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But you, on the other hand, serve yourselves with them now buried in loss.

ied in loss. Often, too, a ship, after weather-

mournful songs, full of lamentations, and you seek to soft- ing a thousand storms, its captain entrusted with count-
en your soul through such dirges. In addition to this, just less wares, is utterly wrecked by a single typhoon. Also, a
as an actor alters his posture and dress while on stage, so military force, one known for its victories, when fortune
you think you must show your grief with a particular ap- shifts, is ruined in rumor and spectacular defeat. Indeed,
pearance: black clothing, torn hair, a dark house, dirt, dust, whole nations and islands that have gained power over
and keening, perpetually picking at the wounds of sorrow water and land, having amassed immense wealth, in the


in the soul. The one given over to such display has no hope. course of time either fall into ruin or are conquered, losing
But you are above such theatricals, since you are taught their freedom.
about the one who has fallen asleep in Christ that What is In short, no evil can take place that has not already hap-
sown is perishable, what is raised is imperishable. It is sown pened in the past. We compare weights by placing them
in weakness, it is raised in strength; it is sown a physical in a balance, and discern the quality of gold by testing it
GreeK orThodox chUrch
body, it is raised a spiritual body. Why are you lament- with stone. In the same way, when we think about all that
ing over someone who has simply changed his clothes? You the Lord has ordained, we should not let ourselves respond JULY 7, 2019 — THIRD SUNDAY OF MATTHEW

