N Admission proc in a university:An advertisement is issued giving essential qualification for the course,the last date of receipt of application,and the fee to be enclosed with application.A clerk in registrar office checks the recieved application and validates it,he sends the valid application to the concerned dept.The dept checks the application in detail and decides the applicant to be admitted,those to put in waiting list and those rejected.Appropriate letters are sent to registrar office which intimates the applicant.Draw class and sequence diagram.Implement in 3-tier architecture Prakash a system for viewing equipment details in computer laboratory in cse dept.....Lab maintenance person can add details on system, user only view the system details Rasmi A system that controls a recycling machine for returnable bottles and cans.The machine will allow a customer to return bottles or cans.When the customer returns an item,the system will check what type has been returned.The system will register how many items each customer returns and when the customer asks for a receipt,the system will printout what he deposited,the value of the returned items and the total return sum that will be paid to the customer.The system is also used by an operator.The operator wants to know how many items of each type have been returned dusring the day.At the end of the day,the operator asks for a printout of the total no of items that have been deposited in the machine on that particular day.The operator should also be able to change info in the system,such as the deposit values of the items.If something is missing,for eg if a can gets stuck or if the receipt roll is finished,the operator will be called by a special alarm signal - use case and activity diagram. Renuka A person enters the elevator and switches on the up/down button depending upon which floor he wants to go.As soon as he switches on, the button illuminates and the elevator starts moving.After he reaches his floor the button which was illuminating got switched off.The door opens and the person enters his floor.The door is closed.Implement this scenario using timers and draw sequence and collaboration diagram. Reshma BANK INTEREST COMPUTATION - Customer deposits money in bank. For the total amount 'p' in his account, calculate simple interest as pnr/100. There are 3 types of accounts. Depending on the account type, rate of interest 'r' is considered. Depending on time i.e., quarterly, half yearly or annually, no.of years 'n' is considered. Usecase and Activity Sanjay Student enters his register number, name, three subject marks. Total stored if mark in all three subjects > 45. Else 0 is stored as total. A method to display the student information based on the register number is required. Use case diagram and class diagram to be drawn. Sanjiv Employee Referral Process : If there is a vacancy in a region,the HR manager of that region will notify the employees of that region and HR managers of the other regions abt the vacancy. Employees can refer candidates to the HR manager. Suitable candidates will shortlisted and interview will be held. Selected candidates may accept or reject the offer and should inform the HR manager. The employees who referred the candidates,who took the job,will receive a bonus. 1.SRS 2.Use case diagram 3. Class diagram Shalini A class called television has the following attributes- make,screen,size,purchase date,color/black & white. Define a method for displaying attribute values of a TV. Television class shd be designed with the required attributes. The main method should be written to test methods of television class. For example, display tv() method may be used to print the attributes of television class. Draw class and sequence dialgram. Implement in 3-tier architecture. Shangami Millenium Travel COrporation(MTC) travel Agency plans to become a market leader by augmenting its human travel agent system for processing flight reservations. The automated travel agent will intermediate between travellers and MTC corporate computing system which interfaces airline reservation services. Like human agent, it will assist travellers in booking, changing and cancelling reservations. If for any reason a traveller making a flight reservation requests for human assistance she/he will have the option to interact directly with an agent. The system includes 1.Inquiring about flights and airfares 2. Creating, Changing and deleting profiles, booking reservations. 3. Generating travel itineraries. Class Diagram and threetier implementation Tesslyn Antony A Microwave System .When the door is open it is in idle state.After closing the door on pressing the cook button heating starts and timer is set (cooking state) .If the door is

The passenger will give the details like train name.On pressing the 'Extended cooking' button timer increases .to the staff. Class n Sequence praveena A person enters the elevator and switches on the up/down button depending upon which floor he wants to go.The system will be used by the Railway staff for checking schedule of trains.Finally when the timer expires the heating stops and enters the completed cooking state . If yes. of passengers.After he reaches his floor the button which was illuminating got switched off. The staff shall use the system to see if the tickets are available. the button illuminates and the elevator starts moving.The door opens and the person enters his floor. tickets shall be booked.The door is closed. State transition n Sequence Yoganand Railway Reservation System . reserve tickets. no. sangeetha draw use case and activity diag for library management system and implement it .opened in between the heating stops and timer is cleared.Implement this scenario using timers and draw sequence and collaboration diagram. type of coach . date of journey. No cancellations/updation allowed. The passenger does not interact with the system.As soon as he switches on.

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