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October 30, 2007


New York, NY

Waldorf=Astoria, New York, NY: 3rd Floor

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Rafat Ali CEO, ContentNext Media Founding Publisher & Editor, paidContent.org, paidContent:UK, mocoNews.net & contentSutra.com Jordan Posell COO, ContentNext Media Staci D. Kramer Executive Editor, paidContent.org, paidContent:UK, mocoNews.net & contentSutra.com

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Agenda Quick Reference
Monday, October 29
6–9pm Opening Reception
IAC/InterActiveCorp Headquarters 555 w. 18th Street (between 10th & 11th)

Cassie Halstead Director, Sales Raj Kotecha Director, Sales Billy Kramer Director, Sales Mike Navarre Director, Sales Ted Rupp Director, Business Development Ryan Bowermaster Ad Operations Manager

10:50am Advertising: Where Should the Money Go?
Grand Ballroom

11:50am Q&A: Reuters COO Devin Wenig
Grand Ballroom

Tuesday Oct. 30
7am–5pm Registration Open
Silver Corridor

12:20pm Lunch
Starlight Roof (18th Floor) Please use dedicated elevators.

7am–4pm Sponsor Displays
East Foyer

Lunchtime Q&A: Neil Cavuto
Starlight Roof (18th Floor) During Lunch

7–8:15am Continental Breakfast
East Foyer

1:35pm 2:20pm 3:00pm 3:25pm

Deals: What’s Next?
Grand Ballroom

8:15am 8:30am

Introductory Remarks
Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor

Technology Business Media
Grand Ballroom

Opening Q&A: Transforming The Business Media Brand—Forbes
Grand Ballroom

East Foyer


Video Interview Clip: Ann Moore, Time Inc. Chairman and CEO
Grand Ballroom

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Video Interview Clip: Cramer vs Kramer
Grand Ballroom


Consumer Business Magazines: What Does it Take?
Grand Ballroom

3:30pm 3:50pm 4:35pm 5:15pm

Q&A: CNBC President Mark Hoffman
Grand Ballroom

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Coffee Break
East Foyer

The Business of TV and Video News
Grand Ballroom

10:20am After the Deal: The Latest from Dow Jones
Grand Ballroom

The Disruptors
Grand Ballroom

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Closing Cocktail Reception
Hilton Room, Lobby Level

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Session Moderators

Session Moderators
Rafat Ali Editor & Publisher, ContentNext Media
Rafat Ali is founder, editor and publisher of paidContent.org, the award-winning digital media business news and analysis site. He is also the editor of mocoNews.net, a news site devoted to mobile content, ContentSutra, the website covering India’s digital media market, and paidContent:UK, which covers the UK’s digital economy. All four sites form part of ContentNext. Previously, Rafat was managing editor of Manhattan-based Silicon Alley Reporter. He was the Knight Foundation Fellow in 1999-2000 at Indiana University.

Dorian Benkoil Conference Editorial Producer
Dorian Benkoil has more than 20 years in the media business, more than a decade of it in digital media. As editorial director for mediabistro.com, he managed a network of targeted media industry blogs, newsletters, video and paid content. There, and at ABCNews.com, Fairchild Publications, CNET.com and elsewhere, he created multiple new content and revenue streams across platforms, attracting and retaining millions of users. He has been a reporter, editor and foreign correspondent for ABC News, Newsweek and The Associated Press and writes a column for Jack Myers Media Business Report. He is a recent MBA graduate of Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business and is senior consultant at Teeming Media, a New York-based strategic digital media business and editorial consultancy.

Staci D. Kramer Executive Editor, ContentNext Media
Staci D. Kramer is executive editor of ContentNext Media, whose main properties are paidContent.org, paidContent:UK, contentSutra.com and mocoNews.net. She joined the company in late 2004 as executive editor of paidContent.org. She has been writing about the intersection of technology with media, entertainment and sports since the days before the Web. Formerly a contributing editor at Inside.com, an editor at large for Cable World and senior editor for the Online Journalism Review, the veteran journalist has written for Time, Life, Sports Business Journal, the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and others. She is a former national director at large of the Society of Professional Journalists and founded a list serve for the discussion of journalism ethics, which she operated for a decade.


