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What’s the first thing that came into your mind when you read or heard the word

net’? Was it Google or was it any other browsers? What do you do with internet and what did you
do even before there’s this term called internet? Does the existence of internet actually affect your
life? Time flies, everything changes. From the first mobile phone invented, it was almost 32 years
ago. Now let’s review the evolution of the mobile phone.

The first mobile phone that invented is called as DYNATAC 8000X. The body of it almost
weights one kilogram. The life of the battery can only last for one hour long. Imagine you are call-
ing somebody and talking something important and all of a sudden the phone battery dies, it is
really irritating. DYNATAC 8000X only supports in calling, but not sending any messages neither
surfing the internet through mobile devices. But the advantage of DYNATAC 8000X is the presence
of antenna wire. By this, we are able to communicate with others through mobile devices no mat-
ter where we are.

Then, MOBIRA CITYMAN and MICROTAC were invented. MOBIRA CITYMAN is a mobile
device which the phone battery can last longer compared to DYNATAC 8000X and MICROTAC,
which is the first down-flip phone. MICROTAC was improved as some new features such as calcu-
lator, hands-free and press key tone were added into MICROTAC. All these phones were catego-
rized as the first generation phone, this is because although they are wireless but it is not easy to
carry them around as they are heavy.

Here comes the second generation phone. Second generations’ phones usually use a bet-
ter telephony system such as GSM, CDMA or PHS. This is because it provides a better quality of
phone call and a longer phone life. The second generation’s phone also can send SMS, MMS and
surf internet using WAP services. The first GSM phone is Nokia 1011. For human convenience, it
provides phonebook that can save up to 99 contacts. The first smartphone is Nokia 9000 Commu-
nicator. It has 8mb of storage and provides full keyboard that facilitate human to type. The next
phone is Nokia 5110. It is the first phone that can use to play games such as snake game and space
game. It is also the first phone that can change its cover. It fulfilled the human needs for entertain-

For the start of third generation was in year 1999. People start to focus on the features
and appearance of the phone. For example, Nokia launched their first gamer phone that named as
Nokia N-Gage. Motorola also invented the thinnest phone that named as Motorola RAZR V3. RAZR
used full metal phone to increase the durability and appearance to attract people. In year 2007, it
was the launch of first iPhone. The first iPhone has features such as MP3, camera, and PDA that
makes other devices become history.

Then the fourth generation started in year 2009. After the launching of iPhone, Google
introduce smartphones to the market such as Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. At that time, people were
able to download some applications that could benefit the users through smartphone. Till now,
there are many phones launched between this periods of time. As we can see, Apple has launched
until iPhone 6S while Samsung has launched until Samsung S6 Edge. OPPO, XIAOMI are also the
new brand of smartphones. The world is improving, so does the mobile phone. We can observe
the evolution of mobile phone throughout this period of time. Now, we can do whatever we want
by using our smartphone, unlike last time as the concept of phone is for calling people. So, as the
mobile phone is improving, we, human beings should also take that spirit and improve ourselves
and become a better person.

In this era, all the things in this world are related to computers due to advancement of
technology. People are able to access the internet by using computers as well as mobile devices.
Well, according to Wikipedia, the Internet is the global system of interconnected computer net-
works that use the Internet Protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link billions of devices worldwide. It began
in California in 1969 and began connecting to networks on other continents in 1988. It is a net-
work of networks ("internet" is short for “Internet-working”) that consists of millions of private,
public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad
array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries an exten-
sive range of information resources and services, such as mobile apps including social media apps,
the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), elec-
tronic mail, multiplayer online games, telephony, and peer-to-peer networks for file sharing. Now,
we are going to discuss more about life before and after internet.

Have you ever thought about how’s people live their life when internet isn’t as popular as
now? In the past before the internet, people tend to write letters and mail it to friends or relatives
who are in different countries or live far away from the sender through post offices. So, in the
past, receiving letters from mailbox is not something strange. To get human interaction, people
went to physically visit their friends instead of facing the mobile phone or computer’s screen and
chatting in forums or leaving messages on message board. Besides, people were also used to send
or receive actual, physical birthday cards from friends, which is the kind of card they knew their
friend specially chose for them. The “happy birthday” on Facebook just are not the same.

