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Type of energy
II. Examples of how energy is used
 Energy from trees
 Turning trash into electricity
 Biomass fuels
A. Places
. For example Kenya derives about 75%, India 50%, China 33% and
Brazil 25% of their total energy from biomass
B. Purposes
III. Advantages

IV. Disadvantages

 It is not completely clean, burning wood and other plant does create
other emissions in addition to carbon.
 Possible deforestation, though biomass fuel are renewable, they also
need to be maintained. Failure to do this can lead to widespread
 It has inefficiencies, while biomass fuels are natural, they are also not
as efficient as processed fossil fuels, like petroleum and gasoline.

V. Future of this form of energy

 According to the international Agency of Energy, by 2025 this kind

of energy will have increased by 200% in the US.

They will be one of the main sources. I think one is looking to a future with a
variety of fuels, of energy sources - biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, ocean.
Ocean energy is used in three ways - tides, waves, and the third way is using the
difference of temperature between the top and the bottom of the waters, which can
be a difference of 10 degrees Centigrade. With that you can move a turbine.

Many of these systems will be used to generate hydrogen, one of the most
important energy fuels of the future but not available pure in nature. You need
heat or electricity to produce it. That electricity could be from solar, biomass, or
wind energy. You can use it for transport, among other things. There's already a
prototype car using hydrogen. It's all a matter of the research advancing,
technology advancing, of society wanting these products, and making the
conditions for them to enter the market. To make the conditions for them to enter
right now the main tool is price. Later on it will be by necessity because fossil
fuels will finish. You will hear the term solar more and more because for biomass,
wind, or ocean energy, strictly speaking the origin is solar. You will also hear the
terms bioenergy, biowatt, green energy and biofuels more and more.