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1. How many percent of 300 is 30?

2. P30.00 is what percent of P250.00?

3. What part of 250 is 75?

4. 70 is what part of 200?

5. 25% of 300 is what part of 650?

6. 20% of 360 is how many percent of ^ of 576?

7. Cory and Ninoy are partners. They share profits and losses at a ratio of 2:3. If the capital of
Cory is P16 800.00, how much is the capital of Ninoy?

8. For a certain recipe, Cris combines water and vinegar at a ratio of 3:11. If Cris used 5 3 cups
of vinegar, how many cups of water did she use?

9. The ratio of roses to orchids that Noynoy sells is 12:5. If he sold 12 dozen roses, how many
dozen orchids did he sell?

10. An investment of P38 000.00 produces a net income of P13 300.00. Assuming all factors being
equal, how much investment is needed to earn a net income of P17 500.00?