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SECTION #0: What counter-evangelism?
Well first we have to look at what evangelism is. Evangelism, is the systematic use of propaganda in order to promote a religious ideology in order to gain more converts. What that means is that all the flyers, all the tracts, all the witnessing techniques are like publicity to push their product which is the evangelical Ideology. Now that you have an idea of what evangelism is, it's counter is rather easy to understand. Counter evangelism is in essence the act of neutralizing the evangelist by rendering the method they use in it's totality. It is a type of information warfare. Which is the use and management of information in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent. Information warfare may involve collection of tactical information, assurance that one's own information is valid, spreading of propaganda or misinformation among the enemy, undermining the quality of opposing force information and denial of information collection opportunities to opposing forces. In the case of counter-evangelism, The main Idea is to make people immune to their tricks by informing them of it's nature and by teaching methods that cripple the evangelism in itself by preventing them from expanding the amount of their converts. It also involves exposing their own attempts at misinformation. A classic example is creation science, which frequently uses straw-man arguments and misinformation. Making people aware of the straw-men and exposing the lies brought by their ministries enables the average man to be aware of what is really going on. If you cripple their tactics, their ministry crumbles, if their ministry crumbles, then they lose supporters and cannot have any new ones. Remember, for each new convert not only votes in favor of the evangelical movement. They also give money to the church, which in turn pays for the lobbyist in Washington. If they loose supporters, then they lose their grip in the political arena and in Education. This, is the transitive property of counter-evangelism.

In the following sections we will look at what their methods are, and in later ones, look at what methods are effective in countering a missionary effort.

Section I: Ice-breakers and bait-and-switch

In the cases of evangelism that many will run across there are some evangelists who will use tricks to lure you into conversation. In this lesson, we will look in how this works, and what can be done to counter it. The idea when encountering a group that uses such tactics is not quite unlike getting rid of a pushy salesman. Some of their tactics will involve the following: Ice-breakers: It is a facilitation exercise intended to help a group to begin the process of recruiting. Icebreakers are commonly presented as a game to "warm up" the mark and break down any barrier they may usually have. In the case of evangelists, they will use a tract, an opening line, banners and skits. Many of their opening lines will resemble the following. - "Have you got one of these tracts?" - "What did you think of the message that the preacher said?" - "Hi, my name is..." They will also use gags, jokes, anything to put their foot in the door of your private life. Deny them this, and they can't even go any further, rendering their preaching completely useless. Bait-and-switch: This tactic involves the evangelist to lure in marks by advertising something unusual or benign, for example, free water on a hot summer day, then reveals to potential prospects that the water is available only if they answer a question. The goal of the bait-and-switch is to convince some marks to stay and be subjugated to their witnessing. Here are some examples of popular use of bait-and-switch - Hell houses - Any stand at a county fair done by an evangelical church that offers a freebie. Now you all wonder how to counter these two ways to gain your attention and even find the means to shrug off the ice-breakers? Well, let me give you some!! COUNTERS FOR ICEBREAKERS 1) Get yourself a pair of mirrored shades and an mp3 player. When approached by someone with a tract, put on your shades and activate your mp3 player. Say nothing and just look at them. After 20-30 seconds, they will take the hint. 2) If you are with someone, if you are able, switch to another language. If they persist, only answer them in said language. Eventually they will either embarrass themselves or move on. 3) The minute you hear an ice-breaker type question, respond with a sharp tone "NOT INTERESTED". This is usually very effective. A percentage of them will actually follow-up with "why are you not interested?" vehemently point out that you do not have to answer that question. The essence of that technique is to not even give them the chance to even start their sales pitch. It requires you to be assertive and to make it clear that you do not wish to be harrased.

