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2 and 3 Grade

nd rd

Miss Chadwick

“Start children off on the way they should go…”

- Proverbs 22:6.
The Bible often uses the metaphor of a seed to
represent spiritual growth. Although it is ultimately
God that “causes the increase” (1 Cor. 3:6), I
believe it is our responsibility to ensure that
conditions are right for growing. My goal is to create
a safe space where students can build up their
Biblical knowledge and discernment, thus preparing
them to face real world problems. About Our Class
My hope is that students will not only
meet the expectations of their grade
but will be challenged to excel in core
subjects such as math skills and
writing. Reading is also a BIG deal in
This is my 3rd year teaching here at VCS, and I am so my classroom. Students’ reading
excited for another year of fun and learning! Here are progress will be carefully tracked
a couple things to know about me: throughout the year, and emphasis
will be placed on comprehension,
• I am above all a child of God, saved by the blood
fluency, and expression.
of Jesus Christ.
• I love fishing, hiking, and kayaking. Honest and constructive parent-
• I am a 2nd generation teacher. teacher communication is important
• I graduated from UW Superior, and transferred to me. Throughout the year I will be
from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. I have a sending out a weekly newsletter with
degree in Elementary Education and minored in homework assignments, updates on
Special Ed.
what we’re learning, class news, and
Contact Info: more.
(715) 417-1076