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“Distribución Física Internacional.” I

Fase de proyecto: ejecución

AP13_LMM_Evidencia 6: Workshop “Telling where it is?”

Evidencia 6: Workshop “Telling where it is?”

Apellidos y Nombres completos del autor o autores

Sandra Ximena Mesa Holguín

Arrieta Porras Jorge Luis

Sandra Patricia Correa Valderrama

Instructores: Apellidos y nombre

Leonardo Bravo

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje - SENA

Centro de Gestión de Mercados Logística y TI

Programa de formación: Tecnólogo en Distribución Física Internacional

Modalidad - Virtual

Bogotá, Colombia

“Distribución Física Internacional.” II

Telling where it is?

As it has previously mentioned, generating customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives of
any company. Understanding the customer’s needs is as important as satisfying them. In order to
do so, it is important to have a neat internal control and organization of every process within the
supply chain. That is why product traceability is not only important as an internal control tool to
manage possible risks in the supply chain, but also a tool for the end consumer to rely on the
product he/she is purchasing.

With this in mind and aiming to reinforce your acquired knowledge regarding the technical
vocabulary and some grammar English structures, work on the following workshop. Please, have
in mind the following instructions:

1. Look at the following safety signs and tell what they mean and where you can find them. Use
complete sentences and prepositions of place. Check the examples:

Sign What does it mean? Where Is it?

Barcodes are usually printed

Traceability bar code. on the external part of a

Emergency exit signs are

Emergency exit.
usually located above a door.

QR code Usually we find it in boxes or


use protective face mask we usually find it in

hospitals, and medical
“Distribución Física Internacional.” III

Caution wet floor, or usually in schools, in

maintenance maintenance and cleaning

shipping and receiving in shipping companies or in

loading and distribution

use the proper footwear usually in all companies

this elevator for freight only usually in cargo companies

no passengers allowed

wear protective eyewear udualmente in metalworking


chemical zone in laboratories or chemistry

“Distribución Física Internacional.”

green Cross botiquin centers, or

collection centers or
hospitals for pets

Fuente de imágenes: SENA

2. Check the following distributors’ maps and provide instructions for your distributor to deliver
your product to your customers. Use sequence connectors, prepositions of place and vocabulary
to give directions.

Our distributor is at A and must go to

the Canton Chinese Restaurant. Let’s
check the instructions:

First, go over the bridge and after

that, go along Bell Lane. When you
get to Oak Avenue, turn right into it
and go straight across Hopper Road;
then, turn left in Harris Street. After
that, turn right into West Street and
go past Cross Street. The Canton
Chinese Restaurant is on your right,
between the ABC Cinema and the
Carlton Hotel.

Fuente: SENA
“Distribución Física Internacional.” V

Map A

Fuente: SENA

What will be the best route from the Toy Factory to Dick’s house?

initially after leaving from the toy factory you must follow the line subtraction then turn left to
take the bridge after crossing the bridge continue in a straight line passing the house of fiona and
when the shoe shop arrives turn to the right and unso 100 meters away is the house dick's__
Map B

Fuente: SENA
“Distribución Física Internacional.”

Our distributor is lost in La Candelaria, Bogotá. Please, provide instructions for him to get to the
red star. Right now, he is at the San Francisco Church.

starting from the church san francisco is taken in a straight direction along the 7th street until you
reach the 12th street on the left and left the rest at the end of 12th street turn right on the street of
the colon theater after passing 10th street straight after passing 9th street go straight and when you
reach 8th street turn right and we have arrived

3. Send the file to the instructor through the virtual learning platform.

Environment required: Virtual Learning Environment.

Materials: computer, internet, training material “Product Traceability: Telling where your product
is and has it been to”, complementary materials “Inglés Nivel Básico” and “Prepositions of place”,
glossary and SENA library.

Evidence 6: Workshop “Telling where it is?”

When you finish your work, send the file to your instructor through the platform as follows:

1. Click the title of this evidence.

2. Click Examinar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. Make sure the file is attached.

3. Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).

4. Click Enviar.

Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the project guide in order to
know if you have done all the assigned activities, know how to develop them and deliver them

Criterios de evaluación

 Puede relacionar textos en inglés con imágenes o con títulos que le sean adecuados.

 Ubica al interlocutor en un punto geográfico específico, empleando preposiciones en inglés.

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