Next, newspapers play an important role in people’s life during the life without internet.
Newspaper is the only way they can get the latest news and they used to check the movies’ show
time from newspaper too. Moreover, when they want to do research for assignments or need to
get answers for questions, they have to go to library and consulted actual books to get the infor-
mation and solutions.

According to Bill Gates, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village
of tomorrow”. The Internet changed our life greatly, there is no doubt about that. Nowadays, most
of us spend a part of our day on Internet and it is a daily routine. We can easily access to Internet
to get information that we needed about any kind of topics. Search engines such as Google allows
us to find everything online even by just typing a specific word. Besides that, there is an online
library that includes online books and dictionaries which can replace the previous bookshop and
library. Searching information through Internet is cheaper compare to buying a book and online
information is usually up to date. Furthermore, we can read the daily newspaper from e-paper
and it is free most of the time. In the future there will more and more e-papers and then newspa-
per will disappear. Reading online is a cheaper and more convenient way to gain more knowledge.

Email has replaced the traditional letter which is a lot faster and most importantly it is
free of charge. Email has no time and distance limitation. We can even add files to our email. Now-
adays, most of the companies have online websites which act as a great advertising tool. When
we cannot leave house and have no transportation to the shopping mall, we can do online shop-
ping through Internet instead. With online shopping we can avoid waiting for the long queue and
save more time, we can even do online banking and bill paying by Internet.

Now, let us talk about applications. Mobile native apps, mobile web apps are installed in
an app store, where as web apps are mobile-optimized web pages that look like an app. Both
hybrid and web apps render HTML web pages, but hybrid apps use app-embedded browser to do
that. Mobile web apps are not real application .They are real websites that look and feel like native
applications, but they have different function. An “’app” works with a mobile browsers such as
safari and Chrome. Users don’t have to install a web app. They don’t need to waste their device
storage. Web apps use Java Script, CSS, HTML5 or other languages. Web apps are limited. They
generally always require an Internet connection to function. For those who do not have data or
WIFI connection, they can’t use the web apps. Web apps are designed once for every platform.
Therefore, it won’t looks or behaves like a real app or any of them. By using a web app, users may
be missed out an important source of downloads. So, users need a strong data or WIFI connection
when using the web apps. An app also known as application or application software. The applica-
tion also can be divided into several types, such as web app, mobile app, and mobile web app. In
this modern society, I believe that everyone own a smartphone. They not only can use
smartphone to contact people, but also download any mobile apps in apps store. There are a lot
of different apps that we can download in our phone. For our convenience, we can download some
social application to contact people and it is free of charge. Some of the famous social apps such
as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, snapchat, Line can keep you to stay connected with your friends.
We are able to share our photos, video or audio to these apps too. Furthermore, there are a lot of

different types of games app that we can download too. We do not need to bring another electric
games machine to play games Next, there is also an app that can help us when we lost while we
driving. WAZE is a navigation app that can guide us to our destination in the shortest time. It will
also keep us updated about the road condition.

And now, people are able to access the social networking through the internet. What is
social networking? Social networking is the use of an application or website for you to interact
with one another. Doubtlessly social networking brings us benefits but also the bad effects to our
life. Now, let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of social networking.

Apps and software provide numerous benefits to human in many aspects. For example, it
provides benefits for business, which is build relationships between employer and customer.
Next, it enhances your social networking strategies and reinforces your brands. Apps and soft-
ware also provide advantages in social networking website. For an instance, Facebook (FB) as
source of information and news. It’s a real-time social networking site and it is one of the best
sources to stay updated with latest news and updates. Major news usually goes viral on FB and
you will not miss important updates. Online banking apps also let consumer to handle their
money convenient and save their time and money.

Apps and software also provide myriad benefit for human. It connects or contact you with
your family, friends, and work colleague and to meet new people. Furthermore, students use so-
cial media to interact with their peers and even teacher about class-related subject. In addition,
global positioning system (GPS), as an apps that provides advantages for human. GPS receiver
built-in smartphone can keep you safe and avoiding you from getting lost. A combination of GPS
data and cell tower triangulation can reveal your current location as long as your phone has a
signal. It enables you to join other drives in your area who shares real-time traffic and saves time
and road info.