Future of Business Media

Opening Events

Monday, October 29

Opening Reception
6:00 – 9:00pm IAC/InterActiveCorp Headquarters 555 W. 18th Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues)
Sponsored by DeSilva + Phillips & IAC

Tuesday, October 30

Registration Open
7:00am – 5:00pm • Silver Corridor (3rd Floor) Waldorf=Astoria Hotel

Sponsor Displays
7:00am – 4:00pm • East Foyer (3rd Floor)

Continental Breakfast
7:00 – 8:15am • East Foyer (3rd Floor)
Sponsored by Yahoo! Finance


Future of Business Media

Opening Q&A

Introductory Remarks
8:15 – 8:30am • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)

Video Interview Clip: Ann Moore, Time Inc. Chairman and CEO
9:00 – 9:05am • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
In a pre-taped, edited interview clip the head of the largest U.S. magazine company talks about the business of business media at Time Inc., including Fortune and Business 2.0 magazines, CNNMoney.com and the fate of all the company’s financial media in a newly competitive era.

Opening Q&A: Transforming The Business Media Brand—Forbes
8:30 – 9:00am • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
A “fireside chat” about bringing a venerated business media property into the digital age—and the potential for investment even in rocky times.

Roger McNamee Managing Director, Elevation Partners
Roger McNamee is a managing director of Elevation Partners, a private equity partnership focused on media and entertainment content. Roger began his career at T. Rowe Price, where he managed the Science & Technology Fund. In 1991, he launched crossover fund Integral Capital Partners in partnership with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. In 1999, Roger co-founded Silver Lake Partners, a private equity fund focused on technology businesses. Elevation, which was formed in 2003, has made five investments to date: Move.com, Video Game Holdings, Forbes, SDI and Palm.

James J. Spanfeller President and CEO, Forbes.com
Jim Spanfeller joined Forbes.com in 2000 and oversees its strategic and operational management. In 2006, BtoB Media Business named Jim “Top Innovator in Business Publishing, ” and he was inducted into min’s first-ever Digital Hall of Fame. Prior to Forbes.com, Jim was President of the Consumer Magazine Group of Ziff Davis Media, Inc., Publisher of Inc. magazine and also held senior positions at Playboy Enterprises Publishing Group and Newsweek. He is currently Chairman of the Board for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), having served as Vice-Chairman in 2005, and is actively involved in the Online Publishers Association (OPA).


Future of Business Media

Consumer Business Magazines

Consumer Business Magazines: What Does it Take?
9:05 – 9:55am • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
With competition for information and attention coming from all sides, where do consumer business mags fit in today’s business media environment? Print alone no longer cuts it but even when you add digital, is it enough? Business 2.0 is gone, Red Herring may soon follow and costly-to-launch Portfolio is striving to find its place.

Keith Fox President, Business Week Group
Keith Fox was named to his position in April 2007 and oversees the BusinessWeek franchise, including the magazine, the Web site and the national TV program BusinessWeek Weekend. Since September 2004 Keith had been president of McGraw-Hill Professional. He first joined McGraw-Hill in 2000 as SVP of Marketing and Business Development for BusinessWeek. Previously, Keith was VP of New Media at Reader’s Digest Association, where he launched Readers Digest Health with Web MD and ReadersDigest.com. He started his career as a consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton in New York before moving to Unilever as a brand manager.

David Carey Publisher, Condé Nast Portfolio
David Carey is leading Condé Nast’s push into business media, with the goal of creating a collection of leading business publications (and their related Web sites), through start-ups, acquisitions, and alliances. Portfolio launched in April. Previously, David was VP and publisher of The New Yorker. In 2004, while there, he was named by AdWeek as the industry’s “executive of the year” and in 2005, he was named by FOLIO: Magazine as a member of its “Dream Team” of publishing executives. He was founding publisher of SmartMoney, and in 1996, at Condé Nast, served as Publisher for the re-launch of House & Garden.

John Koten CEO, Mansueto Ventures
John Koten is CEO of Mansueto Ventures and editor in chief of Inc. and Fast Company magazines. He oversees the editorial and business departments of both. From September 2002 until July 2005, he was editor of Inc. Previously, John was editor in chief of Worth magazine for 10 years, and for 15 years was at The Wall Street Journal as bureau chief, senior editor, and reporter.

Susan Clark Global Marketing Director and Publisher, Contintental Europe, Middle East and Africa, The Economist
Susan Clark was appointed Global Marketing Director of The Economist in 2005, with a mandate to develop the brand. She has responsibility for circulation marketing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She was previously at Le Meridién Hotels & Resorts, where she was SVP Marketing and Sales. Between , 1992 and 2001, Susan was a founding partner in The Phineus Company, a marketing and strategy consultancy. She spent 15 years with American Express in New York, Washington DC and Sydney.


