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Recovery Horizon Theory

1. Awareness Thinking

2. Wholeness Feeling
His braveness is seen when he voices out the youths talking about
Duterte’s administration and also when talks about the defensing the
territorials of our country.

3. Discovery Sensing

Sensing out his being senator, he’s willing to have a change in the
system of our country in the way where youths will be the one to act and will
make the nation better. He wants to improve country’s territorial defense by
having a mandatory military service to strengthen and maintain active military

4. Transformation Doing
As an individual if we want a change we should cooperate in our
government for a better system in our country.
System Context Approach Theory

Are the resources for this service is enough? Other than resources, are
there plan and budget for this Mandatory Military Service for Filipino youths?

The parents should advocate their children to the military service to gain
more knowledge how to serve the country in a better way and way more to
discipline the youths in the country. Since some of the youth already experienced
ROTC it is better to continue their service for the country.

The government should provide better plan and enough budget for
effective bills like military services so if the youths will do the service there’s no
waste of time. There should also have an initiative for the youths to do the

“For change to happen in any community, the initiative must come from
the individual.”
- Dalai Lama XIV

To sum up, they will create this “Mandatory military service for Filipino
youths” to teach how to serve right and protect the country, and also for
disciplinary action to know what’s their responsibility as a youth and this will
serve as a lesson how to obey rules. this bill will be more effective if they will have
enough budget allocated and well planned. This will also promote equality among
citizens and maintain active military forces it also ensures high level of
government participation and can provide useful skills of the youths. It also offers
the young adult to become independent, morally, psychologically and physically.
Mandatory military services eliminate social statuses.
Under Cover Theory



Youth ages 18 and

Bato Dela Rosa wants PROTEGE above is obligated to
to create a bill where Ronald “Bato” Dela join the military service,
military service for there should be an
youths is compulsory
initiative whatever your
life status is.
it is for the sake of the country On this case some will be
to have knowledge in strong delayed on pursuing higher
defensive forces and to education level. There’s no free
prevent other countries from will, everyone should participate
invading. because it is mandatory and not
everyone is fit for military
service because some has
mental, physical or
psychological issues.