need not lament as if you have lost all help for your life. As beyond the boundaries of moderation. If you encoun-
it is written, It is better to hope in the Lord than to hope in ter something unpleasant, your spirit has been prepared, AINT KYRIAKE was the only child of Dorotheus and Eusebia. Since she was born on a Sunday (Kyriake, in
man.30 You need not bemoan the dead like one struck with so that you need not be shaken up, the hope of things to Greek), she was named Kyriake.
some terrible blow. The celestial trumpet will soon wake come making light your present misfortune. Just as one One day a wealthy magistrate wished to betroth Kyriake to his son. Not only was she young and beautiful, but
him up, and you will see him appear before the throne of with weak eyes turns them away from anything that is very her parents were wealthy, and the magistrate wished to control that wealth. The magistrate went to her parents to re-
Christ. Away, too, with every vulgar and coarse exclama- bright, refreshing the vision with flowers and herbs, so also quest her hand, but Saint Kyriake told him that she wished to remain a virgin, for she had dedicated herself to Christ.
tion: “O what unexpected disaster! Who would have be- must your soul not stare at sorrow, fixating on present af- The magistrate was angered by her words, so he went to the emperor Diocletian to denounce the saint and her par-
lieved that this could happen? How could I have thought flictions, but rather focus your eye on the true Good. If ents as Christians who mocked the idols, and refused to offer sacrifice to them.
that someone I loved so dearly would end up buried in the you do this, you will come to that place where you rejoice
Diocletian sent soldiers to arrest the family and have them brought before him. He asked them why they would not
dirt?” We ought to blush if we hear such things; we need always, that is to say, where your conduct is always right
honor the gods which he himself honored. They told him that these were false gods, and that Christ was the one true
only to remember the past as well as present experience to with God and the hope of reward lightens life’s distresses.
know that we cannot escape misfortune. Has someone insulted your honor? Well then, turn God.
7 For these reasons we should never be crushed by ei- your focus to the glory that is bequeathed in heaven for Dorotheus was beaten until the soldiers grew tired and were unable to continue. Since neither flattery nor torment
ther untimely death or by the occurrence of some unex- patience. Have you suffered a loss of your assets? Well had any effect, Diocletian sent Dorotheus and Eusebia to Melitene on the eastern border between Cappadocia and Ar-
pected unpleasantness, if we are truly God-fearing. “I had then, look to the wealth and treasure you have gathered menia. Then he sent Saint Kyriake to be interrogated by his son-in-law and co-ruler Maximian at Nicomedia.
a son,” you say. “He was my only heir, my security for my in heaven through your good works. Are you deprived of Maximian urged her not to throw her life away, promising her wealth and marriage to one of Diocletian’s relatives
old age, the pride of the family, the best of his peers, the your native land? Well then, the heavenly Jerusalem is in- if she would worship the pagan gods. Saint Kyriake replied that she would never renounce Christ, nor did she desire
support of his house, he stood in the bloom of his age. This deed your native land. Have you lost a child? Well then, worldly riches. Enraged by her bold answer, Maximian had her flogged. The soldiers who administered this punishment
one death has taken from me. He, who such a short time you have the angels, with whom you may gather around became tired, and had to be replaced three times.
ago spoke so beautifully, was the delight of his father’s eye, the throne of God and rejoice eternally. If you set present Shamed by his failure to overcome a young woman, Maximian sent Saint Kyriake to Hilarion, the eparch of Bithynia,
has now become earth and dust! What should I do? Should suffering against future good, you will prove your soul firm
at Chalcedon. He told Hilarion to either convert Kyriake to paganism, or send her back to him.
I tear my clothing, roll about in the dirt, and complain and in the face of sorrow and disturbance, as the command of
Making the same promises and threats that Diocletian and Maximian had made before, Hilarion was no more suc-
lament and in the presence of others have a tantrum like the Apostle admonishes. Do not yield to immoderate joy
some child who, receiving punishment, screams and kicks? when you have worldly success, nor let sorrow, through cessful than they were. Saint Kyriake challenged him to do his worst, because Christ would help her to triumph. The
Or should I consider the inevitability of such an event: that dejection and alarm, suppress your joy and good spirits. If saint was suspended by her hair for several hours, while soldiers burned her body with torches. Not only did she endure
the law of death is unavoidable; that it strikes those of every you do, you have not been properly instructed as to life’s all this, she also seemed to become more courageous under torture. Finally, she was taken down and put into a prison
age, gradually claiming all; that to be overcome in this way proportions; you will never have a calm and storm-free cell.
is nothing out of the ordinary and not as one who lets his life. You can bear it lightly when you have this teaching as That night Christ appeared to her and healed her wounds. When Hilarion saw her the next day, he declared that she
courage fail when hit with an unanticipated blow? Indeed your companion, the teaching that instructs you to per- had been healed by the gods because they pitied her. Then Hilarion urged her to go to the temple to give thanks to the
I had known long in advance that I, being mortal myself, petual joy. Cast off, therefore, the burdens of the flesh and gods. She told him that she had been healed by Christ, but agreed to go to the temple. The eparch rejoiced, thinking
had a mortal son, that nothing human will continue, and take on the joy of the soul; in so doing, you will elevate that he had defeated her.
no property is held forever.” yourself above earthly things and direct your spirit to the In the temple, Saint Kyriake prayed that God would destroy the soulless idols. Suddenly, there was a great earthquake
Great cities, renowned for their architecture and the hope of eternal good, satiating the soul with joy, and main-
which toppled the idols, shattering them to pieces. Everyone fled the temple in fear, leaving Hilarion behind. Instead of
might of their peoples, cities that excelled in wealth, land, taining angelic bliss in our hearts in Jesus Christ our Lord,
and trade, now lie in ruins, everything once fine about to whom be glory and might unto eternity. Amen.
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unhampered by sorrow. The Apostle permits us to weep experiences a sort of pleasure in tears, as the internal pres-
with those who weep because one such tear is like a seed sure is relieved. Daily experience confirms this. We know
and pledge of eternal joy. Lift up your mind with me, and from the example of many who are struck with terrible
consider the life of the angels, whether it is not composed misfortune but who hold back the force of their tears, that
of genuine joy and delight, seeing that they stand before many afterwards suffer incurable illness, paralyzed even to
God and enjoy the inexpressible beauty and magnificence death by the blows they experienced. Deprived of relief,
of our Creator. It is to this life that the Apostle encourages their strength was broken as a consequence of their sor-
the hymns of the antiphons us, while ordering us to rejoice always.
5 But as for the Lord weeping over Lazarus and the city,
row. It is like fire that suffocates when the smoke is not
allowed to draw; this also happens when the life force, un-
we say this: He also ate and drank, not because he needed able to exhale, is extinguished as a result of grief.
Before the Entrance… Apolytikia of the Church. to, but in proportion and limit, that you might renounce 6 This is why those who are prone to sorrow must not
mode pl. 1. the natural sensations of the soul. He also wept, that those use the Lord’s tears as an excuse for their passions. The fact
Apolytikion of the Resurrection. who are disposed to immoderate sorrow might regulate that the Lord enjoyed food is no excuse for our gourmet
mode 2.
T he holy Apostle, the All-hymned Luke, * who is their lamentation and tears. For if our tears are to be in tastes, but rather defines for us the outermost boundar-

