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Local population who has the ability to afford high-end medical services can opt for Be Well without

stepping out from their hometown. Since consultants and specialist are one of the collaborators of Be
Well, patients will be able to see the doctors and have other diagnostic tests under one roof. They do
not have to depend on doctor's referrals and wait for further treatments. As the target segment is
money-wise stable and has less difficulty with payment issues, it will have a positive impact on Be well
financially. Hence, the idea to expand Be Well to 50 locations can be brought to reality with financial
soundness and support from the investors. Excess income can be added to the marketing budget of Be
Well to raise brand awareness among the local people and attract more qualified physicians.

High-quality service and accessibility to secondary healthcare will increase people's faith in local
hospitals. Be Well can take advantage of it augment its brand value and attract patients who once opted
for the big city hospital.

Even though every Be Well boosts of excellent services, it lags behind in high-end medical equipment.
Some departments have very basic facilities which might discourage patients to go to Be Well directly.
Some semi-urban patients may choose to visit local specialists or go to big hospitals chains in order to
get top-notch treatment.