One the other hand, there are also many disadvantages of social networking. One of the
disadvantages of social networking is that it is a waste of time as it will cause someone to become
addicted to social networking without his or her knowledge. It is just like habit forming as ciga-
rettes. When teenagers spend too much times on all the social media applications that they have
downloaded in their phone, it will cause them to get bad grades in their examination as they do
not spend their time to do revisions neither paying attentions in the class while lecturers are giv-
ing lectures. The social media applications can easily distract them from studying.

Beside that, it clearly shows that online social networking has influenced your relation-
ships with your friends and family. As time goes by, the face to face connections are endangered.
Nowadays people are free to create a fantasy persona and can pretend to be someone else that
they wanted to become. We develop the prefect image of ourselves instead of staying true to who
we are. Sometimes you can get so socially attached to something such as blog, twitter, Facebook,
Instagram or gaming and it causes you to create a small gaps between your friends as well as your
beloved family. Sometimes when you use your phone so much that it is difficult for someone to
have conversation with you, eventually you will find that you are disconnect to them even though
you guys are only two feet apart. At the end of the day, it decreases your face-to-face communi-
cation skills.

Another disadvantage of social networking is that it can cause cyber bulling and crimes
easily. Social media gives people a license to be hurtful. It is so easy for someone to create a fake
account using a stolen picture to insult or harass someone they do not like. Your words are like a
weapon to kill someone. People tend to become depressed or suicidal after being harassed on the
social media. Therefore, you must think twice before you voice anything out. Social media will
also ruin your relationship with your partner. For example, you are always thinking about the
text messages from your partner when you are doing something else. When he or she does not
text us back immediately, we will actually feel that we are no longer important to them to re-
sponse us in an instant. Why do we having this kind of feelings? It is simple, because nowadays
our self-esteem comes from how many followers we got on Instagram, Facebook, as well as twit-
ter and also the likes we got on social media.

Last but not least, it also causes some health problems to us. Not only physically but also
mentally. With the invention of social networking, we are more often to stay at home rather than
going out to work out with our friends or family and eventually we will get obesity as the toxics
cannot be excreted out from our body. Social networking makes life so convenient that it creates
laziness. People are so lazy to move their body that they would rather just sit on the chair for the
rest of their life. For example, when you are about to have your meals and your siblings are at
upstairs, you’re just way too lazy to walk upstairs to notify them and you use your smartphone to
notify them instead. This is a serious issue that reduces your closeness with your friends and

There are some solution to prevent cyberbully. First of all, we know that cyberbullying
has emerged a huge problem across the Internet. Especially on Facebook. To minimize the prob-
lems, a new Support Dashboard for tracking these reports has launched on Facebook until the
problem is being resolved. Users can check to see whether their reports has been reviewed or
notified. Offensive contents will be removed. Therefore, The Support Dashboard would make

users feel more secured when spending time on Facebook because they know if they were
abused by someone on social networking, they could overcome this issue by reporting it to Sup-
port Dashboard.

As the teenagers are getting more and more addicted with their smartphones, parents
are playing a very important role in overcoming this severe issue. As an old saying goes, like fa-
ther like son. Parents should be role model to their children. For example, they should spend
their time by accompanying their children instead of playing their smartphones when they are
with their children. Besides, parents should set a timetable for their children to use the comput-
ers or smartphone to prevent them from getting addicted to computers and smartphones. This
will also cause them to manage their time wisely rather than wasting their precious time by
surfing the internet. Instead, they will start to revise their homework and at the end they will
get the result that they deserved.

Two angles have been compared in both a positive and negative light. We are the one to
decide which of these advantages and disadvantages affect us the most. It is possible to get basic
information off of the Internet, but you must check its legitimacy as we are told not to trust some-
thing just from a side of view. Read more and get to know more of what is really happening out-
side but do not forget about the physical contact that we used to make before the existence of
internet. Use what we have wisely, not blindly.

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