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I’ve been doing Mass. Communication. Writing makes me feel a little bit old, but at this stage of
my life and career, it’s fairly clear to see who is making films and who is not.

The people who is going to involve in this are still doing. The people who aren’t they are trying
to create their backup option to secure their future. I went to many film festivals, recently I
went to NOIDA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in January and day before yesterday I went to
9th DADA SAHAB PHALKE FILM FESTIVAL, but there’s one question I asked a lot from producers,
directors and screenwriters is – “ How do I make it in the Film industry? How do I make sure my
career has a staying power? And although there is no fastest way to do it, if their were step by
step instructed process then it will be easy for me.

If you want your career to have a staying power than you have to have staying power, this
means short term, project by project, but it also means a long term.


To be clear, I love film school. Formally they provide opportunities for rapid growth.

For example – you learn about cinema and it’s tradition, styles, techniques, you are encouraged
to go bigger with your decisions like what kind of films you want to make etc.,

Film school also make it easier to leverage two resources that are completrly valuable i.e, Time
and Focus. In order to become a productive filmmaker, I need to give time to my projects on
regular basis, it’s like going to gym in order to stay in shape.

“The key is not to priorities your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” It ask me not to
prioritise my schedule but to schedule my priorities. That means I need to put my scripts on
calendar at 10 A.M on Tuesday(time to write), 10 A.M on Wednesday ( Time to write).

If someone call you on that schedule than you say I have an appointment at that time. The
beautiful thing about when you are deep in film studies or film making is that you’re engaged in
the learning process, you learn new things by trying them on a regular basis. Writing your
project, making progress on your film project, all of it is a part of the work of being in school.
Okey, so actually the problem is not the film school or with the film school. It’s with lack of
learning skills with you. You are doing the same things that are taught to you in school. You are
learning the same thing at home that other students are learning in school. The scene is you
need to be patience if are really into film making or film studies. In this field, if you really want
to be a filmmaker or really wanna head to film industry you need to be patient.

Suddenly you’ve finished your instructions, you’ve completed your project, you got your project
under your belt, the film industry feels way out there and now you are heaping at a big pile of
your script with a question mark saying “Now what?”.

To be clear, if you haven’t been to film school, the same principal applies. You’ve got to muster
time and focus to actually keep at your craft and get the ball rolling on your film industry


We artist, well I am artist, tend to refer our projects as ‘work’. But much of our society tends to
refer to ‘work’ as ‘the thing you do to make money’.As an artist and humans we need both kind
of work. We can find a way to meld two into one, so that our ‘work’ is also our ‘work’.

Here’s the thing, when me and my friend sit together to complete our project we got lots of
obstacles of how to immediately meld the two kinds of work together. In many cases thy are
proved impossible because we are not professional filmmakers who have their back up options
to get another’work’ to complete this ‘work’.

People who are involving in film making or doing filmmaking for past many years they have
connections and friends in this industry who provide them things when they are in obstacles.

But me and my friend has a perfect plan but I don’t know weather we are on a right track with
that plan or not…we are just going with our plans to get into film industry and that is:- Create
your own content that is write your own script that is “work”, finalise everything that we need
to have to shoot our first short film then indulge into some kind of a production ‘work’ to stay
in touch with our field amd when we have that two way meld together then it’s time to throw a
hammer on a hot iron.

That is the only plan on which I am planning my next Two years. We have to plan everything i.e,
like If I have to make a feature film in the next year tha you have plan according to that.