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Globalization, this moment is very decisive in human life, because

Globalization provides major changes to aspects of human life. Globalization

requires people to follow it, it has also developed a human mindset about
technological developments in every aspect of life, globalization does not let go
with the appropriate technology. Technology developed rapidly resulting in a
revolution. For example in England there was a revolution called the industrial
revolution, where technology was discovered (Machinery) for economic progress
at that time.

Globalization may be very important for a better life change, but it will work
well if we can filter out the positive things provided by globalization.

This requires broad insight and strong nationalism, for that it is very
important the meaning of an education, Globalization does not only hit big cities,
but hit the entire region, not looking at big cities or remote areas. This is a serious
problem in Indonesia because in Indonesia there are still many people whose
education is lacking. But in recent times illiterate people have been reduced, this
has happened since 2013. The community must be educated and fostered a sense of
Nationalism so as not to disappear because of the influence of Globalization which
considers geographical boundaries not important.

To be able to keep up with the flow of globalization where the competition

to create a strong country, especially in the economic field is very tight, requires a
combination of brain abilities accompanied by high creative skills. One of the keys
is the globalization of education combined with the richness of the Indonesian
culture. But this must be adjusted to Indonesia's current conditions.

Indonesia has abundant natural wealth, from there Indonesia certainly has
the potential to produce something that can compete in the Free Market, compete
with other countries. Therefore the government must support human resources in
Indonesia. Because if not Indonesia will lose competitiveness with other countries,
which have products with better quality and cheaper prices, it can also build a
person's perception of products from outside, that the external product is better and
can severely affect a person's lifestyle to consume products from outside.

Best Regards,

Reno Renaldi Setiawan