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kasirer February 22, 2019 MaryAnne Gilmartin EO TRL MAGLLC 1458 York Avesue New York, NY 10075, Dear Ms. Gilman: This leer shall eve asthe offical on (1) month extension of Kasirer LLC’s contact ‘with LAL MAG LIC. ‘This agreement shall be effective as of February 19,2019 ending on Mach 18,2019. The smoutly fe wil be $0 Allother tems and condition sated in our orginal contract wil continu appl. Sincerely, Ig ng Dae py (eree be 2[25joo1) kasirer Sous December 19, 2018 MaryAnne Gilmartin CEO L&L MAG LLC 1458 York Avenue New York, NY 10075 Dear Ms. Gilmartin This will confirm that you, “LL MAG LLC” have engaged Kasirer LLC (Consultant) to render consulting services to “LA&L MAG LLC" ("Services") in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein, L,I consideration for the Services, LAL MAG LLC shall pay “Consultant” a total project fee of $7,500 (Project Fee") as outlined below during the term ofthis ‘Agreement. Please be advised that no services shell commence prior to receipt of 8 fully executed agreement. ‘+ $7,500 Due on December 19, 2018, upon execution of contract. 2. In addition tothe Project Fee, Entity shall reimburse Consultant forall reasonable ‘out-of-pocket costs and expenses incured by Consultant in connection with the provision of the Services, neluding without limitation all long-distance telephone, acsimile, messenger, photocopying, travel, postage and other reasonable ut-of- pocket costs and expenses. Consultant will bill such disbursements on a monthly basis and payment thereof shall be due within even (7) days of receipt of an itemized invoice 3. This Agreement shal be effective as of December 19, 2018 and shall continue for 8 period of two (2) months ending on February 18,2019. kasirer a 4. Any proprietary information regarding, but not limited to, both partis” services and products will remain confidential unless otherwise agred to by Kasirer LLC and L&L MAG LLC. 5. This Agreement () sets fort the entre agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to the subject mater hereof and supersedes all other ‘communications, (i) may not be amended or modified except in writing signed by the partes, and (i) shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws ofthe State of New York. Neither this Agreement nor any rights, responsibilities or obligations hereunder may be assigned to any party without the prior written consent ofthe other party [you are in agreement withthe above terms and conditions forthe provision of the Services, please signin the space below an both original copes of this letter and return one original copy to me with fist month's payment, whereupon this ‘Agreement shall become binding. Sincerely, [Name: Suri Kasirer Title: President ae: |2/14/>al6 Name: Maryanne Gilmartin Title: CEO