SECTION II: Loaded Language and doublespeak.
In today's lesson, you will learn about the use of loaded language and double-speak used by the evangelical movement. There are many terms used by them that are used to not only isolate themselves from non-believers but also to subjugate an other by using a vocabulary that is known only to those who are evangelicals. But what is it you ask? Loaded language are words or phrases which have strong emotional overtones or connotations and which evoke strongly positive (or negative) reactions far beyond the specific meaning of the word which is listed in the dictionary. As for Doublespeak, it is language deliberately constructed to disguise or distort its actual meaning, often resulting in a communication bypass. Such language is often associated with governmental, military, and corporate institutions and its deliberate use by these is what distinguishes it from other euphemisms. In the case of the evangelical movement, it will be religious and will use terms that are derived from their mythology or practices. They, will then use such terms to overlay them over an non-believer's ideology to attempt to assimilate his thinking into is own. I will give you some examples of loaded language that you will encounter. They come in three distinct categories. LINGUISTIC OVERLAYS

Category #1: The religious equivalent overlay. This category shows how the evangelist will use terminology that is related to his practices and will try to demonstrate that his ways are really your ways too, only his are better. It is mixed with the disdain and pathos that they have towards unbelievers. Example: - "You seem to feel the need to jump in and guide your flock." - "You have made this your God. My God says..." - "You may not believe this, but those are Christian values."

Category #2: The Patriarchal overlay The judeo-christian religions are based in a Patriarchal structure. And so, they will use an imposed filial piety upon their target and they expect their target to see them as a father-figure. Example: - "My friend/my child..." - "I have a special burden for group/faction/religion."

- "I can help you with your sin/condition."

Category #3: The hyper-masculinization overlay This one is quite prevalent in American society, where it is encouraged among those circles to push the male gender to ridiculous extremes. Proofs of manhood and testosterone-laced ideals are for the most part pushed. They expect you to see them as the Ubermensch for Jesus. In many cases they will try to push the idea on you via boasts and taunts. Example: - "C'mon be a man about this/Don't be chicken!" - "Only a coward/sissy doesn't do what god wants them to be." - "I challenge you to read this/listen to this."

When you encounter such overlays, you should be ready to recognize it and prepare to counter their attempts at imposing their framework. In fact, the term used to describe the actual use of loaded language and double-speak to impose a framework, is called a frame-lock. The reasons why I call this a frame-lock, is that with mere words, they try to lock you into a linguistic dead-end. This dead-end forces you to answer back using their terminology and terms. Once these terms are identified and the type of overlay recognized, you can evade and escape from the frame lock by linguistically refusing to use their terminology. This works great if you have a strong vocabulary. You can force them to speak in a highly educated format, or use a language that is so neutral that they cannot impose their terms.

SECTION III: Frame-lock!
In this lesson I will more in detail of what a frame-lock is. A frame-lock occurs when an evangelist has successfully overlaid their own world-view onto your life, your words, your identity or reasoning. This is the purpose of evangelism. Conversion is nice, but frame-lock is easier. framelock is meant to re-activate the Judeo-Christian world-view of the listener. Evangelists often refer to this as “planting a seed”. But what do they seek? The answer is, anything that can get a hold of your mind or emotions. This information can be anything:, it can be your personal name that they have overheard (and will use often), knowledge of your situation, knowledge that they managed to fish out by elicitation, or knowledge that is public and observable (such as your job, your position, ethnic background or even sexual / gender orientation). Once they have that bit of information, they will seek to dig deeper, to gain more knowledge. Once that knowledge is gained, they can attack your psyche, putting you on the defensive by using a frame-lock.