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media


After The Deal: The Latest From Dow Jones

Coffee Break
9:55 – 10:20am • East Foyer
Sponsored by KickApps

After the Deal: The Latest from Dow Jones
10:20 – 10:50am • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
The Dow Jones that Rupert Murdoch is acquiring is already well on the path to major changes. We’ll hear from Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz about the company’s distinct emphasis on consumer media, led by the Journal franchise, the future of WSJ.com, and enterprise media under Murdoch, among other issues. Between its consumer titles and its business news and information, DJ faces just about every major issue you can think of—increased competition, print advertising challenges, online growth without cannibalization, brand extension, and more.

L. Gordon Crovitz Publisher, The Wall Street Journal
L. Gordon Crovitz is Publisher, The Wall Street Journal, EVP of Dow Jones & Company, and president of the Company’s Consumer Media Group, responsible for media operations serving consumers, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch and other Web and print properties. He has previously been SVP of the Electronic Publishing group, VP/planning and development and managing director of Dow Jones Telerate’s Asia/Pacific region. Gordon began his career at Dow Jones in 1980 as a summer intern writing editorials.


Future of Business Media

Advertising: Where Should the Money Go?

Advertising: Where Should the Money Go?
10:50 – 11:50am • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
The engine that makes it all go—and causes all kinds of problems when it sputters. Put another way, what happens when online ad growth matures and print ads keep sliding? How are online and mobile changing the way business advertising works? Where do the newish ideas like ad exchanges and auctions fit in? Our panel of top ad execs and publishers will look at not only where the ad dollars are going but also at where they should go. What are the most effective places in business media for an advertiser’s ad spend today?

Rob Norman Global CEO, GroupM
Rob Norman is a member of the global GroupM Executive Committee that supervises the activities of the 13,000-person, $40 billion agency group. GroupM is the world’s largest buyer of interactive media, with billings close to $3 billion. Rob joined Tempus Group PLC’s media agency CIA in 1986, founded CIA Interactive in 1994 and Outrider, its search unit, in 1998. In 2000, he joined the Tempus board. Following the acquisition of CIA by WPP in 2001. Rob led the combined digital offer of Mediaedge:cia and was Chairman of the Mediaedge:cia Group in the U.K.

Peter C. Horan CEO, IAC Media & Advertising
Peter Horan is responsible for the strategic growth of IAC’s Media & Advertising sector, which is comprised of the IAC Search & Media businesses—Ask.com, IAC Advertising Solutions and IAC Consumer Applications & Portals—as well as the Citysearch and Evite brands. He previously served as CEO of AllBusiness.com, and CEO of About.com, where he led the sale of the property to the New York Times Company for $410 million. He previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of DevX.com, Inc., an Internet media company that was later acquired by JupiterMedia Corporation.

Gloria Scoby SVP/Group Publisher, Crain Communications Inc.
Gloria Scoby oversees publications in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and London, including Advertising Age, BtoB, Investment News and TelevisionWeek. She joined the company in 1978 as a member of the team that launched Crain’s Chicago Business, the first of four Crain city business publications. She has been advertising director, associate publisher and publisher. She was named group publisher in September 1995. She initiated Crain Communications’ first foray into online publishing, launching Crain’s Chicago Business online via America Online. Previously, she was a partner in Ruba House, a literary venture company that produced the nationally syndicated sports medicine column, Dr. Jock.

Alan Ives SVP Sales, CNNMoney.com ,
Alan Ives is responsible for all digital advertising revenue at CNNMoney.com. The digital advertising sales team reports to him. Alan joined Time Inc. last month from ABC, where he served as VP of ABC Digital Media Sales. Prior to working at ABC for four years, he spent five years at Microsoft Corporation, where he oversaw regional sales for MSN and national sales for MSNBC.com. Ives also held sales management and marketing jobs with Sony Corporation, Turner Broadcasting and The New York Times. He has more than 20 years in advertising, sales and marketing experience, including more than 13 years in digital sales positions, eight of them in sales management.

Tad Smith CEO, Reed Business Information
Tad Smith oversees some 80 publications and Web sites, including Variety, Publishers Weekly, and Broadcasting & Cable. FOLIO: Magazine called him one of the 40 most influential people in the magazine industry, and he received Media Business magazine’s 2007 Top Innovator Award. He chairs the New York Roundtable for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC, and serves on the boards of American Business Media, the Business Press Educational Foundation, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. As adjunct professor, he teaches the corporate finance and strategy course on entertainment, media, and technology companies at NYU’s Stern School of Business.


