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I, _____________________________ hereby agree with the conditions and will comply with the
requisites of Competency Evaluation. The conditions and requisites that I will agree and comply
with are as follows. That;

Condition 1: External Review

1. Description

The external review is required for the students after they had graduated to enhance
previously gained knowledge in their undergraduate studies consisting of the subjects
included in the CPA Board Examination: TOA, P1, P2, AT, AP, MS & BLT. The school shall
arrange for their enrollment & schedules and payments will be made at the Accounting
Department of the school. The students shall enroll the full review program on their chosen
review school.

2. Grade Conditions:

The student must attain a minimum grade of 75% (if enrolled at Resa) or 65% (if enrolled in
PRTC) on the Final Pre-board Examination to be given permission to take the CPA Board
Examination on May 2016.


After having read and understood the above mentioned guidelines and conditions, I therefore
affix my signature as a sign of my voluntary agreement with Universal Colleges of Parañaque.

(Student's Signature over Printed Name) (Parent/Guardian’s Signature over Printed Name)

Date Signed