But we need to keep in mind that a framework can be considered as the processes and methods used to solve a complex issue. It is the skeleton upon which various objects are integrated for a given solution. It dictates how you think you know what you know, and who you believe yourself to be. In the case for evangelism, the framework is the evangelical ideology, its beliefs and its traditions. The entire equation is meant to bring forward the Great Commission, which is the belief that Jesus gave them a duty to evangelize the whole world. And so when witnessing, they seek to lock you in their framework, hence the term: frame-lock. So how to avoid this frame-lock? How to avoid being snared and leave them unable to continue? We have to look at the vicious circle that occurs when they have just a little information. 1) Aggression: from the evangelist. 2) Resentment or defensiveness: from the “sinner”. 3) Rebellion: from the “sinner”. The whole circle is a loop in which they seek to keep you unbalanced. The aggression from the evangelist will take form of questions, accusations, and misinformation or mythology about factions or groups that are commonly held within the evangelical subculture. When they know what you are or what you believe in, they will push in that direction. Ways to counter frame-lock: Remember the entire loop is based on getting you to go on the defensive, and to valorize their world-view. You must deny them this by denying them the point on which they are focused. When they attack your identity, keep in mind that they will focus on it, until they get a “confession” of information. The best way to deter them is to not deter them at all, but to evade their question continuously. Be careful as they will not deter so easily, they will use questions, boasts and taunts to get you to volunteer information and therefore locking you in their framework. In their minds, they believe that you owe them this information. Since you cannot block their aggression, you can only redirect their approach or answer only with answers that are meant to reflect back on them. By doing so, you remove the resentment and the rebellion phase, keeping your mind calm and ready. One should note, that denying this often makes them even more aggressive and therefore unbalanced. Hence they can fall for clever traps, word-play and puns. Hence, you turn the circle against them and they stumble, making their attempts at putting a hold on you ineffective.

In this unit you will know how to: A) The basics of witnessing. B) The most common debating techniques they use.

C) How to disarm "way of the master" 's "Good person test".

WHAT IS WITNESSING? Witnessing: By definition Witnessing is the aggressive act of pushing the evangelical ideology upon a mark. The mechanics of which can be defined by three phases. 1) Greeting/probing 2) Attacking/accusing 3) Pushing/Offering. Let us view this by looking at someone witnessing to an unsuspecting mark.

Greeting/probing. By asking about something concerning his beliefs of if they know anything about it, they make contact and size up the mark. Ice-breakers are used there. Attacking/accusing. The evangelist attacks by imposing his ideology over the core beliefs by accusing him of failing a standard that he never adhered to in the first place. This involves a supernatural threat. This is where frame-lock can occur Pushing/offering. The evangelist, after attempting to creating either confusion or fear will offer his "solution". adherence to his ideology. It is Framelock continued. All witnessing takes this structure. Although the topics and lures into conversations differ with each evangelist. However, this can be defeated. let us look at how this can be countered. Countering the Greeting/probing phase. 1) Never tell them your name. 2) Answer their question with a polite question. Only nod if they give an answer and wait quietly. 3) Refuse politely any propaganda (tracts and pamphlets).

Countering the Attacking/Accusing phase. 1) Smile but say nothing. 2) Disregard their accusation and point it out that it is little more than superstition. If asked why, tell them you do not need to explain it. 3) Laugh off any agitation made by the witnesser by pointing out that they shouldn't get all emotional. Countering the Pushing/Offering stage 1) Refuse politely the offer/invitation 2) stay silent. 3) Wait until they walk away. Don't worry, they will, as they will move on to the next potential "victim".

