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University of San Jose-Recoletos



Course Title: Statutory Construction Instructor:

No. of Units: 2 units Atty. Ariel B. Bacatan
Semester/ SY: First Semester, SY 2018-2019
Department: School of Law
Schedule: Saturday 08:00 am to 10:00 am


Course Description
This course will discover the use and force of statutes and the various principles and methods of their
interpretation and construction.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this course, the students are expected to:
 Have an understanding of the different aids, rules and principles used in the interpretation or
construction of statutes, rules and contracts
 Know the different kinds of statutes
 Gain understanding of how the principles of statutory construction are applied through various

Most of the learnings in this course will be imparted through lectures, discussions and class recitation.
Students will also be given regular assignments of relevant case laws. As a requirement, students will be
asked to submit a paper on a topic chosen by them applying what has been learned during the semester.


Session Topic
Session 1 I. Construction and Interpretation of Statutes
June 23, 2018
Session 2 a) Definition of Statutory construction
June 30, 2018  Caltex (Phils.) Inc. vs. Palomar, 18 SCRA 247
b) Distinction between construction and interpretation.
c) The cardinal rules on statutory construction?
d) Republic Flour Mills vs. Commissioner of Customs, 39 SCRA 268
e) Torres vs. Limjap 56 Phil 141
f) Pastor M. Endencia, et al. vs. Saturnino David, 93 Phil 696
g) Domingo vs. COA, 297 SCRA 163

Session 3 II. Laws and Statutes
July 7, 2018
Session 4 a) What are Laws?
July 14, 2018 b) Different types of statutes and their enactments.
Session 5 c) Classification of laws
July 21, 2018 d) US vs. Pons, 34 Phil 714
Session 6 e) Morales vs. Subido 27 SCRA 131
July 28, 2018 f) Astorga vs. Villegas, 56 SCRA 714
Session 7
Aug. 4, 2018 III. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aids in Construction
Session 8
Aug. 11, 2018 a) Eugenio vs. Drilon, et al. G.R. No. 109404, Jan. 22, 1996
b) Association of Small Landowners in the Philippines vs. Secretary of
Agrarian Reform, G.R. No. 78742, July 14, 1989
c) De Villa vs. CA, G.R. No. 87416, April 8, 1991
d) NAPOLCOM vs. De Guzman, et al., G.R. No. 106724, Feb. 9, 1994

IV. Guidelines in the Construction and Interpretation of Statutes

a) Ramirez vs. CA, et al., G.R. No. 93833, Sept. 25, 1995
b) Basbacio vs. Office of the Secretary of Justice, G.R. 109445, Nov. 7,
c) De Guia vs. COMELEC, G.R. No. 104712, May 6, 1992
d) Salenillas et, al. vs. CA, et al., G.R. No. 78687, January 31, 1989
e) Gen. Comendador, et al. vs. Gen. Camera, et al., G.R. No. 96948, Aug.
2, 1991
f) Chua vs. CSC, et al. G.R. No. 88979, Feb. 7, 1992
g) Pp. vs. Manantan, No. L-14129, July 31, 1962
h) Lopez vs. CSC, G.R. No. 87119, April 16, 1991
i) City of Manila vs. Teotico, et al., No. L-23053, January 29, 1968

Session 9 V. Construction and Interpretation of Words and Phrases including Latin Maxims
Aug. 18, 2018
Session 10 a) Pilar vs. COMELEC, G.R. No. 115245, July 11, 1995
Aug. 25, 2018 b) Pp. vs. Hon. Evangelista, et al., G.R. No. 110898, Feb. 20 1996
Session 11 c) De Villa vs. CA, G.R. No. 87416, April 8, 1991
Sept. 1, 2018 d) Colgate Palmolive Phils., Inc. vs. Hon. Jimenez, et al., No. L-14787, Jan.
Session 12 28, 1961
Sept. 8, 2018 e) Mutuc vs. COMELEC, 36 SCRA 288
f) Vera vs. Cuevas, 90 SCRA 379
g) Pp. vs. Hon. Echavez, et al. , Nos. L-47757-61, Jan. 28, 1980
h) Commissioner vs. CTA, G.R. No. 48886, July 21, 1993
i) Fule vs. CA, No. L-79094, June 22, 1988
j) Bersabal vs. Hon. Salvador, No. L-35910, July 21, 1978

