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Naturally Speaking

Does it fit?

It's too big. It's too small.

It's too loose. It's too tight.
It's too long. It's too short.


It's Saturday and Mrs Smith has gone shopping with her friend Lucy for a new
dress in the sales:-

Mrs Smith: Well Lucy, what do you think?

Mmm, it's nice, but I think you need a slightly bigger size. The top is
I think this is the only one. I'd better ask an assistant.
Mrs Smith:
Excuse me? Do you have this in a size 14?
I'm afraid everything in the sale is out on display.
Mrs Smith: Oh dear, it's just a bit too tight.
I think we have a size 14 in red.
Mrs Smith: Oh no. Red's just not my colour.
Shop It's not bright red, it's a nice dark red. Here it is. Why don't you try it
assistant: on? There's a changing room free over there.
Mrs Smith: It fits like a glove. What do you think Lucy?
Lucy: It looks really nice. I guess red suits you after all.
Daily Life
Daily Activities at Home

What are some of the daily activities that you do at home?

I wake up at 7am every morning.

I press the snooze button five times every morning before I turn off the alarm and get
I have a cup of coffee and make breakfast. I usually read the newspaper while I have
breakfast. My children like to have a shower after they have breakfast but I like to have a
shower before I get dressed.
My wife brushes her long hair, and I have short hair so I comb my hair. How do you do
your hair in the morning?
It is important to brush your teeth, and some women like to put make-up on.
After I have finished work, I go home to cook dinner. In my house I usually make dinner.
The family eat dinner together at 7:30pm.
After dinner I make sure that my children do their homework, and then I chill out on the
sofa and watch television.
On television I usually watch the News. My wife usually comes to tell me to take the
rubbish out, or wash the dishes.
Our children feed the dog and the cat before they go to bed and I tell them to go to the
bathroom too.
If I am sick I have to take my medication, but then I get into my pyjamas and set the
alarm so I wake up in the morning.
The last things I do is lock the door, turn off the lights, and go to bed.

It doesn't take me long to fall asleep.

Other Daily Activities

What are some other daily activities that you do?

I exercise at least three times a week.
I usually go to the gym before work, but sometimes I go after work.
I meditate every morning so that I feel less stressed during the day.
Weekly Activities

What are some weekly activities that you do?

I go grocery shopping once a week at the local supermarket.
My family does the housework together every Saturday morning.
I usually do the washing on Sunday morning and when the machine is finished I
hang the clothes out to dry.
On Sunday morning we go to church, and if there is lots of noise coming from
next door, sometimes we fight with the neighbour.
On Saturday night my parents stay at home and I go out with friends.
Even my friends that live at home call their parents each week.
Every evening, I water the garden.
I usually pay someone to wash the car, but my partner says I should do it, so
sometimes I argue with my partner about that.
If we are angry at the neighbour, we seek vengeance by annoying his dogs.
I work in an important office, so I have to shine my shoes each day.
Sometimes we hire a movie, because we don't like to illegally download music
and films. I make sure that I synchronise my iPod so I always have new music
on it.
To get our shopping, we go to the mall in the car.
Last week I forgot to recharge my travel card, and I had to argue with a bus
driver. I couldn't call the office because I forgot to recharge my cellphone!
Naturally Speaking

Asking about someone's education

Where did you go to school?

What university did you go to?
What did you study?
What qualifications have you got?
What year did you graduate?
What made you decide to study that?
Have you done any vocational training?

Entertaintment and Media

Build Up

If you go to any of these places are you a customer, a visitor or a member of

the audience?

If you go to the theatre, cinema, or circus you are a member of the audience.

If you go to a museum, zoo, fun fair, or art gallery, you're a customer or a visitor.

If you go to a disco or casino, you're a customer.

If you go to a casino, you're a customer (or a mug).

What do you do when you're there?

You go to the cinema to watch a film or a movie. You can say, "I'm going to the
cinema / films / flicks / pictures." We also call it the silver screen.

You go to the theatre to watch the performance, it could be a play, a show, a

musical, a gig, a pantomime, a puppet show, an opera or a ballet.

You go to a museum or an art gallery to see an exhibition.

You go to a casino to gamble and to try and win money, but you'll probably lose it
You go to a zoo to watch or look at or see the animals.

You go to a disco to listen to music and dance.

You go to a circus to watch the acts.

