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1. Mark : Why ---- the boss want to see 6. They have decided ---- married next year
us? because they need to save some money
Lily : I don’t know. We’ll find out soon. before the wedding.

A) is A) get
B) does B) getting
C) do C) to get
D) has D) for get

2. Mike : ---- is your favourite politician? 7. I ---- university in 2013. I hope I will
Jessie : I’m not interested in politics, so graduate next year.
I don’t have one.
A) enter
A) What B) am entering
B) How often C) entered
C) Who D) will enter

D) How long

3. I’m mad ---- race cars, but I’ll never get one 8. My little sister is starting primary school
because they are very expensive. ---- next year.

A) to A) in
B) from B) on
C) between C) at
D) about D) Ø

4. Alex : What does he like? 9. He doesn’t have much money but he ----
Linda : ---- everything he has with his best friend.

A) He is like a footballer. A) share

B) He looks like a footballer. B) is share
C) He likes football. C) shares
D) He can’t play football. D) sharing

5. Austin : What does he look like? 10. Rita : Are you taking French or
Rose : He ---- long brown hair and German this semester?
small green eyes. Matt : ----.

A) has A) Yes, I am
B) is B) No, I’m not
C) is like C) German
D) looks like D) This semester



1. Jasmina : Are you going to make any 6. We are flying to Amsterdam ---- tomorrow
changes to the plan? morning.
Evan : Yes, ----.
A) in
A) I do B) on
B) I am C) at
C) I am going D) Ø
D) I going to

2. Jeff : What ---- yesterday? 7. His mother said, “You can play with your
Walter : I slept all day. friends ---- your homework.”

A) will you do A) after finish

B) are you doing B) after you finish
C) did you do C) you finish after
D) are you going to do D) do you finish after

3. William : ---- we have the dinner at a meat 8. I’m very tired. I will go to bed ---- I get
restaurant? home.
Chloe : That sounds good to me.
A) before
A) Do we B) as soon as
B) Shall we C) sooner than
C) Will we D) the soonest
D) Are we

4. Nicole : ---- here tonight. I don’t want to 9. Harry : When ---- get married?
go any further. Elsie : I don’t know. I’m too young to
Chris : Sure. I’m tired, too. plan my marriage.

A) I wanted to stay A) are you

B) Let’s stay B) do you
C) Why don’t we stay C) will you
D) I stayed D) did you

5. Ella : ---- at that view. It’s beautiful, 10. He ---- the building five minutes later. The
isn’t it? police will catch him at the entrance.
Eva : Yes, it is.
A) entered
A) Shall we look B) is going to enter
B) Don’t we look C) enters
C) Look D) was entering
D) Don’t look

2 UNIT 11. ---- hurry up. Our plane takes off in half an

A) Will
16. ---- write a novel. That’s my biggest goal
in life.

A) I am
B) Shall B) I am going

C) Can C) I am going to
D) Let’s D) I am going to be

12. I can’t work as a tourist guide because 17. Alex : Is she able to sing?
I’m not able ---- a foreign language. Willam : ----. She is bad at singing.

A) speak A) Yes, she

B) to speak B) No, she isn’t
C) speaking C) Yes, she was
D) spoke D) No, she doesn’t

13. We are not going to invite them to the 18. Katie : ---- to save money for college?
party ---- we don’t like them. John : Yes, I was.

A) because A) Could you

B) after B) Did you
C) as soon as C) Were you
D) until D) Were you able

14. You should wait here ---- I come back. 19. They are going to start school ---- the
Don’t go anywhere. fifteenth of September.

A) because A) in
B) so B) on
C) before C) at
D) until D) for

15. Hannah : I must find a way to improve 20. I hope she will pass all her exams and
my Spanish. graduate ---- next June.
Adam : ---- make a couple of Spanish
friends? A) in
B) on
A) How did you C) at
B) Where are you D) Ø
C) Why don’t you
D) When were you



1. When I was ten years old, I ---- still learn 6. My friends and I studied very hard for the
how to ride a bike. I learned it at fifteen. exam. ----, we were able to get high grades.

A) can’t A) After
B) couldn’t B) Therefore
C) won’t C) However
D) don’t D) But

2. Mary and her mother ---- us last week and 7. I ---- talk to her last night because we
we ---- a very good time together. weren’t alone at home.

A) will visit / have A) don’t

B) visited / will have B) can’t
C) visited / had C) couldn’t
D) visit / are having D) shouldn’t

3. We ---- down the street when the accident 8. Children ---- outside in the garden when it
happened. started to rain heavily.

A) walked A) played
B) were walking B) are playing
C) could walk C) were playing
D) don’t walk D) don’t play

4. Jessica cut her finger ---- she was 9. We had to hurry up and run because our
chopping the vegetables for the meal. friends ---- for us.