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media


Q&A: Reuters COO Devin Wenig

Q&A: Reuters COO Devin Wenig
11:50am – 12:20pm • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
We’ll sit down with Reuters COO Devin Wenig, slated to be CEO of the Reuters businesses following approval of the Thomson-Reuters merger.

Devin Wenig COO, Reuters
Devin Wenig was appointed COO of Reuters in June 2006 after serving as President of Business Divisions, overseeing all four Reuters divisions since 2003. Devin joined Reuters in 1993 as Corporate Counsel, Reuters America, and held a number of senior management positions before being appointed President, Reuters Information in January 2001.

plus Q&A with Neil Cavuto (see p. 16 for details)
12:20 – 1:35pm • Starlight Roof, 18th Floor
Sponsored by The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc.

Note: Please use the dedicated conference elevator between the 3rd and 18th floors.


Future of Business Media

Lunchtime Q&A: Neil Cavuto

Lunchtime Q&A: Neil Cavuto, SVP Anchor & Managing Editor of , Business News, FNC and FBN
Starlight Roof, 18th Floor
We’ll talk to Neil Cavuto, who oversees business coverage for Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network, about the recent launch of the network and how they see themselves as different from others in the space.

Neil P Cavuto . SVP Anchor & Managing Editor of Business , News, FNC and FBN
Neil Cavuto oversees all business coverage for Fox News Channel (FNC) and Fox Business Channel (FBN) and serves on the network’s executive committee. He appears on air for both channels, including the popular Your World With Neil Cavuto on FNC. Neil was named Anchor and Managing Editor of business news for FNC in July 1996. He also serves as SVP of Business News. Prior to joining FNC, he anchored and hosted more than three hours of live programming daily for CNBC and served as a contributor to NBC’s Today Show as well as NBC News at Sunrise. His 20-plus years of financial reporting include stints at PBS’ Nightly Business Report, where he was the New York bureau chief, and Investment Age Magazine.


Future of Business Media

Deals: What’s Next?

Deals: What’s Next?
1:35 – 2:20pm • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
Sponsored by DeSilva + Phillips

Alan M. Meckler Chairman & CEO, Jupitermedia Corporation
Alan Meckler created a newsletter in October 1990 called Internet World and went on to create the Internet World trade shows and various related print and Web publications. Mecklermedia sold its print and tradeshow properties to Penton Media in November 1998, and Alan purchased an 80.1% interest in Internet.com. JupiterOnlineMedia is the cornerstone for his company. It operates five online networks, and holds more than 150 Web sites and nearly 150 e-mail newsletters viewed by over 20 million users who generate over 400 million page views monthly.

It’s been another year of merger, acquisition, takeover and targets, with money chasing opportunity. What’s left to consolidate? Is the money in big deals or small? What happens when the merry-go-round stops this time? How many media investment funds are enough?

Lauren Rich Fine Media Analyst
Lauren Rich Fine of Kent State University Communications School is a CFA and was until recently a Managing Director at Merrill Lynch in Equity Research. A 19-year veteran, she covered the publishing, information, advertising and online industries. She was a ranked member of the Institutional Investor All-American Research Team for 14 years, holding the number one position for 11 years. Lauren is on the Boards of the Cleveland Film Society, the Cleveland Jewish News, the Chautauqua Foundation, In Counsel with Women, Laurel School, and Urban Community School, a not-for-profit school for low income families in Cleveland.

Steven Rattner Managing Principal, Quadrangle Group LLC
Steven Rattner joined Quadrangle at its founding in 2000. Today, the private investment firm has more than $6 billion in assets under management. Previously, Steven served as deputy chairman and deputy CEO of Lazard Frères and managing director at Morgan Stanley. Before beginning his investment banking career in 1982 with Lehman Brothers, he was assistant to columnist James Reston at The New York Times and then became an economic correspondent in New York, Washington and London. Steven is active in philanthropic organizations, is deeply involved in public policy matters and serves on the board of IAC/InterActiveCorp and other companies.

David Levin CEO, United Business Media
David Levin overseas UBM, which includes two principal businesses: CMP and Commonwealth Business Media, and PR Newswire. Previously, David was CEO of Symbian, a leader in smart-phone operating systems, COO of Psion, Symbian’s parent company and held senior management positions at the international business publisher Euromoney Institutional Investor. He also worked for the venture capital firm Apax Partners, and for Universal Grinding Wheels of Stafford and in Asia. He began his career with the Bain and Company consulting firm where he worked in several world regions. He is a member of the World Economic Forum and the Oxford University Press.

