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Republika ng Pilipine (Repu of the Philippines) KAGAUIARAN NG EDUKASYON, ELL (DEPARTMENT GF EDUCATION, -¢ aynila dune 275-1989 pecs No. 5 DER | 198 * AQGPTION CF FLEXIBLE WORKING HOURS IN THE DECS Undersecretaries Assistant Secretar Bureau Directors/Cultural Age Regional Directors , Schools Superintendents Chiefs of Services and Heads of Centers/Units Presidents, State Colleyes and Universities Vocational School Superintendents /Adsinistrators 1. Attached i 1989 of the Civil flexible working qevernmant services & enpy of Memorandum Circilan No 1d, 9s vice Commission prescrihing the adoption of hours for atijoftictals and employees in. the Be Tn lane with conditions set torth in the said Memorandum circular, the following additional, guidelines! are hereby ieaned @: Bureaus cand offices in the DECE Central Gffice shall adopt any of the time schedules indicated below for their respective omiTayees: (1) 7200 acme ta 12100 noon «2 80 asm. to 12208 soon (3), 9800 acne to 12202 Hoon and 1209 or effective suservision of personel, requiar working hours hey: G10 pom. Le not encouraged. be Gffivus with frontline services shall maintain a service staff who shall transact business betueen 12800 and 1:00 o'clock noon in order to provide continuous services to the | public swithout interruption or deley+ The lunch break of the service staff shall be led betueen . A170 andy iz and 216e pams The time schedule shall be appraved by the Undersecretary in charge af the office bureau. on may adopt the Office ar they may tneip respective Regional of tices, culkiral agency and state col time schedule prescribed tor adops their own time sched personnel, gubject be the memorandum cireutars Regional 5 convenient ne préserindd dn the sa cond and culbural agency directors presidents of 5 aiipyesfuniversities are authorized to ¢ theiv respective per “ approve the time schedule 9 nob-apply to teachers on. the endering security servicess nature af their function 3 hours These work ex's leave Bas ang such other personne) who, by Li follow ober prescrised works 3 the list of officials and employees in each shift’ shalt ho fuendshed the office in-charge of personnal for. pulp of control yegord sind copy of the list. posted in og area in their respective offices for the gut conspicuous the trans: Schedule of Employes form for bhis purposes fhe attache: ting gubli T pomay be used as guide fo schedule adopted by each A report. of this Wttices y This Compliance is quested: TSUMBING ny Secreta As stated Reference? Office Order dated April Allotmentr To'be indicated in under the following BUREAUS & OFFICES EF ICIALS. EMPLOYEES SERVICE To Pur tivar Flevitde gover) okey eerie tsiendinesioian | p Umctosure te pee SUBIECT ¢ Semvice Work CONTROL Grider Ne. ge, 841989) Republic bf the Philippines 4 (CIVIL SERVICE ConMISsiON amisyan ty Serhisyo Sinil> “duenon City BEA Ed os 1988 _ MENARANNUM CIRCULAR LE UHEADS OF DEPARTHENTS. miipralis AND ageNczes oF NATIONAL ANO COAL GOVERNMENTS; STAT ges AnD UNIVERSITIES, INGLUDING GOVERNMENT QHNED. AND ) CORPORAT LON it te Resolution Now “5 Commissian: nereky prescrines “the ng Hours fer all efficials and enployees tothe toliewing conaition Se of Mepactnenesy wftice shail have the authority working hours, previded that in. such workin hours officials andemployees shall render less: than eight hours a day fo week for 8 total of forty hours~ avid. agencies yErove office rt five days 4 The flexible working hours ehali not earlier thar 7200 ottlock fn the. morning end later buat 7:00 steleek an the evening. Renee the public is still assured af the core Nours of eight otclock. in the: morning to Five ot elock’ in -the atternsen: stant The pupae a mast he assuad | of cantinkous service during the peried af 12190 noon te 1:00 etekock iucthe- attaenogn « The Flewibie Workiay Keurs agopeed ony ; official or employees shall. thereartar be regular wording hours whith eawnet Oecastonatly “Gis periodically changed. at corveniehce: Two the exigeticy of the Servite; working” days May also be altered to include Saturdays and Guidays, provided that employess who wari” ox Such days may choose a» compensatary daysott during the weekdays, provide ahd Sunday are reg overtime: that the Saturday Wlar dorkdays and not cas 8