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Task 3: Identify the literary devices used in each of the text


Short Stories 2:

“The Doll”


Paul Gallico

The Dream and other stories

Daphne du Maurier and others


We should give our love to the people around us so that they will feel there are
people concerned about them.

Characters and the characteristic:

1. Stephen Amony
~ A young doctor lives in London
~ Fall in love with Mary Nolan and they get married at last.
~ Has two children
~ Loving and caring person
e.g.: i) He remembered his niece birthday and he decided to buy her a gift.
ii) In order to make his patient become better, he brought her some
books and some chocolates.
~ Curious person
e.g.: He wanted to know the person who made the beautiful doll and he
wondered why the person can produce such beautiful dolls.
~ Has good knowledge in examining the patient
e.g.: Once he noticed the way that Mary sat, he knows that he could make
that leg straight.
~ Helpful person
e.g.: i) He determined to help Mary to lead a happy life because he found
that Mary is always depressed and she did not want to continue living.
ii) He saved Jim Carter’s son life last year.
~ Sincere person
e.g.: He still loves Mary even though she has a twisted leg.
~ Kind-hearted person
e.g.: When Rose Callamit asked for the cost of the visit, Stephen Amony told
her that he won’t ask for the money if she could not afford it.

2. Jim Carter
~ Owner of a newspaper shop
~ Friendly person
e.g.: He always greets all the guests warmly as they arrived especially
Doctor Amony because Doctor Amony often visit his shop to buy
~ Willing to help people
e.g.: He promised to help Doctor Amony when Doctor Amony asked for his

3. Rose Callamit
~ A tall woman with red hair, dark eyes, bright and shiny red mouth and a
serious face.
~ Wear very expensive coats and hats
~ Between 45 until 55 years old
~ Live in the house next to the cake shop in Hardley Street
~ Greedy woman
e.g.: She takes care of Mary when Mary’s parent was passed away because
she thought that Mary’s father was a rich man.
~ Cruel person
e.g.: She treats unkind to Mary after she knows that Mary’s father was not a
rich man.
~ Materialistic person
e.g.: She concerned the money more than Mary’s feelings
( “Without Mary and the dolls, the money will end,” said by Rose Callamit)
~ Selfish woman
e.g.: She just wants to find more money without take care of Mary’s body.
~ Stubborn person
e.g.: She do not want to listen to the advice of Doctor Amony about making the
leg becomes straight.

4. Mary Nolan
~ Has a thin body with the pale face, large darks eyes and a dry, unhealthy hair.
~ A girl with not more than 25 years old
~ Her left leg is twisted for nearly ten years because of a bad car crash
~ Her parent was killed in a car accident
~ Has talent in drawing the dolls
~ Fall in love with Stephen Amony and they get married at last
~ Has two children after married
~ Depressed person
e.g.: Mary always lives in an unhappy and hopeless life because her aunt
treats unkind to her
~ Lack of love
e.g.: Since her parents passed away, she did not receive any love from anyone.
Her aunt did not love Mary but she loves the money.
1. Place:
a) By the River Thames, London – house of Stephen amony
b) Abbey Lane – location of shops
c) Hardley Street – place that Rose Callami stayed

2. Time:
a) This story happened on October three years ago
b) Mary’s parents was passed away about two years ago

3. Weather conditions: sunny day


There is a doctor named Stephen Amony lived in London. Everyday, he

goes to a newspaper shop owned by Jim Carter to buy newspaper. One
day, he found that there is a doll half-hidden in the corner of the
window. That is a very beautiful doll for him. He brought it as the
present for his niece. But, he still wondered how a woman could make
such beautiful doll like this.

Rising Action

A few weeks later, after Doctor Amony received a call from a woman,
he went to the woman’s house to treat a patient. He saw the dolls and a
girls whose left leg is twisted.

Falling Action