acknowledged by the Church of Christ * as the reasonable moderation, it is necessary to assess the cir- ies allowed for abstinence and frugality. So, too, his tears
hen You descended unto death, O Lord who cumstances: who, how, when, and in what manner they are don’t mean that we must weep, but rather provide us with
recorder of the Acts of the Apostles, * and the splen-
yourself are immortal Life, then did You fitting. Thus the Lord wept without excessive passion as an a suitable measure and prescribe a specific principle: that
did author of the Gospel of Christ. * Let us praise
mortify Hades by the lightning flash of Your Divin- example for us, adding these words, Our friend, Lazarus, we remain within the proper bounds of nature in the
with sacred hymns as a physician, * who heals the has fallen asleep, but I am going there to awaken him. Who manner in which we suffer distress. Neither women nor
ity. Also when You raised the dead from the neth-
infirmities of man, * and the ailments of nature, * among us bewails a sleeping friend, one he believes will men are permitted to weep beyond what is due. One may
erworld, all the Powers of the heavens were crying
who cleanses spiritual wounds, and prays unceas- shortly awaken? Lazarus, come out!24 And the dead man grieve over misfortune and weep to a certain degree, in
out: O Giver of life, Christ our God, glory to You. (x2) came to life, and the bound one walked forth. Wonder of a tempered way, without loud complaints and screams,
ingly for our souls.
After the Entrance… wonders! The feet were bound with cloth wraps and yet without tearing the clothing or strewing oneself with
Kontakion of the Feast. unhindered from coming forward. The power was greater ashes, or doing any other unseemly things not in accord
Resurrectional Apolytikion. than the constriction. How now should the Lord, able to with what is taught about the things of heaven. For the one
mode 2.
do such things, have valued lamentation of this event? Or who is refined through godly teaching must act from right

mode 2.
Protection of Christians that cannot be put to is it not obvious that he always commands proportion and reason, as if guarded by a wall that wards off the passions

W hen You descended unto death, O Lord who

yourself are immortal Life, then did You
mortify Hades by the lightning flash of Your Divin-
shame, mediation unto the creator most con-
stant: O despise not the voices of those who have
purpose to the natural sensations, to help accommodate
our weakness? He did not express emotion like some wild
animal; he disdains immoderate lamentation and weeping
through courage and constancy, and not like someone in
a ditch who permits the sorrowful and effeminate soul to
let loose a swarm of passions. Such a weak soul indeed de-
sinned; but be quick, O good one, to come unto our
as something base. Therefore in his grief over his friend, he rives no strength from hope in God, but permits itself to be
ity. Also when You raised the dead from the neth- aid, who in faith cry unto you: Hasten to interces- proves his participation in human nature, not permitting crushed down and overcome with misfortune. As worms
erworld, all the Powers of the heavens were crying sion and speed to make supplication, O you who that we should surrender ourselves to the grosser weak- are produced in soft wood, so also melancholy is fostered
out: O Giver of life, Christ our God, glory to You. ever protects, O Theotokos, those that honor you. ness of affection, nor that we let some sorrowful occur- by the soft human feelings.

rence make us senseless. In the same way, the Lord was able Did Job have a heart as hard as a diamond? Were his
Apolytikion of the Martyr. also to perceive hunger and thirst, his muscles and sinews guts made of stone? He lost ten of his children in a brief
mode 4. HUMILITY is constant prayer com- experiencing weariness with the exertions of his travels, moment, who were annihilated at one blow while enjoy-

