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IN THE JUSTICE COURT OF RANKIN COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI BOBBIE J. JONES PLAINTIFF v. CASE NO. 2019-1770 REYSHONDA BEECHEM DEFENDANT Agreement made on June 18, 2019 between BOBBIE JONES of 1910 Shiloh Road, Brandon, MS 39042, hereinafter referred to as Plaintiff, and REYSHONDA BEECHEM, of 105 Rhodes Avenue, Pelahatchie, MS 39145, hereinafter referred to as Defendant. In consideration of this agreement and the sum of Two Thousand seven hundred sixty- seven Dollars and 98//100 ($2,767.98) to be paid to Plaintiff by Defendant, Plaintiff agrees to release and forever discharge Debtor from all claims and demands arising out of the debt hereinafter described. 1. Acknowledgment of Existing Obligation ‘The parties acknowledge that Debtor is at present indebted to Creditor in the sum of ‘Two Thousand seven hundred sixty-seven Dollars and 98//100 (2,767.98), in connection with the following described obligatior Defendant owes the Plaintiff Two Thousand seven hundred sixty-seven Dollars and 98//100 ($2,767.98) for personal loans and the fees incurred as a result of the Defendant obtaining loans that were made on the account of the Plaintiff for the benefit of the Defendant. 2, Consideration In consideration of the mutual promises contained in this agreement, Plaintiff and Defendant agree as follows: A. Method of Payment Defendant agrees to pay to Plaintiff, and Plaintiff agrees to accept from Defendant, in full satisfaction of the indebtedness described in Paragraph One, above, the sum of Two Thousand seven hundred sixty-seven Dollars and 98/100 ($2,767.98) B. Form of Payment Payment by Defendant to Plaintiff shall be in the form of cash, money order or certified check on the due date at the address listed above for the Plaintiff. C. Default by Debtor Time is declared to be of the essence in this agreement; and if Defendant should fail to make any of the payments as provided in this agreement, then Defendant agrees to have a judgement entered for the remaining amount entered by the Justice Court upon presentation by the Plaintiff of the Defendant’s and the obligation to accept payments by the Defendant under the terms of this agreement are extinguished Satisfaction: On full payment by Debtor to Creditor of the installments provided in Paragraph 3 above, the original indebtedness of Debtor to Creditor, as described in Paragraph. One, shall forever be cancelled and discharged. E. Interpretation / Retention by Court This Agreement shall in all respects be interpreted and governed by the laws of the State of Mississippi. Jurisdiction over this Agreement shall be retained by the Justice Court, State of Mississippi, County of Rankin. In witness whereof, the parties have executed this agreement at Brandon, Rankin County, State of Mississippi on the date listed below. Defendant Date eife Printed Name (Plaintiff) Printed Name (Defendant) Prepared and Presented by: Charles 0. Lee, Esquire MS Bar No. 99416 Mississippi Center for Justice 5 Old River Place, Suite 203 Jackson, MS 39202 769.230.2830 — Telephone 769.230.2832 — Facsimile www Exhibit A PAYMENT DUE DATE AMOUNT DUE July 31, 2019 $612.00 ‘August 31, 2019 $637.03 September 30, 2019 $303.79 October 31,2019 $303.79 November 30, 2019 $303.79 December 31, 2019 $303.79 January 31, 2020 : $303.79 TOTAL $2,767.98