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Title Date Takeaways

Dr. Lodge Spring Paper Slide

McCammon’s 2018 pedagogy provides
Paper Slide an engaging and
Pedagogy novel method for
delivering content
that allows teachers
to then attend to
student support,
differentiation, and
assessment. This is
also an effective
Dr. McCammon’s Website tool for sub plans
and for student use
to reach the
Bloom’s level of
Co-Heart Summer Important
Diversity 2018 discussions must
Training ensue in schools
around race, micro
aggressions, and
intrinsic bias to
create an
environment of
inclusion in which
diversity is
leveraged as a gift
instead of a barrier.
Any negative
learned behavior
can be unlearned
with focused
intention and desire.
Carnegie and Summer Identifying goals
Covey Habit 2018 and searching for
Training positive outcomes
for all involved are
through basic
practices that
authentic concern
for others.
Racial Equity Summer This heart-
Institute 2018 wrenching and
Groundwater compelling training
Training highlights the true
level of systemic
inequities in current
culture and sparks
an impetus for
engaging in
immediate action to
ameliorate its
deleterious impact.
ASCD High Summer Although schools
Performing, 2018 may be comprised
High Poverty of a high percentage
Schools Module of students living in
poverty, effective
pedagogy and
teaching can
overcome its effects
to allow potent
academic growth
for all.
Speed of Trust Summer The foundation of
2018 all fruitful
relationships is
trust, and attention
must be directed
toward the
nurturing of it in
any organization.
Emotional Summer Identifying the
Intelligence 2018 personality type of
both leaders and
followers is
important to foster
maximum efficacy.
Crucial Summer Inevitable conflicts
Conversations 2018 in schools can be
mediated through
employing the
progression of steps
including finding a
mutual purpose and
maintaining safety
to then allow
Restorative Summer Restorative
Discipline 2018 practices can be
Practices successfully
implemented on a
school-wide basis
with staff
development and a
commitment to
student growth. A
focus on teaching
behaviors instead of
punitive measures
provides greater
future success.
BB&T Summer Maintaining success
Leadership 2018 scripts based on
Training solution-focused
actions will block
the negative effects
of self-limiting
behaviors stemming
from past
Knowing our
compelling “why”
serves as a compass
for future
Convergence Summer The Google Suite of
Remix 2018 tools provides
opportunities for
students to create
representations of
mastery and house
them in digital
portfolios, as
encouraged for all
grades by WCPSS.
Culturally September Impactful educator
Relevant 2018 Michael Bonner
Pedagogy with shared strategies for
Michael Bonner culturally relevant
practices that
provide rigor,
balanced with
understanding of
the needs of
students from
Equity Retreats September Honest and often
2018 and painfully delving
April 2019 into one’s past
experience and
schema regarding
equity is a precursor
to serving as a
leader who is
committed to
interrupting the
serious impediment
it remains to many
students in our
schools. Those who
have paved the way
for equity must be
honored through
our leadership.
Ron Clark October Culturally relevant
Academy Visit 2018 pedagogy coupled
with intense rigor
are methods to
support maximum
student growth and
reinforce a true
belief in the
intrinsic worth of
every student in our
Digital November Every leader must
Storytelling 2018 master their story to
present it in the
most effective
manner to leverage
its power to impact
those they lead.
Each person’s story
is laden with worth
and dignity and
should be
celebrated as such.
Child Abuse December As this remains a
and Neglect 2018 sad reality in
Module schools, all leaders
must be aware of
warning signs, legal
mandates, and
sources of care and
support for those
EdCamp Equity January The WCPSS equity
2019 initiatives are now
an integral element
of every school and
all those engaged in
the work have
several co-
conspirators across
the county for
support and
Maxwell February Dr. Ruth Steidinger
Training 2019 presented an
overview of John
Maxwell’s proven
behaviors, including
those for continual
personal growth and
supporting the
growth of others.
Supporting April 2019 Matt Hickson, a
Students who school leader in the
Identify as Durham Public
LGBTQ+ Schools and
member of Bull
City United,
provided practical
and directly
applicable strategies
for supporting
students and staff
who identify as
Safe Schools April 2019 Practical strategies
NC LGBTQ+ on demonstrating
Brunch and real support for this
Learn often struggling
population were
shared by both
experts and peers
and professional
networks were
Little Bites May 2019 Kelly Harris Perin
Time suggested several
Management habits and strategies
for managing the
many tasks
demanding time in
each school leader’s
daily processes.
Teach Us All May 2019 60 years after the
Viewing Little Rock Nine
bravely integrated
Central High
School our schools
have once again
leaving many
student in schools
that provide a
subpar education
and true equity must
our collective goal.
NC School June 2019 Overviews on
Improvement courses offered by
Project the NCDPI were
presented from the
lens of
administrators that
Foundations of
Math, Reading
Research to
Classroom Practice,
and Managing
WCPSS Office June 2019 Kelly Starling
of Equity Lyons, Scott
Affair’s Reintgen, and Matt
Celebration of de la Peña shared
Literacy readings of their
texts as they support
equity initiatives
and encouraged all
writers to continue
AEI Policy June 2019 Notable figures on
Institute in the national policy
Washington, level such as Rick
DC Hess and Peggy
Brookings shared
perspectives on how
education policy is
developed and how
individuals can
become involved.
FCCLA July 2019 Coaching student
National competition at the
Leadership national level
Conference provided valuable
experience while
presented unique
perspectives on
developing skills
4 Disciplines of July 2019 Muriel Summers
Execution led an in-depth
outlining of the
4DX framework to
increase the efficacy
of leading an
organization in