without him being in any way moved in his divinity, since ing themselves in a beautiful house, when Satan caused the
our own ewe-lamb cries to You loudly, O Jesus, bined with tears and toil, for it always it was the body that was susceptible to influence according place to fall down in ruins. He saw the table sprinkled with
and she says, * “For my Bridegroom do I long, calls upon God for help and does not to its nature. In the same way, he also produced tears, per- blood. He saw the children, of different ages but sharing
and seeking You I now contend; * and I am cruci- allow a man to be recklessly confident mitting to the flesh that which corresponded to its nature. in a common fate. And yet he did not lament, tear out his
fied and buried with You in Your baptism. * I suffer For tears are caused when sorrow fills the cavities in the hair, or curse. Instead, he spoke those renowned and uni-
for Your sake, that I may reign with You. * I die for
in his own abilities and wisdom, or to head with vapor, and the accumulated moisture is pro- versally acclaimed words of thanksgiving: The Lord gave
You that I may also live in You. * Accept me as an behave arrograntly towards another; pelled out through the canals of the eyes. If we hear un- and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the
expected distressing news, it causes a ringing in the head, Lord.26 Was he a man without any sympathy? Can this be?
these are dangerous diseases of the

unblemished sacrifice * as I offer myself to You with dizziness, dimmed vision, the head trembling from the For it says about Job that he wept over all those in affliction.
love.” * At her entreaties and intercessions, * save passion of pride. vapors that are being pressed out as a result of the accu- Was he lying? Not at all. It testifies truly about him, him
our souls, O Merciful Lord. mulated internal heat. That which has been blocked up is who was true above all other virtues. The man, it says, was
—st. maximos the confessor
released, the thick vapors distilled into tears, as rain comes blameless, righteous, godly, and true.
from clouds. This is how the person who weeps out of grief
sorrow as they endure painful misfortune. But those who will not hinder their joy. For suffering produces endur-
live according to the flesh are to be pitied, not for their ance, and endurance produces character, and character
misfortune, but because they did not choose to do what produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us. There-
they ought. A perfect soul, once it has been touched by the fore the Apostle exhorts us, in another place, to rejoice in
desire for its Creator, will rejoice here and now in a beauty, hope and hope in distress.8 It is hope that produces a soul
joy, and delight not shaken by the twists and turns of sinful rejoicing in virtue. The same Apostle exhorts us to weep
desire. In fact, what causes others grief will only strengthen with those who weep, and in the letter to the Galatians he
the joy of such a person.
This was the mind of the Apostle, who rejoiced in weak-
mourned the enemies of the cross of Christ.10 And need
we mention that Jeremiah wept, and that Ezekiel mourned
the readings of the day
ness, distress, beatings, violence, boasting in what made for those who suffered God’s punishment: Woe is me, my
him weak: in hunger and thirst, in cold and nakedness, in mother, that you bore me; Woe is me, for the faithful have epistle reading gOspel reading
persecution and anguish, what was unbearable to others, disappeared from the land and there is no one left who is
and made them weary of life. Indeed, the ones who do not
The Letter of St. Paul to the Galatians (3:23-29; 4:1-5) Matthew (6:22-33)
upright; and Woe is me, for I have become like one who