A) after A) were waiting

B) before B) waiting
C) while C) could wait
D) then D) mustn’t wait

5. I ---- in my house yesterday evening 10. My friends and I ---- to the shopping
because I forgot my keys at the office. mall and bought some beautiful dresses
A) won’t get
B) didn’t get A) will go
C) can’t get B) didn’t go
D) couldn’t get C) mustn’t go
D) went

3 UNIT 11. George refuses to use a mobile phone
---- nobody can reach him whenever they
16. Andrea

: ---- did you put my Maths
book? I can’t find it.
: It’s ---- the desk in my room.

A) because A) Where / on

B) however B) When / in
C) so C) What / on
D) but D) Where / at

12. Jason ---- to school last week because he 17. Samuel was very interested in music ----
---- very ill. he chose to be a professional musician.

A) comes / is A) but
B) was coming / is B) because
C) came / was C) however
D) didn’t come / was D) so

13. Ann : Hey Janice. How are you? ----? 18. Tom : ---- is the fastest way to get to
Janice : Fine thanks. I was abroad for the airport?
a week and visited my aunt in Phil : Taking a taxi, I guess.
A) When
A) How will you go there B) What
B) Where were you last week C) Where
C) Where are you going D) Which
D) What are you doing tonight

14. Most of the students ---- high grades 19. Amy : ---- was Olivia talking to when
because they didn’t study enough. we saw her?
Tom : I think it was her mother.
A) aren’t getting
B) don’t get A) What
C) couldn’t get B) Who
D) shouldn’t get C) When
D) Where

15. The package was delivered to us ---- 20. Tony was sleeping ---- I arrived home
Wednesday but it was too late. after work.

A) from A) when
B) in B) while
C) at C) before
D) on D) until



1. I practiced ---- the violin for two or three 6. They planned ---- the enemy in the
hours every day when I was younger. morning, but they couldn’t do it because of
the snowstorm.
A) play
B) to play A) attacking
C) playing B) attacked
D) played C) to attacking
D) to attack

2. When they offered ---- a school in that area, 7. ---- someone is a major crime and the
the local people cheered happily. murderer stays in prison for many years.

A) opening A) Murder
B) opened B) Murdered
C) open C) Don’t murder
D) to open D) Murdering

3. Last night she called me and ---- me to be 8. ---- ancient times, wedding ceremonies
more careful about my behaviours. were the most important events.

A) tell A) In
B) to tell B) On
C) telling C) At
D) told D) Ø

4. We must ---- to work together because we 9. Lunch was ---- biggest meal and all the
can learn a lot of things from each other. family gathered in the house.

A) continue A) the
B) to continue B) an
C) continued C) a
D) continuing D) with

5. The police are working hard ---- the 10. Jason : Will you promise ---- with me
criminal. I hope they can get him soon. whenever I need you?
Sam : Of course. I’ll always be with
A) catching you.
B) caught
C) to catch A) be
D) catch B) being
C) to be
D) to being



1. Summer : Have you ---- your destination 6. She has called me three times ----
yet? yesterday. I think I should call back.
Mollie : No, I’m still thinking about
where to go. A) for
B) since
A) choose C) already
B) choosing D) by
C) chosen
D) to choose

2. Olivie : We ---- to make some changes. 7. I didn’t check the prices carefully when I
Would you like to hear them? was shopping ---- yesterday.
Fred : Of course. I’m really curious.
A) on
A) have decided B) at
B) decide C) since

C) will decide D) Ø
D) are going to decide

3. David : Have you ---- played tennis? 8. That man committed a major crime when
Elsie : No, I haven’t. he ---- only fifteen.

A) never A) is
B) ever B) has been
C) yet C) was
D) last D) will be

4. Sharon : When did you ---- buy a sport 9. You haven’t started cooking the meal yet,
equipment? ----?
Alan : One or two months ago.
A) have you
A) ever B) haven’t you
B) last C) did you
C) never D) didn’t you
D) since

10. You only had one option when you were

5. Barry : ---- have you lived in Turkey?
there, ----?
Susan : Since I was born.
A) did you
A) How much
B) didn’t you
B) What time
C) weren’t you
C) When
D) were you
D) How long



1. I was disappointed ---- my grades because I 6. Mary was explaining ---- she wasn’t coming
was expecting higher grades. with us but nobody listened to her.

A) at A) when
B) with B) why
C) on C) how
D) for D) if

2. Danny doesn’t know ---- to cook, so he 7. Jason is usually jealous ---- my

always orders fast food online. relationship with my friends.

A) if A) at
B) unless B) for
C) how C) of
D) whether D) with

3. Harry ---- late for the meeting if he ---- a taxi 8. Jake : Do you know ---- he didn’t
because there is a lot of traffic. inform us about his plan?
Pam : No. I have no idea.
A) is / takes
B) won’t be / will take A) if
C) will be / doesn’t take B) how
D) isn’t / will take C) why
D) when

4. We don’t know ---- the manager will fire 9. Barry will join us at the weekend if he ----
Jake because of the scandal, because he his project until then.
hasn’t said anything yet.
A) will finish
A) whether B) doesn’t finish
B) why C) finished
C) unless D) finishes
D) even if

5. ---- we take precautions, can we save our 10. My students like playing board games.
environment. They ---- like playing outdoor games.

