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Taste blender

Business Plan for the Period

Starting January 2008

Business Overview

Business history: Taste blender is a new coffee shop, located in Old Town. We provide you
best coffee, tea, cappuccino and frozen cappuccino. Currently there is no other coffee shop in
this area. Our target audiences are students, friends, artists and families of all ages.
Vision and Mission Statement: Taste blender is the first coffee shop in Old town. Our mission
is to serve best product at very reasonable price with pleasant atmosphere, which can be
afforded by everyone easily.
Objectives: Our primary objectives over the next year are:
• Introduce homemade cookies, brownies and cakes.

• Renovate our space in Old Town.

• Offer free delivery service in schools, office, home.

• Create cozy and friendly environment.

Ownership: Taste Blender is a general partnership between Tessa and Michaela Mason.
Location: Taste Blender is located in Old Town, New York.
Products and Services: Description of Products and Services:
• Taste Blender will offer high quality coffee, tea, cappuccino and frozen cappuccino at a very
reasonable price. All drinks are made with high quality ingredients

• Our next plan is to introduce homemade cookies, brownies and cakes.

Industry Overview

Market Research: There is no other coffee shop in Old Town.

Size of the Industry: Coffee shop industry is nationally very big, but in Old Town the nearest one
is more than 6 or 7 miles away.

Industry Outlook: We can say that, our coffee has uniqueness, which will lead our business
towards success and with the new innovations we will make changes in our ingredients and
introduce new recipes.
Marketing Strategy
Target Markets: Our target audiences are students, friends, artists and families of all ages, who
want to relax at nice, quiet and cozy place.

Description of Key Competitors: Our biggest competitor is “The perfect cup” with a “Tea
Analysis of Competitive Position: Our friendly environment and low pricing strategy will be
the key to our success.
Pricing Strategy:
• We will offer four sizes of drinks, small $2.00, medium $2.50 and large $3.00.

• Our cookies and brownies will sell for $1.50 each.

Promotion Strategy: We intend to advertise on Internet, television and newspaper.

Management and Staffing

Management Team: Tessa and Michaela will share their responsibilities equally.
Staffing: We will hire about three or four waiters.
Labor Market Issues: We will hire high school students who are looking for part time or full time
job. In this area there are number of high school students looking for work.
Implementation Plan: Implementation Activities and Dates:
• Begin building renovation 12/08

• Complete renovation 2/15/08

• Begin preliminary advertising 2/15/08

• Purchase and setup equipment 2/15/08

• Open for business 3/1/08

Financial Plan: Your financial plan will begin with balance sheet, then your income statement
and in last is your cash flow statement.
Conclusions: After making your coffee shop business plan the last part is conclusion. Conclude
your entire coffee shop business plan, read and proofread your business plan in order to get
error free draft.

by Ayaz Haider