know and share the Apostle’s conviction, with his admoni- gathers straw at the harvest. Examine closely all of these
tion to the gospel life, dare to complain against Paul, saying sayings of the righteous, and you will be convinced that rethren, before faith came, we were kept he Lord said, “The lamp of the body is the
that this command is impossible for us. They must learn they all scorn this world and life’s misery. Woe is me that in custody under the law, locked up to wait eye! If therefore your eye is sound, your whole
how many opportunities God’s generosity offers us to a my pilgrimage endures so long.14 [Paul] demands to be re- for the faith which would later be revealed. body will be full of light. But if your eye is evil,
reasonable joy. leased from this life and be with Christ. He laments the Hence, the law was our tutor which was to bring us your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore
He has called us into existence out of nothing, created extension of this journey in life as a hindrance to joy. David,
to Christ, so that we might be justified by faith. But the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the
in his image, our nature made perfect, giving us the sense in his Psalm, laments over the death of his friend Jonathan,
and reason by which we perceive God. Let us attentively at the same time also lamenting his enemy: I am distressed now that faith has come, we are no longer under a darkness! No one can serve two masters. Either he
consider the beauty of creation, reading in it, in large let- for you, my brother Jonathan; and Daughters of Israel, tutor, and you are all God’s children, through faith in will hate the one and love the other; or else he will
ters, the great Providence of God and his wisdom over all weep over Saul!17 He mourns by name him who was killed Christ Jesus! For as many of you as have been bap- be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot
things. We are capable of distinguishing good from evil in sin, and Jonathan, while he was his lifelong best friend. tized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither serve both God and Mammon. Therefore, I tell you,
and can learn from nature to choose what is useful and to What need do we have for further examples? The Lord Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is do not be anxious about your life, wondering what
turn away from what will do us harm. Alienated from God wept over Lazarus and over Jerusalem.19 And he blesses
neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you
by sin, we are liberated from shameful servitude through those who mourn and also those who weep.
the blood of the Only Begotten. From this we have the 4 But, you ask, how do we reconcile this with the com- Jesus. If you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body
hope of the resurrection, participation in the goodness of mand to rejoice always? Tears and joy do not come from seed and heirs according to the promise. Here is my more than clothing? See the birds of the sky: they do
the angels, and a comprehension that is beyond anything the same source. Tears arise from some unexpected event point: as long as the heir is a child, he is no differ- not sow, or reap, or gather into barns. Your heavenly
we might be able to put into words. that strikes the soul and stuns it, constricting the breath ent than a slave, although being the owner of every- Father feeds them! Are you not of much more value
3 How can anyone deny that these are cause for per- around the heart. In joy, the soul leaps, exulting in some thing. The heir is under tutors and trustees until the than they? Which of you, by being anxious, can add
petual joy and contentment, but suppose instead that the thought. Both imprint themselves differently on the body.
pleasure-filled life belongs to the one who serves the belly, Sorrow creates a pallor, appearing pale as lead and cold; joy, day appointed by the father. Likewise, when we too one moment to his lifespan? Why then are you anx-
delights in music, and rolls around and snores in bed? I on the other hand, creates a blooming, rosy appearance, were children, we were held in bondage under the ious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field,
would go so far as to say that reasonable people should pity as if the soul cannot be contained but is pressing to burst elemental principles of the world. But when the full- how they grow. They do not toil or spin, yet I tell you
the sort of person who lives for the present. Blessed, rather, out. From this we can say that the complaints and tears ness of the time came, God sent forth his Son, born that even Solomon in all his glory was not dressed like
are those who exchange the present for the hope of the life of the holy ones arise out of love for God. They see, al- of a woman, born under the law, 5 so that he might one of these! But if God clothes the grass of the field
to come. When with God, whether we are sitting in flames ways, the Beloved, and this increases their joy. In sympathy
redeem those who were under the law and so that we which today exists and tomorrow is thrown into the
like the three young men in Babylon, locked up with lions,5 with their fellow servants, they experience sorrow when
or swallowed by a sea monster, we must nonetheless give they sin and correct them through their tears. Those who might receive adoption as children. oven, will he not much more clothe you, you of little
praise, rejoicing and not mourning over the present, but stand on the shore have sympathy for those who are ship- faith? Therefore, do not be anxious, saying: ‘What will
be merry in the hope of what is to come. Equipped for holy wrecked, but without putting their own safety in danger we eat?,’ ‘What will we drink?’ or, ‘What will we wear?’
combat, I must endure the assaults of the enemy in ex- by their concern. It is the same way with one who grieves It is the Gentiles who seek after all these things, but
pectation of glory, looking forward to the immortal crown. over the sins of his neighbors but without losing his own your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.
