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Quantitative Research

■ This design uses numbers in stating

generalizations about given problem or inquiry
in contras to qualitative reasearch that hardly
uses statistical treatment in stating

■ Research finding are subjected to use

statistical treatment to determine the significant
relationship differences between the variables.

Characteristics of a Quantitative Research

1. Figures, tables,or graphs showcase

summarized data collected.
2. Quantitative research puts emphasis on proof
than discovery.

3. Methods or procedures of data gathering

include items like age, gender, educational status
among others, that calls for measurable
characteristics of the population.

4. Standardized instruments guide data

Strengths of Quantitative Research

1. Quantitative research design is the most reliable and

valid way of concluding results, giving way to the
new hyphothesis or to disproving it.
2. Applying well-established standards means that the
research can be replicated and then analysed and
compared with similar studies.
3. Personal bias can be avoided by keeping distance
from participating subjects and using accepted
computational techniques.

Weaknesses of Quantitative Research

1. The used variable of a researcher might not reflect

the understanding of local constituencies.
2. The produced knowledge could be abstract and
general for direct application to specific local
situations, context and individuals.
3. Quantititative research can be costly , difficult,
time-consuming bcause most researchers are non-