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The World Bank Tokyo Office Telephone: (03) 3597 6650

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan
Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dear People,

I am sending you a copy of a letter this morning to one of the Earth's healers. It
updates you. I have left out some identifying information, at the same time that I have
outed one of the Banking Cartel's agents.
Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruuction and Develkopment
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility TVM-LSM-666

---- Forwarded Message -----

From: Karen Hudes

To: One of the Earth's Healers

Sent: Sunday, July 7, 2019, 8:16:40 AM EDT

Subject: Developments

Dear Healer,

I wanted to contact you about the severe attack on my friend ________. Both me and [one of my loved
ones who is very susceptible to mind control and is constantly under attack] seem to be okay.[My loved
one] is busy foraging and farming; I was attacked last month, but from my music I can see that I am well
on the road to recovery.

My friend ______ is a nuclear physicist, and understands more than just about any other scientist about
magnetic fields in solar energy. I have known ______ for more than 50 years; he is married to one of my
closest friends,____________


I have asked your help before with one of ________________'s loved ones who was under attack and
also very susceptible to mind control..
I have known that _____ has been harmed by an agent named Drew Mulenberg. Drew works for the
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; I found a letter from DARPA to Drew a couple of years
ago when I was visiting ________ in Florida. Drew has been trying to sabotage _____'s publications for
many years, but ____ considers Drew to be one of his closest friends.

_____ is dying of cancer now; just weeks ago he was in remission. I had dinner with ____ yesterday, and
he is now asking me if you can help him? Any help you can provide would be gratefully accepted by
___. ____ lives with [my friend].. If there is any other information that we should provide, please let me

Why I don't get more attention? What makes you think you know how much and
what kind of attention I am getting? Attempted bribes. Threats. Flattery. Millions of
dollars spent in trying to harm me and my family and friends. I spend much time
contacting the healers who can neutralize these malicious attacks. Still, the progress
in freeing ourselves from centuries and millennia of corruption is relentless.

How do I know there is progress? I can tell how much easier it is to write the blogs,
and see how hard the Cabal is working to try and hide what I post, and how the
information just keeps on spreading and ripples out, and what is even better, how
clearly the people see what is going on.

Want me to jump the shark? That phrase means that I have done all that I can do and
that people would realize this. How is it possible for me to "jump the shark" when I
am in relationship to everyone, and following everyone, and "dancing the tango"
with everyone? I am never going to "jump the shark."

Yesterday I went to the National Arboretum. There I

heard a celtic harp.
It was being played in an impromptu concert by "a
Traditional Harper".
Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for
Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility,

On Tuesdays at 7:00 pm EST