The one who has undergone gymnastic training will not joy. In fact, tears over the brother reap the joy of the Lord:
Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness,
be disheartened in the arena when he gets hit, but will im- Blessed are those who weep; and Blessed are those who la-
mediately attack the opponent, despising momentary af- ment, for they will be comforted and they will laugh. It is and all these things will be given to you as well.”
fliction in order to be named the champion. So also, when called laughter but it is not that which bursts forth out of
those who love virtue encounter something unpleasant, it red and engorged cheeks. Rather, it is pure cheerfulness
recognizing the power of Christ, the eparch blasphemed and anything else that makes for a happy life: a well-sup-
the true God as the destroyer of his pagan gods. He was plied house, an abundant table, merry and companionable
struck by a bolt of lightning and died on the spot. friends, agreeable sounds and spectacles, health of close
Saint Kyriake was tortured again by Apollonius, who relatives, and other signs of life’s success. And that which
succeeded Hilarion as eparch. When she was cast into a distresses us is not just what happens in our own life, but
also what befalls friends and relations. These also con-
fire, the flames were extinguished. When she was thrown
tribute to whether the soul is happy and cheerful. We also
to wild beasts, they became tame and gentle. There- want to see our enemy fail, the downfall of the persecutor,
announcements fore, Apollonius sentenced her to death by the sword.
She was permitted time to pray, so she asked God to re-
fair dealings with our benefactor, and that no unexpected
mishaps provoke or alarm our life; then the soul can rest
ceive her soul, and to remember those who honored her joyful. Why are we given a command to observe that does
martyrdom. not depend on the will, but on these other circumstances?
THURSDAY, July 11, Great Vespers for St. Paisios, 5pm
Just as Saint Kyriake ended her prayer, angels took her How can I, moreover, pray without ceasing, with all of life’s
FRIDAY, July 12, St. Paisios the Athonite, Orthros / Divine Liturgy, 8:30am soul before the soldiers could strike off her head. Pious needs and wants making a necessary claim on the soul’s
SATURDAY, July 13, Great Vespers, 5pm Christians took her relics and buried them in a place of attention, when it is impossible for the soul to address two
honor. concerns at the same time?
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thank God for everything, this we will now describe in de- By complaints such as these—and many others—the
PURPLE BARREL lawgiver’s accuser seeks to justify his sins, even going so
tail. And we must also refute the objection of the adversary,
far as slander, claiming that the teaching we are given is
Don’t forget the the purple barrel next time you If you were a slave and there were who here blasphemes by insisting that this teaching is im-
impossible to accomplish.
are at the grocery store. Donations are picked up by possible to perform.
an announcement offering your lib- How do we respond? I say that such an argument is
the local food bank. Thank you! “What good is it,” such a doubter asks, “to spend the quite contrary to the vision of the Apostle, whose inten-
eration, wouldn’t you hurry to the time, night and day, cheerful and merry in spiritual mind tion is to raise up our soul—which is now creeping about
PROSPHORON appointed time, hiring lawyers, beg- games? How can these be possible when we are surround- in a sinful fog, rolling on the earth and in the flesh like a
ed by a multitude of unanticipated troubles that give the
Please see the sign-up sheet in the Narthex to sign ging the judges to grant you freedom, worm in the mud and failing to appreciate the lawgiver’s
soul inevitable grief, whereby it is all the more impossible exalted mind—to a heavenly way of life. He not only invites
up to bake prosforon. If you are unable to bake, please doing whatever was necessary?…But to rejoice and be cheerful? Should we be like one who those who are enjoying what is good to rejoice always, but
consider donating $20 for the wine used for Holy now the divine messenger calls you— is being roasted on a gridiron and perceives no pain, or also those who no longer live in the flesh, in whom Christ
Communion. Thank you. goaded and feels no torment?” lives, who for the highest good permit no association with
a slave to sin rather than to another Perhaps someone here today, in the sickness of his mind, the burdens of the flesh. Indeed, should their flesh suf-
CHURCH ATTIRE human being—to grant you citizen- is seeking a pretext for sin, and dares, because of his la- fer, the afflictions of the body cannot have any effect on
ziness in observing the commandment of the lawgiver, to
There is no allowance for Church “sum- ship equal to the angels, to make you the soul, if we kill these earthly members by the Apostle’s
cast blame by suggesting that these things are impossible. teaching, and bear the death of Jesus Christ in our life; the
mer-wear.” An Orthodox Christian should always a free child of God through adoption, “How is it possible,” he is thinking, “for me to rejoice al- wounds that would kill the body do not spread to the soul,
come to Church dressed in modest attire (in every heir to Christ’s blessings. And you say ways, especially as joy is caused by external circumstances its association having been severed. Thus it is that insult,

season), so as not to draw attention to him/her- and does not rest with us? After all, joy results from the punishment, death of relatives cannot trample the spirit
you are not ready!. arrival of friends, extended time with parents, discovery of
self, becoming a distraction to others. Traditionally nor upend the lofty soul into suffering. Those in this frame
—st. basil the great some treasure, public honor, recovery from a severe illness, of mind, who are pulled into some distress, will have little