You go to a fun fair to go on the rides, see the side shows, and to play the

act (v) dance news
action disc newspaper
actor disco opera
adventure display orchestra
admission deejay / DJ perform
advert documentary performance
advertisement drama play
article DVD (player) poem
audience entrance pop music
ballet exhibition programme
band exit quiz
book festival recording
camera film review
cartoon film maker rock music
cassette (player) film star romantic
CD (player) folk music row
CD-Rom headline scene
channel hero screen
cinema hit song series
circus interview(er) stage
classical music interval star
comedy jazz music studio
comedian journalist television
comic magazine thriller
commercial magic venue
concert MP3 player video
costume music
acid rain Acid rain is very harmful to the environment.

aerosol, spray Aerosol sprays are the worst cause of pollution in the home.

to affect This area was affected by the flood.

to ail The huge trees had been ailing for years before they were cut down.

atmosphere The Earth's atmosphere is a thin layer of gases that surrounds the

to be aware I think my neighbour isn't aware of polluting the environment.

balance Nature's balance might be disturbed.

biodegradable All our products are biodegradable.

biodiversity What about an evening stroll to look at the biodiversity in our park?

biosphere The biosphere is the part of the earth's atmosphere and surface in
which animals and plants can live.

carbon Carbon is a chemical substance contained in all plants and animals.

carbon dioxide The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is low.

carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide is emitted by cars.

catalytic converter Since 1993 catalytic converters have been compulsory in Britain.

catastrophe The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF) was created in

November 1993.

to chop down Poor people often chop down trees for firewood.

climate The Mediterranean climate is good for growing citrus fruits.

coastal waters Many bays and coastal waters have been contaminated with heavy

cooling agent Cooling agents are expensive.

to combat There should be stricter laws to combat air pollution.

to contaminate The soil has been contaminated.

creature Is there a sea creature or not?

death of the The death of the forests is a big problem in Europe.


to destroy The house was completely destroyed by fire.

destruction The use of renewable sources could stop the destruction of the

detergent Try to use detergents that are perfume free.

to die out Animals are dying out far more often than you might think.

to diminish The people try to diminish the pollution of the water.

dirt The dirt has been removed from the ground.

to disappear Many species disappeared in the last century.

disaster The recent earthquake in India is a disaster.

disposal Unfortunately, less people know of the disposal of hazardous waste.

drought Drought had ruined the crops year after year.

to dry up, to parch During the long time of drought many rivers have dried up/parched.

to dump Old washing machines have been dumped near the beach.

dumping ground City canals are often used as dumping grounds.

dust Do not inhale the dust, it's dangerous.

earthquake On April 18, 1906, shortly after 5:00 am, a great earthquake struck
San Francisco.

ecology Oil pollution could damage the ecology of the costs.

ecosystem Jordan appealed for assistance to

emission The organization calls for stricter controls on emissions.

to emit Sulphur gases were emitted by the spewing volcano.

endangered The sea turtle is an endangered species.

energy Energy conservation is a process of saving energy.

energy source Space energy is one of the energy sources of the future.

energy-efficient Energy-efficient windows help to lower your heating costs.

environment We must protect the environment.

environmentalist Environmentalists are people who love the natural world.

to erode It took about 67,000 years to erode the Grand Canyon.

erosion Wind and water are the main agents of soil erosion.

evolution The introduction of cloned plants will effect evolution.

exhaust fumes Over the past month officers have been stopping vehicles in
Manchester to test exhaust fumes.

to be exposed to You risk skin cancer if you are often exposed to strong sunlight.


factory farming Is factory farming a way of animal abuse?

famine The Irish Famine of 1846-50 took as many as a million lives from
hunger and disease.

fertile Fertile land is land where things grow easily.

fertilizer Fertilizers are chemicals given to plants with the intention of

promoting growth.
Fischdampfer Trawlers, are not permitted on the lake.

fume Workers are exposed to fumes from asphalt.


geothermal The first geothermal power station was built in Landrella, Italy.

global warming They started a campaign to slow down the process of global warming.

greenhouse effect

hardest hit Our town was hardest hit by last year's earthquake.

to harm Pollution can harm animals and the environment.

to be harmful Air pollution is harmful to everyone.

heat wave Slow down and avoid strenuous activity if a heat wave is happening.

heavy metal Less heavy metal has been introduced by air into the Baltic Sea since
the 1990s.


industrial waste Industrial waste can contain small amounts of radioactive materials.


to leak Oil leaked out of the tank.

to load

marine life Around the islands marine life is seriously threatened by oil slick.

to menace

natural gas

oil slick Large oil slicks were found near the coast.

overfertilization Overfertilization is a common problem.

oxygen The cells need oxygen to survive.

ozone layer

permission Ask permission for the privilege to cross private land.

poison The cat was killed by rat poison.

poisonous She has lots of poisonous plants in her garden.

the polar ice caps If the polar ice caps melt, the ocean levels rise.

to pollute Please do not pollute the air.

pollution Air pollution is a problem for all of us.

power station Power stations are only about 40 per cent efficient.