John S. Suhler President, Veronis Suhler Stevenson
John Suhler participates in the presentations and reviews of nearly all portfolio company acquisitions and significant add-ons at VSS. He has served on the Board of Directors of many of the fund’s portfolio companies and attended board meetings as observer for most of the balance. Prior to co-founding VSS in 1981, he was president of CBS Publishing Group and was VP-Publisher of the Psychology Today group at Ziff Davis Publishing and CRM, Inc. He has been a member of the board of directors of the Association of American Publishers and the Magazine Publishers of America, and an affiliate member of the American Newspaper Publishers.


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media


Technology Business Media

Technology Business Media
2:20 – 3:00pm • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
Combine an increasingly fragmented tech universe with the “next, now” mentality of so many tech readers and an insanely low barrier to entry and you get a constantly moving target. How are the tech vets adapting and can they hold their own against the refilling pool of tech bloggers and other avenues of info? Do the digital-only tech media outlets provide enough reach for advertisers?

Om Malik Founder, GigaOmniMedia
Om Malik calls his influential blog, GigaOm, his “personal weblog where I ruminate about broadband and its impact on our lives." He was a senior writer for Business 2.0, a senior writer for Red Herring and part of the founding team of Forbes.com. His writings have also appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, Brandweek and Crains, New York Business. In 1999, he left Forbes.com to join Hambrecht & Quist Asia Pacific as an investment manager. In 1995, he co-founded a South Asian portal, Masala.com and has several other “tiny projects. ”

Neil Ashe CEO, CNET
Neil Ashe joined CNET Networks in 2002 as SVP Corporate , Strategy and Development. In 2005, he became EVP His . responsibilities expanded to include day-to-day management of the Community and Lifestyle, Business, Channel and International divisions. He has led the company’s content expansion strategy, including numerous acquisitions to develop its existing products and expand into new categories which attract new audience and customer segments. Previously, Neil founded and served as CEO of several start-up companies in the Internet, business-to-business, electronic-marketplaces, and financial-services industries.

Greg Strakosch CEO, TechTarget
As co-founder, Greg Strakosch has led TechTarget from start-up in 1999 to a fully diversified public IT media company. Prior to founding TechTarget, Greg was President of the Technology Division of UCG, a leading business-to-business information provider. He joined UCG in 1992 when the company acquired Reliability Ratings, a successful IT publishing company he founded in 1989. Previously, Greg spent six years in senior sales and marketing positions at EMC Corporation, which he joined as the company’s 29th employee.

Bob Carrigan President, IDG Communications
Bob Carrigan oversees IDG’s print and online publishing and events subsidiary. He has global responsibilities and also oversees eight business units in the U.S. Bob returned to IDG in April 2003 as president and CEO Computerworld from AOL, where he was SVP in the Interactive Marketing Group. Carrigan previously spent seven years at IDG’s PC World in several senior sales management positions. Carrigan began his career at IDG’s Digital News as an intern, while an undergraduate at Boston University, and went on to become the New England regional manager and Eastern sales manager.

3:00 – 3:25pm • East Foyer
Sponsored by CNBC


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media


Q&A: CNBC President Mark Hoffman

Video Interview Clip: Cramer vs. Kramer
3:25 – 3:30pm • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
We’ll show a short video of two pioneers of the last 10 years of business media interviewing each other about the next ten years. Jim Cramer, founder of TheStreet.com, speaks with Larry Kramer, the founder of MarketWatch.

Q&A: CNBC President Mark Hoffman
3:30 – 3:50pm • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
We’ll talk with CNBC President Mark Hoffman about his network’s plans and strategies. The conversation takes place soon after the launch of new competitor Fox Business Network.

Mark Hoffman President, CNBC
Mark Hoffman was named president of CNBC in February 2005. An award-winning broadcasting veteran with a record of developing programming and increasing revenue and ratings, he reports directly to Jeff Zucker, president and CEO of NBC Universal. Previously, Mark was president and general manager of WVIT/NBC30, NBC’s owned and operated station in Connecticut. He came to WVIT/NBC30 from CNBC, where he was vice president and managing editor, Business News since January 1999. At CNBC he was responsible for setting the editorial direction for the network’s daytime business programming— resulting in dramatic increases in viewership. He has also served as acting president and managing director for CNBC Europe and developed and launched the digital cable network CNBC World.


Future of Business Media

The Business of TV and Video News

The Business of TV and Video News
3:50 – 4:35pm • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
Cable channels new and old, syndicators, portals and vlogs are all duking it out to become the business video content provider of choice via every platform imaginable. They can’t all survive in this crowded marketplace. Among the greatest challenges: How to make money from video without turning off viewers, and how to avoid becoming part of the clutter.

