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2. 2.  Introduction  What is Symbolism?  Stopping by woods…  Fire and Ice  Mending
Wall  Home Burial  Design  Gift outright  Conclusion Index
3. 3.  Critics say that Frost was a poet of Pastures and pain , Mountain and rivers , woods and
garden , fruits and flowers , seeds and birds . Frost’s best poetry exhibits the structure of
symbolic poetry, much more Clearly than does of many a modern poet Clenath Brooke
Points out.. Introduction
4. 4. What is Symbolic Imagery  Symbolic imagery refers to images within an artistic work,
often including novels, poems, films, and other works, which are symbolic in nature. 
Imagery is the use of language or other facets of storytelling that appeal to the senses of a
reader or audience, usually through descriptions of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and
feelings.  This type of imagery is often used in fiction and poetry to create a more dynamic
scene for the reader, often by showing the reader what is going on rather than telling him or
her what happens.  Symbolic imagery, however, is imagery that serves a symbolic purpose,
rather than a strictly literal one.
5. 5. What is symbolism  Symbolism is the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities by
giving them symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense. “ Symbolism means
use of symbols like objects , character ,use of color to represents abstract idea or quality. ”
According to Oxford Dictionary
6. 6. • Here woods are symbolizes as contrast to civilization. Through this poem woods can be
categorized as a symbol of death • The most significant symbol in the poem “stopping by
woods on a snowy Evening” would be woods. • The woods may symbolize temptations in
life, from a view they seem mysterious beauty. • And some are tempted to stay and enjoy the
view, but the traveler chooses to continue his journey through life to reach his destination,
which should be our goals in life too. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy evening Woods
7. 7. “And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” Here this line suggests
that Death is the ultimate reality of the life but before that one has some duty to fulfill and the
words like “miles to go” indicates that there are so many works and responsibility and one
has to compete. So here “sleep” symbolizes the death. Death is not the greatest loss in life
.The greatest loss of it what dies inside us while we live.
8. 8. Nature: In this poem, nature is the symbol and the snow is a symbol of coolness, while
frozen lake is a symbol of the death and chillness of life. Horse: In this poem Robert Frost
takes Horse as a symbol, which symbolizes as a soul of the poet. Village: Village is
symbolized here as society and civilization
9. 9. Fire and Ice Fire: Warmth, Emotions, Desire Ice: Coldness, Dryness, Hatred  Both are
extremes and these extremes lead towards destruction.  Fire symbolize for desire,  and
ice symbolizes here for hate.
10. 10. Mending Wall  This poem has literal and hidden meaning, which symbolizes religious,
political and economic conflict, national, religious, racial and prejudices which divide man
from man and come in the way of mutual understanding and harmonious relationship.
11. 11. “Good fences make good neighbors” So this line is symbolized with an old man his
young neighbor, the two neighbors represent the problem between traditional and modernity.
Young Aged Tradition Modernity
12. 12. Home Burial  So here this poem can be read as a tragic double entendre. The mother in
this poem can’t forget that her husband himself dug the grave of their buried child. She thinks
her husband a uncaring person. The memory of the child has separated her from her
husband. The husband is a simple man and is baffled by the excessiveness of her sorrow. 
Home Burial symbolizes: Strain, Isolation, and Alienation 1. The death of a young child 2.
The death of a marriage/ Relationship
13. 13. Design  In this poem the poet believes that there is a power that governs things that
occurs, some unknown power weaves such appealing “designs of darkness”. But in the end
the poet admits possibility that there is no design or plans that coming together, of the white
spider, white flower and Moth  So at last Robert Frost tells and gives nature as a symbol a
kind of mother MothSpiderFlower
14. 14. ‘The Gift Outright’  This poem ‘The Gift Outright’ symbolizes Religion. Therefore, this
poem begins with an account of the coming of the British colonist in America.  So they
become the colonials of America and called our country as their motherland. They lacked the
patriotic feeling for the land they lived in. they believed in possession but not in
belongingness.  Here in this poem the patriotic feeling for the country of an individual is
observed or rather than in very simple way.