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Republic ofthe Philippines OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN ‘Agham Road, 1104 Quezon City 18 June 2019 IVEL JOHN M. SANTOS Vera Files 322 Pureza Steet JUN | 3 2019 sista Barangay 626, City of Manila in Dear Mr. Santos, ‘This refers to your leter, dated 31 May 2019, and the coresponding Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Networth (SALN) Request Form of even date requesting for the 2015 to 2018 SALNS of President Rodrigo Roa Dutere, Please note tha the processing of your request has been held in abeyance Pending the review and revision of the policies and rules of the Office of the Ombudsman regarding the release of SALINs. In the meantime, may we advise ‘you to direct your request to the Office of the President. For your information: proper guidance. Thank you. Very tuly yours, For the Ombudsman: Assistant Ombudsman