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Computer and Network Technology

Chapter 8 – Fundamental Networks

5 A Day (Part 1)


1. Name three factors/reasons in choosing a client/server model for a network instead of peer-to-
The three reasons why you should choose a server instead of peer-to-peer is,
- There is no centralized network administration which makes it difficult to determine who controls resources on
the network
- The network becomes more complex and difficult to manage as the number of computers on the network
- There may be no centralized data storage. Separate data backups must be maintained. This responsibility
falls on the individual users.

2. The network administrator for a marketing company is concerned about the performance of the
network. A company technician discovers a high volume of network traffic between computers and
the departmental media server. Which device could be used to divide the network and improve
performance? A switcher should be used to keep the traffic flow good.

3. Which utility can be used to determine end-to-end connectivity between source and destination?
It is Ping. Start>CMD> ping.

4. Which protocol is used to automatically configure network devices? The DHCP or A bridged device.

5. Which device enables computers to be attached to a network without segmenting the network? A

6. A network administrator wants to connect a new building to an existing network using cable that
can provide a secure connection and is not susceptible to electrical interference. The new building
is approximately 800 meters away from the existing network. Which cable type should the
administrator choose? The network admin. Should choose a fiber optic cable for 800 meters.

7. Which two factors are used to determine the different categories of UTP cabling?

The number of wires in the cable and the number of twists in those wires.

8. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of network cable is shown? Fiber Optic Cables.

9. Which type of media is appropriate to use for LAN connectivity in an electrically noisy industrial
environment? The type of media appropriate for and electrically noisy industrial environment is, a
Fiber Optic Cable.

10. Which topology has only one central point of failure, is easy to troubleshoot, and is most commonly
implemented in newer networks? A Star topology.
11. Which network topology will allow all devices to continue to communicate with each other should a
network cable fail? A Mesh Topology.

12. Which two characteristics describe Ethernet technology? IEE 802.3 and bus logic topology.

13. Which technique is used to ensure that data from one computer does not collide with data from any
other computer in a CSMA/CD network?
A Computer’s listen to network before sending a clear data to another computer. “Listen”.

14. What is the maximum range a data signal can travel through a 1000BASE-T network segment?

328 feet (100M) is the maximum range for the 100BASE-T.

15. Which wireless IEEE standard operates in a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz and supports a maximum
bandwidth of 54 Mbps? The 802.11 g , (G- for wireless.)

16. Which term describes the process of adding headers to data as it moves through the layers of the
OSI model? Encapsulation is used to describe the process.

17. Which layer of the OSI model is primarily concerned with accessing the physical media and physical
addressing? The data link.

18. A company is investigating the use of an ISDN service to act as backup for the ASDL service they
use to communicate with branch offices. They discover that the ISDN BRI service uses two 64 kb/s
B channels. Which function do the B channels perform? It carries the data stream.

19. Which digital technology provides an upstream speed that is typically less than the downstream
speed? DSL is the provider.

20. A company has a remote branch office that has no access to any high-speed WAN or broadband
services. The network administrator is considering Power Line Communication (PLC) to connect the
branch office to the main office. What are two advantages of PLC??

The two advantages are that it can carry voices across low power lines and it can provide
bandwidths by the modems (broadband).

21. Which Windows XP command displays the route taken by packets crossing an IP network? The
command “tracert”.