DEBATE TECHNIQUES AND THE EVANGELIST. Some seasoned evangelists will be trained to a level that they will actually use debating techniques. which is none too surprising as they are, first and foremost, orators and mouthpieces. One should note that they only use the debating techniques to push their ideology. The evangelist is a dishonest debater. Let us look at the three most commonly used techniques used. Let us look at them. The first technique they will use is the Straw man argument. A straw man argument is a logical fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position. To "set up a straw man" or "set up a straw-man argument" is to create a position that is easy to refute, then attribute that position to the opponent. A straw-man argument can be a successful rhetorical technique (that is, it may succeed in persuading people) but it is in fact misleading, because the opponent's actual argument has not been refuted. I will give you an example of the straw man argument, the so-called "atheist nightmare". They claim that a banana was designed by their mythological creature. This is of course a falsehood. Since the banana as we know it is in fact a product of agriculture. It is man-made like most fruits and vegetables we now consume today, which are far different from their wild counterpart. The second technique is bait and switch. A bait and switch is a form of fraud in which the con-man lures in marks by advertising one argument but in reality it is a set-up to make you look stupid. The goal of the bait-and-switch is to convince the mark to accept the substitute information as a means of avoiding disappointment over not getting the bait. A classic example of a bait and switch, is the fabled hell-houses. Instead of getting a normal, fun haunted house, you get some Evangelical propaganda. The third technique, is the big lie. The phrase "Big Lie" refers to a propaganda technique. This technique, consists of telling a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe anyone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously". The first documented use of the phrase "big lie" is in the corresponding passage: "in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility". Many Ministries use the big lie to push misinformation, this takes form of misquotes, taking words out of context, and sources of an evangelical bias. Many ministries tend to even use urban legends that have been debunked time and time again, yet they will push this technique, the big lie, in hopes to maintain their hold on their followers. THE ATHEIST TEST: AN ANALYSIS. And now to give you an example of such techniques in action I will use Way of the master's own "ATHEIST TEST" to show you how they try to use these techniques. The Atheist test has five parts with each part containing 3 questions in which they insist on the mark using one of their answers. All of the tests are designed to impose their framework. Do not fall for it by using any of the answer given. That is what they want you to do. To counter such technique, all you have to do is answer "none of the above". If they ask why, explain that you do not have to explain. This will frustrate

them. If they insist on the point, refuse obstinately to answer. Denying them information that they feel you owe them is like a mortal wound. You can view a copy of the "Atheist test" on several evangelical websites. I will give you the link to the one on at living waters ministry, which is affiliated with "Way of the Master". Let us look now at their tests, and what their intent is; TEST NUMBER ONE: The Coca Cola can deception: the point of this test is to trick you into confessing that evolution is silly. TEST NUMBER TWO: The "If something is made, then there is a maker" deception. This test's purpose is a trick into making you say that things have a maker. When you say that, then they switch on you from the material to the spiritual, in hopes to make you confess that they is a "maker" in the sense of a diety. TEST NUMBER THREE: the "Did it happen by accident?" deception: Again they are trying to confuse you by first talking about the physical, then switching to the supernatural. In this case they are using "The atoms of the universe". It's all about making you say "there is a maker". Once you say these words, you're screwed because they will use the rest of their script. TEST NUMBER FOUR: The "There is no gold in China." deception: This is where they try to trick you into thinking that there is a God because "if we can't explain it, then God did it". Of course, this one question is meant to put you on the defensive. TEST NUMBER FIVE: "The man who sees a building and doesn't know if there was a builder" deception. It is a way to push you to say that "only an idiot denies the presence of a maker". They hope that you will try to save face by agreeing with them, and therefore falling into their trap. As mentioned before, Only answer with "None of the above". They will go through three stages. The first, is confusion. The second, will annoyance, the third, frustration. When frustrated, they will try to switch to ad hominem attacks or express their frustrations via threats of hellfire, hoping to get the last word in. Merely smile and say "I disagree" or "I don't think of it that way". If they ask why, again, point out you do not have to explain why. Repeat the process until they walk away.

DEFEATING THE INFAMOUS "GOOD PERSON TEST". For those who have heard of him, Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and Todd Friel are people who use a superimposing framework in order to "get the unbeliever stumped". This is done by asking questions in which only one answer is possible. Theirs. However I will give you a method to defeat that very style. If we were to compare their method to a software, a program if you will, you can call this a hack, an exploit, if you will. What you got to keep in mind is that your goal is to keep them busy and aggravate them by frustrating them. The way you "win" in this one is not by having a "better" argument. That is pointless. Why? They think they are right. So don't bother proving them wrong. It's a waste of time and effort. How you win is by "neutralizing" their attempts at witnessing. All of the questions are "gateways" to pushing on you their beliefs. if you frustrate them enough by refusing to answer and not playing their game, they will either walk away, or lose their temper.