precipitation Rain, snow, hail and sleet are types of precipitation.

preservation He is interested in historic preservation.

prevention The prevention of litter is very important.

to protect Russia wants to protect the environment in the Baltic region.

to purify

radiation Radiation is used for medical reasons.

rainforest Tropical rainforests are the Earth's oldest living ecosystems.

to recycle This carton is made from recycled paper.

remedial action The Great Lakes Remedial Action Plan Program was created in 1987.

renewable A renewable energy system converts the energy found in sunlight,

wind, falling water, waves, geothermal heat, or biomass.


to screen from You should screen your eyes from the sun when hiking in the

sea level Death Valley lies 86 metres (282 feet) below sea level.

sewage Sewage, used water, comes from factories and households.

sewage plant The city needs to have a sewage plant.

sludge Sludge is often used on agricultural land.

soil Soil is the top layer of the earth in which trees, plant etc. grow.

solvent Benzene and turpentine are solvents.

starvation Starvation is the most severe form of malnutrition.

stratosphere The ozone layer is within the stratosphere.


to threaten Toxic chemical substances threaten sea turtles.

tide The tide is in/out.

timber Timber is wood for building ships and houses.

toxic waste A ship with toxic waste sank.

toxic waste dump The toxic waste dump was built.


unleaded Unleaded petrol is less harmful to the environment.

untreated Coastal cities often dump their untreatened wastes into the sea.


waste heat The use of waste heat will reduce electricity consumption.

waste paper Recycling waste paper is a favourable method.

waste separation Do you know how to do waste separation?

wind energy Wind energy is widely used in South Africa for water pumping.
Food and Drink
Naturally Speaking
Sometimes there are things you like or don't like or even things you don't eat.


I like fruit. I don't like fruit.

I love spinach. I hate spinach.
I'm a vegetarian, I only eat fruit and
I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat or fish.
I have allergies, so I can't eat anything
I have allergies, but I can eat fruit.
containing nuts.
I eat fish on Friday, for religious reasons. I don't eat pork, for religious reasons.
It's 7am and John is still in bed. John's mother must leave for work.
Mrs S: Get up John or you'll be late for school!
John: I'm getting up mum.
Mrs S: Well come down stairs and have your breakfast.
John: Can I have cereal and toast?
Mrs S: Yes if you hurry, I have to leave for work.
John: Morning mum.
Fetch a chair and sit at the table, there's a bowl of cereal, a plate of toast and a cup
Mrs S:
of tea. You'll have to get your own cutlery. I've got to go now, I'll see you tonight, bye.
John: Bye mum.
It's 5pm and John's mother has just come home from work.
John: What's for dinner tonight mum?
Mrs S: What do you fancy?
John: Fish and chips would be nice.
Mrs S: What did you have for lunch at school?
John: Pizza and chips.
Mrs S: Well how about a nice healthy salad then?
John: Oh. Well ok, can I help?
Mrs S: Yes you can set the table. Set it for 3, your father should be home any minute.
John: Should I put spoons and bowls out?
No we won't have a starter, just put out plates and knives and forks, we'll have fruit
Mrs S: for pudding. We'll need cups and saucers too, your father will want a cup of tea when
he comes in.
John: I want to invite Mark for tea on Saturday. Can he come.
Mrs S: Yes of course, as long as it's ok with his mother.
Snack Bar
Fast Food Restaurant
Hotel Restaurant


Starters/Appetizers/Entrees/Hors D'oeuvres
Main Courses (Meat/Fish/Vegetarian)
Beverages (Coffee etc.)
Wine/Drinks List (sometimes on a separate menu)

Naturally Speaking
Booking a Table Placing Your Order Complaining

 I'd like to reserve / book  I'd like the ..............,  Excuse me, but my
a table for four at 8pm, please. meal is cold.
please.  For starters I'll have  Excuse me, we've
 I'd like to reserve / book the soup and for the been waiting for over
a table for a party of six main course I'd like the half an hour for our
at 8pm, please. roast beef. drinks.
 I'd like to book a table  Could I have chips  I'm sorry but I ordered
for two at 8 in the name instead of new the side salad not the
of Hand, please. potatoes, please? vegetables.
 Could we have a table  What is the house  Excuse me this steak
by the window, please? special today? is over done, I ordered
 Could we have a non-  Is there anything you rare.
smoking table, please? would recommend?  I'm afraid this wine
 Could we have a table  Could I see the wine tastes corked.
away from the menu, please?  Excuse me this wine
kitchen/toilets, please?  I'll have a bottle of the isn't chilled properly.
 Could we have a booth, South African Cabernet
please? Sauvignon.
 Could you make sure  I'll have a glass of
it's a quiet table, house red/white,
please? please.
 Which wine would you

Arriving at the Restaurant During/After the Meal Paying

 Good evening, the  Could we have some  Could I have the bill,
name is Hand. I have a more bread, please? please?
table booked for six.  Do you have a pepper  Do you take Visa?
 Do you have the menu mill?  We'd like separate
in  Could I have some bills, please.
English/German/French dressing, please?  Is service included?
..., please?  Could you pass me the  No, please. This is on
 Do you have a high salt, please? me. (When you wish to
chair for young  That was delicious. My pay for eve
children, please? compliments to the
 Could we have a table chef.
over there, please?
 I'm sorry but I asked for
a table by the window.
 Could we have an extra
chair, please?

