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Effects of Cutting

Classes for Grade

11 TEC Students in
AMA Computer
College Las Piñas
(S.Y. 2018-2019)

TEC – 3
Research of Group 3
Mr. Abrina

The research entitled as “Effects of Cutting Classes of Grade 11 TEC

Students in AMACC Computer College LPC” because they wanted to anticipate

and take deep explorations concernding the behaviors of different individuals,

especially the senior high students who manage to cut classes and how such

accomplishment affects their academic performances.

Educational institutions are not only responsible for teaching certain

knowledge to students but also for correcting, disciplining any forms of

behavioral, moral, and social problems being faced by the students. The

researchers are convinced and self-assured to say that students’ problem has

enough time for growth and development. This development surely starts at the

comfort of their homes and families. Hence, it results to that of their schol

institutions to become the scapegoat for their problems. Therefore, professors,

teachers, and school administrators have to face and shoulder all sorts of

problems from their respective students and considered as the most difficult for

most school teachers and staffs.

The researchers all know that this is the stage where most of the students

are beginning to be curious about life. This is where they start coming out from

their “comfort zone”, explore life and make their own decisions.

Every time a student cuts class, it is irresistible that they are also cutting their

education. It is said that going to school is like having a job, wherein they are
mostly alike in such reason that you get paid with knowledge and academic


An effective education encourage everyone and aids them in getting a

job worthy of their hard work. Just as a saying goes, “with a good job, you’ll have

a good life, but by having a better job, you’ll have a better life.” Having a

convenient and profitable job will not only benefit you, but also your family in

which in turn will help them carry out a bountiful life.

Researchers would like to know what triggers the students to do cutting

classes. Also, to know the satisfaction the students get. As well as to know how the

problems affect the academic performance of the said respondents. The

respondents chosen are the Grade 11 TEC – Students of AMACC Las Piñas.

This study aims to help the students as well their parents and teachers

address the problem in early stage and to avoid much greater conflicts in the


Specifically, this student seeks to answer the following questions:

1. What are the reasons why students are always cutting class?

2. What are the ways to prevent cutting class?

3. What are the effects of doing cut class?

4. How cutting classes affect the academic performance?

5. Are they aware to the consequences when it comes to their grades?


This study will be favorable to the following:

I. Students. The students would be able to go to school on time. They

would become more responsible. This study will help the students to

attend their class regularly since this will provide them factual

information about the benefits that they can get in attending school.

II. Parents. Parents could engourage their children to go to school on time.

Also to know how their children behave at school. Besides, this would

give them the opportunity to help guide their children in dealing with
problem that may affecrt their performance especially in regards to

their academic.

III. Teachers and Staffs. They could help each other in implementing plans

in helping the students go to school early.


This study will focus on the reasons why students are fond of cutting class.

The ways to prevent this problem. Effects to the students also in their parents and

in school of doing cutting classes. How cutting class affect their academic

performance of students.

The study will be conducted in AMACC Las Piñas targeting Grade 11 TEC –

Students as the researcher’s respondents. This research paper studies about the

cutting classes of students.