tr1«1 セ@ セ@ &f)lf Gャセゥ」エB@ r:€lH!u, 1

Eva]uate ャョ、ゥセGウ@ stand セ ッョ@ the recent R.ohingya rnfugee issue.

(d) ''1_cf;:tdf セQ Q KQッヲャ@ セ@ ᄋ セ@ :ftfil' セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ C4dltl"'f セ@ セ@ アァnセ@

セア}@ アヲセエ[ゥ@ <tit セヲゥ[、@ q;«ft セ@ I" セ@ "iflf.ill!l I
'1ndiaJs 」オイセョ@ t foreign policy marks significant qualitative sh.ifts from
that of the previous regimes. 'j Discuss. 10

Ce) セ@ 'Ji'{(l セ@ GエNセアャ@ セ@ tm¥1<f セ@ .q;, ᄋ セ@ セ@ セ@ ifr セ@ セ@ ;ftftf

セ@ セ@ C1R ヲTGセエ⦅Qアッ@ 4f1 セ@ Ql I

Analyse tbe significance, of iZョ、ゥ。セウ@ Look East PoUcy in the light of

concerns of the indigenous peoples of North-east India. lO

QG. (aJ セ@ セᄋア ャサ@ セ@ Hセエャ ᄋN セ N I@ it 'ij'm=f ilit ゥヲᄃ^セ@ セ」ヲ、@ (q:Zrt(fa:tl"tcl
セqエゥIXQ@ セ@ ᆱxゥ M ャアセ@ セゥwXGィ@ セ@ "tl" t I @セ <€t FTセ、ャ@ -¥.f1Ri セ@ «tht"idl%
セ@ Efi"RVI セ_@
India's coalitional within tlle WTO has earned. it wid.e
apprec-iation. 'Vhat 。 セ ッオョエウ@ for the success of India''s c-oalitional
diplomacy ? 20

(b) "'qn:d'rq ゥQセ@ 'Q!i セ@ エゥャセG G@ (J.lll セI@ セ@ 3NR \lrof セ@ セ@ セ@

tifi14Ri41 セ@ セ@ 'qJUf セ@ atsblqil it セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ t エセ@
セ@ ゥヲセnエ・H@ I
"1ndia's eapaeity building programmes nnder the Indian Technical and
Economic Coop@'ration (ITECl na.s earned much goodwill for i.t in aヲイゥ」。 N セ@

Discuss. 15

(c) r.c:rc.ifi l·+f,-11(1 セ M セ@ falt 1fm1 iff セエゥr@ セ@ セ@ si qihセNヲQB@ HSQrNセ N セNI@
セャヲ ャ セBャH@ I Q Q セMゥェ@
セiョ、ゥ。Gウ@ Research and Infbnnat :iion Systom for Dev·eloping Cou_nt-rie.s"
{RIS) is a majOT initiative in the at"ea o.f So11th-South Cooperation.
dゥウ」セ N@ 15

Q7. (.a } セ@ -ij \fRff ift ;roT fi Hセ@ セI@ -«r セ@ セ@ ii 'q mfftjj ij ゥセriV@ セ@
セHNャヲエG Nセ N I@ '*t セ@ Mアサセ@ エqnQ イ セ@ I
Discuss the role ,o f tbe Indian Council fo:r Cultural Relations OOCR) in
promoting iョ、ゥ。セウ@ soft pow.fl·r abroadl. 20

(b) \lml-.:itR(t<fi'r セ@ lit セ@ セ@ ii \i l(dlrf f rセ\ヲゥ@ セ@ セ@ 1R セ@ MエGセ nキZ@ I

Djscusa the role of indian diaspora in promoting Indo-US relatiollS. 15

(c) セ@ セ@ 1[Wf セ@ -ij "fWFft ヲゥセT ゥェ ゥ j@ セ@ セ@ セ@ m:() ii, fflfim·セ@ '1\ セ@

ゥ「ャセqi@ I
Discuss the various impediment-s in India's way to a pe:nnanent seat :i n
th0 sM・」オイゥセケ@ CounciL 15
QS. (a)' qm セ@ セ@ セ@ セア[コョヲ_ャ@ *m«r cfil セ@ [?jqfol セ@ セ@ セ@ qJiifii('{'(A
% f4tlft\tt> セ@ q;) セSゥm、@ セ@ セ@ t _セ@ *'PI.c:; 1
Do you think that India's capacity building role in Afghanistan has
shrunk the strategic space fo:r Pakistan there ? Discuss. 20

(b ) oql41( 'Fi qtq\4(01 -% セ@ "ij 1fRW セ@ セ@ セ@ lJ\2l fcilifife(1 セiエ@ セ@

HFゥ\]cエセI@ セ@ ᆱGャセtTBQォアcヲゥ@ ShセGQ@ セ G nャエH@ I
Critically assess the evolving convergenc(; of India and China in the
areas of trade and envirnnm,ent. 15

(c) «flU aucf セ@ f tilf セ@ セ@ セ@ セ@ 。TuiセHヲャ@ QヲセゥTZャ@ ュᆱ\MGゥセicojBエ@ セ@ lfit

U'{q; セャゥヲエ セ@ ? flcqoft セエZH@ II
Do you agree that the growing assertiveness of China is leading to
multi1ayw-@d Indo-Japan relations? Comment. 16