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Hammad Yaqoob

Contact Details

Email address:

Cell #: 03485613934

OBJECTIVE To be able to improve on the education I have received, by being able to

practice it, apply it, and at the same time learn from experiences. To
communicate effectively with a team and very keen to develop more
professional skills in computer science, especially in web hosting and

Hammad Yaqoob(BSCS)
Social media marketing.

2011-2013 Matric - Joint Staff Public School

2013-2015 ICS - F.G Quaid e Azam Degree College

2016-2020 Bachelors in Computer Science (Bs.CS) - Bahria University, Islamabad.

EXPERIENCES  Internship in Channel 4 Media - Web Hosting( Still Working)

 Ambassador at Channel 4 Media - (Social Media Marketing).
 Web Management Head at ALMS 360(3 Months).
 Travel Wide Flights UK - Web Hosting 6 months Internship
 Served as Director IT - IYMUN 2018, TMUC.
 Worked with RABT and Techinflux- March 2019 (Social media
 Worked with Customized tees and hoodies in 2017 (Social media
marketing and graphic designing)
 HTML Tutorial Course---Solo Learn.
 CSS Tutorial Course ---Solo Learn.
 PHP Tutorial Course ---Solo Learn.
 JAVA SCRIPT Tutorial Course ---Solo Learn.
 C# Tutorial Course ---Solo Learn.
 SQL PLUS Tutorial Course ---Solo Learn.
PERSONAL STRENGTHS  Good communication and presentation skills.
 I do freelance video editing and vlogging on YouTube.
 I use Adobe Photoshop for photo editing.
 Excellent graphic designing skills.
 Good programming skills.
 Time management and hard working.
 Adaptability.


 Taking Online Courses (With or without certifications).
 Studying History of Computers.
 Reading Books.
 I do photography a lot. (WON FIRST PRIZE IN UNIVERSITY 2018).

 English