Trevor Fellows Global Head of Media Sales, Bloomberg
After four years in the British Parachute Regiment, Trevor Fellows joined the marketing department of Reed Publishing in 1984, followed by two years as Publisher of the Japanese language edition of financial magazine Euromoney in the late eighties. He ran the international editions of Institutional Investor magazine until joining Bloomberg in 2000 as head of European Media Sales. After stints running both sales and distribution in Europe and Asia, he was appointed to his current job.

Chris Ahearn President, Reuters Media
Chris Ahearn is responsible for the strategy, marketing and profitability of the Reuters division that supplies news and information directly to consumers and to the world’s newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, Web sites and mobile phone operators. He manages two business groups: Reuters News Agency and Reuters Consumer Media. Previously, Chris was EVP in charge of Reuters Research & Advisory business. He joined Reuters in 2001 from J.P Morgan, where he was an M&A banker for the . Financial Institutions Group. Prior to joining J.P Morgan in 1994, . Chris worked for Credit Suisse First Boston.

Jane Seagrave VP New Media Markets, The Associated Press ,
Jane Seagrave has financial and content responsibility for AP Digital. A former AP journalist, Seagrave returned to the AP in 2003 after managing the integration of American Lawyer Media with law.com. Seagrave first joined the AP in 1980, having had assignments in Santa Fe, N.M., Grants Pass, Ore., and Boston before leaving in 1985. She has also served as VP-editorial and production for Lawyers Weekly Publications in Boston, president and chief operating officer of Legal Communications Ltd. in Philadelphia, president and publisher of American Lawyer Media/Mid-Atlantic in Philadelphia, and chief executive officer of localbusiness.com in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Thomas J. Clarke, Jr. Chairman and CEO, TheStreet.com
Since Thomas J. Clarke, Jr., joined TheStreet.com in 1999, his strategic vision has propelled its growth, building it into a leading multimedia provider of proprietary financial, business, news, ratings and investment content. Tom brought almost 20 years of management experience in the financial services industry. Shortly after his arrival, he orchestrated a major restructuring of the company, successfully steering it through the challenging dot com era. Previously, he served as chief executive of Thomson Financial Investor Relations—formerly Technimetrics Inc., which he grew into a global entity that serviced clients in over 20 countries. In 1998, he successfully oversaw the sale of Technimetrics from Knight-Ridder to the Thomson Corporation. He began his tenure at Technimetrics in 1984.


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media


The Disruptors

The Disruptors
4:35 – 5:15pm • Grand Ballroom (3rd Floor)
More information is flowing more freely to more people than ever, on everything from classic finance sites to blogs, Blackberrys and discussion boards. We’ll take a close look at how the individual investor is empowered and what it takes to compete as a business and finance information provider today. Can higher-end paid service providers stay in their high-margin business?

David Jackson CEO, Seeking Alpha
David Jackson is the founder and CEO of Seeking Alpha, a provider of stock market opinion and analysis from blogs, money managers and investment newsletters, and a provider of its own financial content. After working for five years as a technology research analyst for Morgan Stanley in New York, David left in early 2003 to manage money (long/short) and explore new approaches to financial publishing, ultimately leading to the creation of Seeking Alpha. Earlier in his career, he worked in technology venture funding and macro-economics (HM Treasury in London and The Bank of Israel).

Scott Moore SVP Yahoo! ,
Scott Moore heads Yahoo!’s News and Information division, which includes news, finance, sports, tech and lifestyle. Scott joined Yahoo! in 2005 from Microsoft, where he was general manager of the MSN programming group, managing editorial, design and product development for four publishing teams, and concurrently serving as president of MSNBC.com. Previously, Moore was publisher of Slate and has also held positions as advertising manager for Expedia Travel and business development manager for Sidewalk. He is also a past member of the board of directors for the Online Publishers Association.


Future of Business Media

The Disruptors

Patrick Spain CEO, HighBeam Research
Patrick Spain created HighBeam Research as Alacritude, LLC, in August 2002 to serve as a vehicle for building an online research service for individuals. Spain is a cofounder and was former chairman and CEO of Hoover’s, a leading online provider of company information. Spain led Hoover’s from an unprofitable private book publishing company with a few hundred thousand dollars of revenue to a publicly traded profitable media and business information company with $31 million in revenues. Prior to Hoover’s, Spain worked in the telecommunications industry, first as a lawyer and then as a business executive, and as a real estate developer and an economic consultant.

Closing Cocktail Reception
5:15pm • Hilton Room, Lobby level
Sponsored by m:metrics

Note: The reception is just up the stairs and to the right from the Park Avenue entrance.