Free Time
General Free Time Activities
Go to the cinema - to see Hollywood blockbuster movies, Bollywood movies (from India), art
films, animated films. You can also say go to the movies.
Some film categories are: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Action, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi),
Fantasy, Documentary, Musical.
Watch TV - Different types of television programs are: The News, Soap Operas, Criminal
Investigation Dramas, Medical Dramas, Reality TV, Situation Comedies (Sit-Coms), Talk
Shows, Documentaries, Cartoons, Game Shows, Sports programs, Movies, Political programs,
Religious programs.
Spend time with family - You can do many things with your family. Usually, the fact that you
are together is more important than the activity.
Go out with friends - You can also do many things with your friends, like go out to a bar, go
dancing at a club, have dinner at a restaurant, play a sport, sit down and talk, go out for a
coffee, have a barbecue, or any other activity that you all enjoy. Or sometimes when you don't
do anything specific, you can say hang out with friends.
Surf the internet - On the internet, you can research a topic you are interested in using a
search engine, visit your favourite websites, watch music videos, create your own video and
upload it for other people to see, maintain contact with your friends using a social networking
site, write your thoughts in a blog, learn what is happening in the world by reading news
websites, etc.

Play video games - You can play games on your computer or on a game consoles, like
PlayStation, X-Box, Wii, PSP, Gameboy, etc. You can play on your own or with your friends or

Play a musical instrument - Learn to play the piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute, piano
accordion, mouth organ, panpipes, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, etc. You can play on your
own or with a group, such as a band or an orchestra.

Listen to music - Turn up the volume and listen to your favourite type of music, such as pop,
rock, hip hop, rhythm & blues, blues, jazz, classical, soul, heavy metal.

Read - Many people love to read both fiction and non-fiction books and magazines. If you like
fiction, you can read novels, short stories, crime fiction, romance, etc. If you like non-fiction,
you can read biographies, autobiographies, or books on history, science, philosophy, religion,
or any other topic you are interested in.
Write - Many people like to write in their diary. Another name for a diary is a journal. You can
also write many other things, such as poetry, novels, letters, short stories, etc. (See under
Read for more options).
Go to the park - You can go to the park alone, with family or with friends. You can take a
picnic rug and a picnic basket and have a picnic. You can read, sleep, kick a football around,
climb trees or play on the children's playground.

Go to cultural locations and events - There are many types of cultural locations and events.
You can go to the museum, to an art gallery or to the zoo to see animals from around the
world. You can go to concerts, plays, musicals, dance recitals and opera performances.

Go shopping - Many people like to go to shopping malls and areas of the city that are known
for shopping to buy clothes or items for their houses and gardens.
Cook - Many people like to cook different types of food. You can make meals for breakfast,
lunch and dinner. You can bake cakes, cookies, slices and pastries in the oven. Some people
boast that they have a special recipe - ask them to cook it for you!

Study something - There are many things that you can study just because you find it
interesting! You can study a language; you can learn a skill, such as cooking or making
furniture; or you can even study the hieroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians, if you want to!

Art and crafts - There are many, many arts and crafts that you can learn and practice. You
can paint, draw, sew, crochet, knit, sculpt, engrave, make furniture, make jewelry, or you can
even create your own new art form!
Exercise and play a sport - To stay fit and healthy, you can do exercise alone, such as
swimming or working out at a gym, or you can play a team sport, such as football or basketball.
For more information on sports and exercise, go to our Sports Page.
Health , medicine and excersice
accident bend chin
ache bleed (v) clean
ambulance blood (n) cold (n)
ankle bone cough (n & v)
appointment break cut
aspirin breath damage
balance breathe dentist
bandage chemist
diet flu ill
dressing get better/worse illness
earache go jogging injure
emergency gym(nastics) keep fit
faint headache knee
feel better/ill/sick hospital medicine
fever hurt operate

operation run take exercise

pain shoulder temperature
painful skin thumb
patient (n) sore throat toes
pharmacy stomach ache toothache
pill stress walk
prescription swim wound (n & v)
recover tablet
Hobbies and leisure