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Porn as Assembly ee cs SACRAMENTO, CA 94249-0095 VICE CHAIR: JOBS. ECONOMIC (cre ave200s of ce é OEVELOPMENT ANDTHE ax 916) 19-2105 California Legislature wicechamenues NOY sraicr oFrice Nanicucrure seg nouete Sheet SUITE 100 BUSINESS aND PaorEssioNs Santis ostgro. ca aator TRANSPOFTATION (roy sesan Uinimes ano enenay saete0s saba00 arias commnces JORDAN CUNNINGHAM gee enEN cea, ASQeusenveben Tarun OTHE ieee CrBERSECURITY July 3, 2019 The Honorable Dayna Bochco Chair, California Coastal Commission 45 Fremont Street, Suite 2000 ‘San Francisco, CA 94105 RE: July 11 Coastal Commission Meeting, Agenda Item 12a: Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA) CDP Review SENT VIA US MAIL & EMAIL. Dear Chair Bochco: I represent the 35"" Assembly District, which includes the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, I write today in opposition to the California State Coastal Commission staff’s proposal to further limit off-road vehicle access to the dunes and state park. In 2017, visitors to San Luis Obispo County spent more than $1.6 billion, helping to generate nearly $80 million in local tax revenue. Tourism is second only to agriculture in terms of economic impact for San Luis Obispo County. Our local businesses depend upon tourism to stay afloat and create jobs, and our local governments depend upon it to fund critical public services like police and fire protection. The Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area itself generates more than $150 million in annual economic activity from outside visitors. It is a major contributor to South San Luis Obispo County's tourism industry. Hundreds of businesses rely upon these visitors to generate revenue and employ local residents. These businesses would see a loss of economic activity if this Commission imposes further limitations on off-road vehicles, and our county would see a loss of tax revenue. Prine on Recyted Paper In addition to the economic benefits, the Dunes provide unique access to recreation for off- road vehicles. We have made progress in mitigating the environmental impacts of OHV’s, as well as improving public safety at the Dunes. | believe that we will make further progress in those areas. Lastly, | am disappointed that the Commission is considering making such a large decision just a week after Independence Day, and is closing the public comment period the day after the national holiday. The public deserves adequate opportunity to voice their opinion about further limiting access to the Dunes. In sum, the Oceano Dunes provides a major economic benefit to local businesses, cities, and counties, and provides access to coastal recreation for millions of Californians. Please do not further limit access to one of our state's coastal treasures. Sincerely, ran Jordan Cunningham