Kathy Yates CEO, AllBusiness.com
Kathy Yates joined AllBusiness in late July 2005, after serving as President and COO of MarketWatch.com, where she oversaw all day-to-day operations and actively managed the growth of the company to $80 million in revenues annually. She led the completion and integration of a major acquisition (Pinnacor, Inc.) and actively participated in the sale of MarketWatch to Dow Jones. Previous roles include founder and Vice President/Business Development for Knight Ridder Digital, founding Board Member of CareerPath (now CareerBuilder) and Classified Ventures, and Vice President/Product Development for Women.com. In 2004, the San Francisco Business Times named her one of the Bay Area’s 100 most influential women in business.


Future of Business Media

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Desilva + Phillips
DeSilva & Phillips, an investment bank specializing in the media and digital media industries, has completed over 185 transactions with a total value of over $ 8 billion (see them all on our Web site, www.mediabankers.com). Our Digital Media and Technology Group covers the M&A and corporate finance marketplace for electronic content in its many forms: from web-based publications to specialized search engines, from business information services to rich media. Recent clients include Mediabistro.com, acquired by Jupitermedia for $23 million; Answers Corporation’s pending $100 million acquisition of Dictionary.com; FranchiseGator, acquired by aQuantive; Beauty Schools Directory, acquired by PlattForm; All Star Directories, acquired by Austin Ventures; Visionary Networks, acquired by NameMedia; and Falk AG, acquired by DoubleClick. Please contact Jay MacDonald (jay@mediabankers.com), Jeff Dearth (jeff@mediabankers.com), or Ken Sonenclar (sonenclar@mediabankers.com) for more information.

The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc.
Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2007 The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI) , provides independent investment banking services to the media and information industries. Having completed nearly 500 M&A transactions, JEGI maximizes value for businesses in sales to major media companies and private equity firms. Recent successful business media transactions include the sale of VentureDirect, a leading interactive marketing services firm, to PlattForm Holdings, a portfolio company of Arlington Capital Partners; the sale of TechnologyGuide.com, a provider of proprietary Internet content sites for mobile technology products, to TechTarget; the sale of DMNews to Haymarket Media; the sale of Trade Service, a leading database provider, to GF Capital Management; the sale of Cymfony, a leading social media analytics company, to TNS Media Intelligence; Reed Business Information’s acquisition of BuyerZone.com; the sale of CMG, a full service tradeshow management company, to Naylor, a ZelnickMedia company; and many others. For more information, visit our web site at www.jegi.com, or contact our Managing Directors: Tolman Geffs tolmang@jegi.com; Mike Marchesano mikem@jegi.com; Richard Mead richardm@jegi.com; or Scott Peters scottp@jegi.com, all at 212-754-0710.

Copyright Clearance Center
Copyright Clearance Center creates innovative licensing solutions for the seamless sharing of knowledge. CCC’s licensing services, combined with its Web-based applications and tools, allow tens of millions of people in corporations, universities, law firms and government agencies to use and share published information with ease. Since its founding as a not-for-profit company in 1978, CCC has created and expanded the markets and systems that facilitate content reuse and the distribution of royalties to publishers and authors around the world. By offering rights to millions of the world’s most sought-after publications, the company plays a major role in the global knowledge economy and encourages support for the principles of copyright. For more information please visit www.copyright.com.


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media


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IAC is an interactive conglomerate operating more than 60 diversified brands in sectors being transformed by the internet, online and offline... our mission is to harness the power of interactivity to make daily life easier and more productive for people all over the world.

Broadband Mechanics
Extend all software to become social! As social networking and blogging have become commodity features, social web features are expected in all software. It is no longer good enough to have a catalog of movies for sale. You have to provide ways for people to comment, rate, leave reviews, become fans of and add movies to lists with other favorite or hated movies. People’s opinion matters nowadays - and all software must be updated to stay relevant. That’s where Broadband Mechanics’ PeopleAggregator platform comes in. Broadband Mechanics’ product is the PeopleAggregator — a place to create and run your own social network. It is available as a hosted solution or in source code form. We offer services surrounding this technology and garner revenues from licensing, hosting, selling premium versions and all sorts of work for hire and consulting services.

M:Metrics is the mobile media measurement authority. As the only research firm to measure the audience for mobile media, M:Metrics provides the most accurate metrics on actual mobile content consumption by applying trusted media measurement methodologies to the mobile market. M:Metrics’ monthly syndicated data service gives clients the critical insights and intelligence required to inform smart business strategies and the competitive benchmarks needed to evaluate the performance of competitors and partners. M:Metrics is a private, venture-funded corporation headquartered in Seattle, with offices in San Francisco and London.