Now let us look at one of their tactics, it's called "the good person test".

Q: "Do You Think You're a Good Person?" A: "Do you see yourself as a human being?" Q: "Have you ever told a lie?" A: "Do you ever tell the truth?" Q: "Have you ever taken anything that did not belong to you?" A: "Have you ever given something without expecting anything in return?" Q: "Have you ever looked at another person with lust or desire?" A: "Have you ever looked at a woman with respect?" Q: "Have you ever been angry with another person?" A: "Have you ever been happy to see people who disagree?" Q: "Have you ever taken God's name in vain?" A: "Have you ever taken anyone seriously?" Q: "What happens when you die?" A: "What happens when you decide to live?" These are just examples, but keep answering their questions with questions. If they say "Jesus Loves you" or "I'll pray for you". Don't say a word, just shrug and wait. The longer you keep them with you, is less time they have with others. You want to keep them busy to the point that they will tire themselves. *Note: the first two questions are a bait and switch, from the secular to the theologic framework. One should be careful about how they will try to switch the questions as to throw you off. The pattern in the end, still remains the same however.

Section V: Culture Jamming as a method of disruption
I) What is culture jamming? II) Methods of Culture jamming III) An Atheist survival kit. IV) Applications

In this section, We will discuss how to use Culture-Jamming to counter evangelical propaganda. The evangelical movement is highly dependant on their hard sell techniques to push their ideology on a population. Disrupting these tactics decreases their chances of propagating their ideology.

I) What is Culture Jamming? Culture jamming is the act of transforming mass media to produce commentary about itself, using the original medium's communication method. It is a form of public activism which is generally in opposition to commercialism, and the vectors of corporate image. In the case of evangelism, One can replace the "corporate image" with "Evangelical image". The result is the same, as we deal with media. By appropriating media, the evangelical movement left themselves open to culture jamming. II) Methods of Culture Jamming The most effective Techniques of culture jamming against the Evangelical movement include Subvertising, hacktivism and Information warfare. Subverting Subvertising refers to the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements in order to make a statement. This can take the form of a new image, or an alteration to an existing image. A subvertisement can also be referred to as meme hack and can be a part of social hacking or culture jamming. A well produced 'subvert' mimics the look and feel of the targeted ad, promoting the classic 'double-take' as viewers suddenly realize they have been duped. Subverts create cognitive dissonance. It cuts through the hype and glitz of our mediated reality and, momentarily, reveals a deeper truth within." Hacktivism Hacktivism (a portmanteau of hack and activism) is often understood as the writing of code, or otherwise manipulating bit, to promote political ideology - promoting expressive politics, free speech, human rights, or information ethics. Acts of hacktivism are carried out in the belief that proper use of code will have leveraged effects similar to regular activism or civil disobedience. Fewer people can write code, but code affects more people.

Information Warfare It is the planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives. In the case for counter-evangelism, it is done by exposing the lies and misinformation that the evangelical movement. It is similar to subverting, although it will go into more details and more research is involved. Also, in information warfare, more conventional mass media is used, such as letters to the editor, publications of websites detracting and exposing the truths about the evangelical movement or even radio stations (e.g "The infidel guy").

III) AN ATHEIST'S SURVIVAL KIT It's something that anyone who will face Evangelists should have on them. Be it at work, On-line, at school or on the street at all times.

