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August 27-Aufust 31

Day 1 Task #1 Planning (Listing down of needed materials and Working Committee
Day 1-2 Task #2 Canvass for needed material Business Manager and Budget and
Day 3 Task #3 Finalization of Costing Logistics
Day 4 Task #4 Contact and confirm necessary bookings Business Manager
Day 5 Task #5 Accomplish Activity Form Treasurer
Day 5 Task #6 Start Lay-out of Tickets Documentation
September 3-September 7
Day 1 Task #7 Release final poster with full details Documentation
Day 1 Task #8 Reproduction of Tickets Documentation
Day 2-4 Task #9 Accomplish request for budget Treasurer and Secretary
Day 5 Task #10 Draw lots for sequence of performance Program Head and President
September 10-September 14
Day 1 Task #11 Finalize task assignments for the blockings at the venue Working Committee
Day 2 Documentation
Task #12 Layout for stage designs
Day 2-5 Treasurer
Task #13 Process payment of venue
Day 2-5 Treasurer
Task #14 Process payment of sounds and lights
September 17-September 21
Day 1-2 Task #15 Purchase raffle items Budget and Finance
Day 1-2
Task #16 Purchase trophies Budget and Finance
Day 1-2
Task #17 Purchase materials for certificates and tokens Treasurer
Day 1-2
Task #18 Purchase materials for stage designs Treasurer
Day 3-4
Task #19 Ask for credentials from judges Program Head
Day 5 Task #20 Collection of class teasers Secretary
September 24-September 28
Day 1 Task #21
Judging of Teaser Program Head
Day 2-3
Task #22 Send guidelines to judges/Briefing of judges Program Head
Day 4 Program Head
Task #23 Finalization of judges (Orientation and details)
Day 4-5 Task #24 Collection of tickets sold Treasurer

Note: Bold and Italized Tasks are milestones.

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