VI. Presumptions in Statutory Construction

a) Salvacion vs. Central Bank G.R. No. 94723, Aug. 21, 1997
b) Alonzo vs. IAC, No. L-72873, May 28, 1987
c) Berces vs. Guingona, G.R. No. 112099, Feb. 21, 1995
d) Mecano vs. COA, G.R. No. 103982, Dec. 11, 1992
e) Paras vs. COMELEC, G.R. No. 123169, Nov. 4, 1996
f) CIR vs. Esso, et al., G.R. No. 28502-03, April 18, 1989
g) Ursua vs. CA G.R. No. 112170, April 10, 1996

Session 13 VII. Rules of Construction of Specific Statutes

Sept. 15, 2018
Session 14 a) Centeno vs. Villalon, et al., G.R. No. 113092, Sept. 1, 1994
Sept. 22, 2018 b) Pp. vs. Ladjaalam, G.R. No. 136149-51, Sept. 19, 2000
c) Misamis Oriental Assn. of Coco Traders vs. DOF, et al., G.R. No.
108524, Nov. 10, 1994
d) Resins Inc. vs. Auditor General, et al., No. L-17888, Oct. 29, 1968
e) Ong Chia vs. Republic, G.R. No. 127240, March 27, 2000
f) Corporal vs. ECC, G.R. No. 86020, Aug. 5, 1994
g) Lazo vs. ECC, GSIS, G.R. No. 78617, June 18, 1990
a) Erectors Inc. vs. NLRC, G.R. No. 104205, May 8, 1996
b) Co vs. CA G.R. No. 100776, Oct. 28, 1993
c) Ocampo vs. CA G.R. NO. 79060, Dec. 8, 1989
d) Municipality of San Narciso vs. Hon. Mendez, Sr., G.R. No. 103702,
Dec. 6, 1994

Session 15 VIII. Constitutional Construction

Sept. 29, 2018
Session 16 a) Origin and history of the Philippine Constitutions
Oct. 6, 2018 b) Principles governing Constitutional Construction
Session 17 c) Contemporaneous construction
Oct. 13, 2018 d) In Re: Appointment of Hon. Valenzuela and Vallarta, Adm. Matter No.
e) Ordillo vs. COMELEC 192 SCRA 100
f) IBP vs. Zamora 338 SCRA 81
g) Manila Prince Hotel vs.GSIS, 267 SCRA 408
h) CLU vs. Executive Secretary 194 SCRA 317


Principal Reference: Statutory Construction by Atty. Rolando A. Suarez


Course Requirements Grade Description

Class Standing 40% Quizzes, recitation, assignments etc.
Prelim Examination 10%
Midterm Examination 20%
Report Paper (part of class
Final Examination 30%

1. Students are reminded of the following policies of the University
a. Wearing of proper school attire (Corporate).
b. Wearing of I.D. inside the school.
c. No smoking inside school premises pursuant to City Ord. No. 1895.
d. All cellular phones must be in silent mode during the entire class period.
e. Observance of cleanliness/orderliness within the school premises and inside the
2. Attendance will be checked. Any student who exceeds the maximum allowed number of absences
will not be given any credit.
3. Written and oral examinations will be conducted regularly.
4. No special quiz/exam will be given.
5. Cheating will not be tolerated.
6. Make up classes may be held on a pre-agreed time and date


1. Students are expected join the FB group via my official FB Account Jose Adminlaw and to
regularly check the same and their email for any updates.
2. My email address is but I prefer that you just send me a PM through
my official FB Account if you have any concerns,
3. I am available for consultation only during Saturdays at the Faculty Room of the School of Law.
Please note that I do not entertain students in my office.

Note: I may change/amend portions of this syllabus as the need arises. Additional reading
assignments may also be posted on the FB Groups Account.