A) Even if A) besides
B) Only if B) in addition to
C) If C) also
D) Unless D) however



1. They used to spend ---- time together, but 6. Today people are ---- people in the past, so
now they only meet once or twice a year. they put on weight more easily.

A) more A) active than

B) less B) less active than
C) more than C) less activity
D) less than D) more active than

2. ---- he had two cars, he decided to buy 7. That man ---- a gun. He is walking into the
another car. bank. Let’s call the police.

A) Because A) was holding

B) So B) held
C) Although C) is holding
D) But D) will hold

3. I’m listening to you very ----. Your 8. This bus can carry ---- passengers than
suggestions are very valuable. that bus because it is much bigger.

A) more careful A) less

B) careful B) fewer
C) carefully C) more
D) less carefully D) much more

4. They don’t have many customers. 9. Paul cannot jump ---- Tony because his
They hope to have ---- customers in the legs are shorter.
A) higher
A) much more than B) less high
B) more than C) more height
C) a little less D) as high as
D) a lot more

5. You don’t need to introduce yourself ---- we 10. Credit cards are now an essential part of
all know you. life. It is difficult to live ---- them.

A) because A) with
B) so B) from
C) although C) without
D) but D) between



1. Charles : Have you received the message 6. We have ---- customers tonight than we did
---- I sent last night? last night.
Mike : No, I haven’t.
A) much
A) whose B) more than
B) who C) less than
C) where D) fewer
D) that

2. Average human life is around 75. It used 7. You had better ---- lie to me again or our
---- much shorter. friendship will end.

A) to be A) no
B) to being B) not
C) be C) none
D) being D) no one

3. Our organisation is growing faster ---- we 8. The man ---- introduced me to you is an
thought. accountant.

A) rather A) which
B) rather than B) whose
C) than C) where
D) would rather D) that

4. You must focus on your own career, not ----. 9. The palace ---- the king lived had very high
So stop giving me advice. walls.

A) my A) whose
B) I B) who
C) mine C) where
D) me D) when

5. I will close the account ---- I opened last 10. Your memory is better than mine, so tell
year. me ---- her address is.

A) where A) that
B) what B) which
C) that C) what
D) whose D) whose



1. If you are not comfortable in your new 6. I wish I ---- a motorbike which is suitable
shoes, you should change them with ---- for travelling across the country.
A) will have
A) other B) have
B) another C) had
C) the others D) would have
D) some other

2. The city ---- more crowded if it were sunny 7. We don’t have ---- other choice. We have to
and warm because it is popular with take a taxi now.
A) any
A) would be B) much
B) has been C) few

C) can be D) a lot
D) must be

3. If only you ---- leave now. We would drink 8. My parents wish that they ---- a small boat
some coffee and have a chat. because they would like to go fishing.

A) must not A) will have

B) will B) have
C) didn’t have to C) had
D) would D) could have

4. I like the way you help people in need while 9. If you ---- interested in History, I would take
---- people just ignore them or run away. you to the conference with me.

A) the others A) have been

B) another B) are
C) others C) were
D) other D) will be

5. My father’s car is not ---- to travel long 10. ---- person is responsible for himself. I
distances. It is an old car. can’t be responsible for what you did.

A) good enough A) No
B) too good B) Each
C) enough good C) Some
D) too much good D) Another

10 UNIT 11. My mother ---- a book on the couch when
I entered the living room.

A) had read
16. I haven’t driven a car ---- ten years, so I
need a lot of practice to do that.

A) for
B) is reading B) since

C) read C) until
D) was reading D) before

12. He wasn’t sure about what ----. Then 17. We don’t know ---- we should go. We
he decided to take some advice from a are left homeless and we don’t have any
professional. money for a hotel.

A) he should do A) how
B) does he B) where
C) should he do C) what
D) he can do D) when

13. You ---- in closed areas. It is forbidden, so 18. You ---- borrow books from the library
you will be punished if you do. with your ID card, but you ---- return them
in time.
A) may be smoking
B) mustn’t smoke A) can / should
C) aren’t smoking B) may / can
D) needn’t smoke C) have to / must
D) might / had to

14. Rachel usually ---- very early in the 19. The child at the hospital was ---- to see
morning but she ---- now because it’s her her friends when they came to visit her.
day off.
A) excite
A) doesn’t get up / slept B) exciting
B) gets up / sleeps C) excited
C) doesn’t get up / sleeps D) to excite
D) gets up / is sleeping

20. ---- John says that he doesn’t like Rick, he

15. I feel healthy and fit ---- I do regular
keeps seeing and hanging out with him.
exercises and follow a healthy diet.
A) However
A) despite
B) Therefore
B) because
C) Although
C) however
D) Despite
D) therefore