CNBC is the recognized world leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information to more than 390 million homes worldwide, including more than 95 million households in the United States and Canada. The network’s Business Day programming (weekdays from 5:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. ET) is produced at CNBC’s headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and also includes reports from CNBC news bureaus worldwide. Additionally, CNBC viewers can manage their individual investment portfolios and gain additional in-depth information from on-air reports by accessing www.cnbc.com.

Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Inc. is a leading global Internet brand and one of the most trafficked Internet destinations worldwide. Yahoo!’s mission is to connect people to their passions, their communities, and the world’s knowledge. Yahoo! Inc. has become the world’s largest global online network of integrated services with more than 500 million users worldwide. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media


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Newser (www.newser.com) delivers a machine-powered, editorially directed collection of the best news stories with informative summaries for each story combined with helpful support material in a smart, efficient, and visually entertaining format. For information regarding partnership opportunities please stop by our conference booth or contact Levi Bergovoy at lbergovoy@highbeam.com.

You publish great content and it’s copied all over the place. Is that a problem or an opportunity? Attributor’s web-wide content monitoring and analysis platform empowers you to track your content, understand how it’s being used and profit from its distribution. Contact Matt Robinson (matt@attributor.com) to receive a free report of how and where your content is being copied.

Operative provides media companies with technology and services to improve all aspects of their digital advertising operations lifecycle, from pre-sale to collections, trafficking to reconciliation.

Connotate’s premium solution empowers publishers and information aggregators to reach deeper and more accurately into the web and other information sources. This enables users to mine and extract new content for editorial teams, or delivery to production workflow. Connotate’s solution enables end-users to quickly access, share and deliver derivative rich data, new content, and applications. Without the need for programming, the Connotate solution increases productivity 10-100x by eliminating tasks that take 40%+ of a knowledge worker’s time. Connotate’s clients include global publishers, media companies; hedge funds; financial firms; pharmaceuticals; and government agencies

With over 4 million members, Paltalk is the premier real-time, video-based community pioneering the new socialcasting movement. Paltalk’s platform brings together traditional broadcasting media, social networking, user-generated content and video chat. Paltalk 120 Broadway, 34th Floor New York, NY 10271 www.paltalk.com Joel Smernoff, President and COO joel@corp.paltalk.com 212-564-9997 x237

KickApps provides a broad range of building blocks that enable social media experiences at any website. KickApps platform is a complete content management system and a viral syndication engine for your community (and premium) content. A Kick-Apps powered site converts visitors into active participants, and a full suite of admin and reporting tools keeps you in control and in the know. For a live demo call 212-730-4558 or visit kickapps.com for more information.


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media


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Pluck delivers community and content to leading brands, broadcasters and publishers including Gannett, News Corp, NBC Universal, Rodale and many more. Give your readers and customers the tools to form engaging communities and conversations with Pluck’s easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy services. Pluck products enable you to: - Jumpstart user participation and online community - Enrich your site with editorially managed, trusted blog content - Boost page views, return visits and time-on-site

SIIA Information Industry Summit, January 30-31, 2008, New York City Tom Glocer, CEO of Reuters; Gordon Crovitz, Publisher of The Wall Street Journal; and author Andrew Keen headline the digital information industry’s 7th annual flagship conference. Register now to join more than 400 business leaders representing publishers, aggregators, and content technology companies leading the transformation of the digital world. For complete details, visit siia.net/iis

Trylon SMR (www.trylonSMR.com) is a New York-based strategic media relations consultancy, exclusively serving clients in the technology, media and telecom industries since 1990. Trylon SMR develops and implements individually designed communications campaigns based on expert counsel and proprietary methods that seamlessly integrates traditional and new media strategies. Contact: info@trylonSMR.com.

Scripps Networks
Scripps Networks, the leader in lifestyle media, with top-rated cable networks HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Fine Living and Great American Country, and its highly visited Web sites is continuing to innovate through acquisitions, brand extensions including e-commerce, licensing and business-to-business training programs and by applying disruptive innovation principles. Contacts: Ron Feinbaum, Executive Vice President of Business Development rfeinbaum@scrippsnetworks.com Scripps Networks 9721 Sherrill Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37932 • (865) 560-4804 Beth Higbee, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Emerging Ventures bhigbee@scrippsnetworks.com Lynn Hahn, Vice President, Innovation lhahn@scrippsnetworks.com


Future of Business Media

Future of Business Media