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ea AGLEPTA GUNILLA MaRcus E ARNE MELLNAS, 1969 for three-part treble choir “To leave an enemy without an answer" Say these words 0 him: Aglaric Pidhol garia Ananus Qepta and blow in his direction; then he wil no know which way he i hesded and cannot answer you (Smiland 19th Century; Swedish Tollproverbs by Bengt of Kinder tempo a lib ® a cane ee s (Constant or varying) i 2 tivtim ad lit, sac Ea —> Ae S = A 7 @ rhythm adi =. ae ca PT} 4 | subito see : : iT ee S 2 o ‘bythe ad ib Pp} 2 P crescendo UlFee ¢ 32. hol , i for so, hol” , r Sola. i-0 =P a ia a S ®_, = fe § ga ae = = as = : 2 tea eae P go fi o Copyright © 1970 by Edition Wilhelm Hansen Stockholm AB Forthe US.A. Gacl all's possesions and dependeacies) and Canada: WALTON MUSIC CORPORATION J_tempo od lib, rhythm ad ib —,| cron - > 24 singers P © whisper theory exaltation @ Speak Singing: &2¢h individual © Sein: ene ten @ayr ighest lowest individual pitch possible. The points of entrance, durations,[ —»] and repeats| 4 | are tobe created ad lib by the Condu ® tncivdal choice of length on each yale. void controlled unison on eth part onductor gives oly the fist down bat. © rade thinning ofthe sound Sige eutoutoneby ont! 834.0 a5