These are tools that should enable you to deploy quickly information and inform locals on who they are, what their intent is and even the goals of the evangelical movement. They are simple tools. You see, in the case of counter-evangelism, the tools given relate to information warfare. The more you can show to locals about what is really going on and how to do defend themselves and not fall prey to their tactics and even recognize the preachers on sight and know what to expect. What do these tools consist of? Well, they are two components. First component: A Storage device. This can be a usb stick, a flash card or even your eye-pod or MP3 player. I recommend something past 256 mega bites. Such a device can be made to contain the second component. Second component: Portable applications and data. If you go to portable apps dot com you will find applications that can be used on any windows-based computers. I recommend downloading a suite, since you don't have to give yourself a headache with installation. These are open-source applications, which will enhance you productivity. In it you even have the portable version of Firefox. with firefox, you can keep the links of some of these sites, that I highly recommend when dealing with the evangelical movement's campaign of misinformation. WHO ARE THEY? (That section will tell you who they are and what they believe!!) TRICKS THAT THEY USE (This will tell you what they use, and how they plan to (Street-preacher's manual). A MUST if you feel like debating these guys. You better get used to the idea of them using one of these. URBAN LEGENDS (Alot of their claims are just that. URBAN LEGENDS AND FALSE INFORMATION) Founding fathers WERE DEIST NOT CHRISTIANS. CREATIONISM/EVOLUTION (You better get acquainted with that, if you debate religion, you will run into one of those!!) you better know what a creationist is. You'll encounter some. The evolution wiki, plenty of information on both sides of the issue. REFERENCES AND TOOLS, their library is very extensive on a variety of topics. They will quote the bible. but do they really know it? THis is is a definite must in your kit. Always good to do a spell check. COUNTER-TRACTS!! More anti-tracts!! So is a dictionary. Don't laugh. Having this tool saved my ass from someone who was using numbers to confuse people. Wikipedia is a wonderful source to learn about anything. also useful. 20,000 books on various subjects. Much quicker than going to the library. If you don't feel like reading you can listen.

IV) Applications Putting into application these concepts in a real-time situation, you should be able to parry and defeat an evangelist and his flock. The key to this is to be prepared and ready. You should learn of a ministry's Modus Operandi and focus your counter to fit the exact tactic they are using. Here are some examples and suggestions. Many of these have been used in the past and were successful.

- If they use banners and signs, block the line of sight can be made possible by using blank banners that eclipse theirs, or just have some that have a simple symbol that is totally unrelated or in one simple masterstroke turns their

message to ridicule (Example: "I am with stupid!!"). This strategy was efficient when used by the pink angels in Philadelphia. - Bullhorns can be drowned out using white noise generators. Those are easily manufactured by combining bullhorns with MP3 players with a white noise loop. They are used in Architectural Acoustics . Drowning preachers in sound has been an efficient way used by the Patriot Bikers against the Westboro baptist church. - Along with masking with sound and image, masking one's appearance is a plus as it makes it hard on the evangelist to lock on who you are, and therefore preventing frame-lock. When confronting preachers or are about to be faced with an evangelical picket, one should be ready to "sanitize" their look. Any markings or logos should be "erased". You are just Joe/Jane Q. Public. - If you are staging a counter-protest, put the stronger-willed folks in the front that have been sensitized to framelock and ice-breakers and put the inexperienced folk at the rear with the gear. This creates a frustrating effect on the evangelists, he can't get at those who would cave-in to their deception, and he can't make heads or tails of the first. - Another form of protest that is fun to do, is phone mobbing. Phone mobbing is act of organizing groups of people to call into a specific number (or group of numbers) all at once. This is especially effective with radio or TV call-in shows. You can literally paralyze a call-in show by occupying the banks of their call-in. But be careful after the third prank call, they will "clear" the bank. So it is best to be in two groups. Group "A" calls in first and Group B can be on standby. Also, to prevent your number from being black-listed, dial *67 or it's equivalent before calling to prevent that. I highly recommend these two sites to learn more about crank calling and phone mobbing.

- If they are using a wireless microphone set up, you can radio-jam their frequency and do a live voice over. This is especially funny if they use the same set-up in their churches. Hey, they came to annoy you, only fair you can do the same. Remember, the golden rule applies for all.

These are just examples. Be creative in how you counter an evangelist and his group. If they start on you about freedom of speech, keep in mind that the freedom of expression, is only limited by the freedom of expression of others. The truth isn't pretty, Let's show them the ugly. THE PAGAN WOLF